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  1. get 3 or 4 of your buddies and talk to a farmer and put in a small field of oversown wheat. Start in Aug to get them coming in.
  2. FYI...bear spray and sabre red exact same thing except for volumn. Wasp spray is best for bugs, not people. Greg Ellifritz has good article on this. Wasp spray generally may work 50% of the time and may open you up to civil suit for eye damage. Pepper spray much more reliable and made for the purpose. Also that big can is inconvenient to carry. Carry both the spray and your gun.
  3. NO. NO. NO. NO. DAMN INTERNET. I don’t know how this crap gets started.
  4. A full, fun day with Randy Harris and 13 other shooters at the Ridge. If you don't know Randy, he is an excellent resource to our area and TGO. I have had a 1/2 dozen classes with him and certainly add to my toolbox with each one. We started with several pistol drills before lunch then after lunch we did rifle drills. Finished the day with transition rifle/pistol. Load of fun with like-minded folks. Certainly get your money's worth, plus it is a local class.
  5. That's what ServiceMaster is for.
  6. Tom Givens a well respected trainer advocates Federal Flight Control 00 buck with 8 pellets in the load. His tests shows good performance with less chance for 'flyers' vs. 9 pellet loads. Keep in mind, one does have to aim to hit the BG at home distances.
  7. chances R

    gun safe

    If it works for you, I like the two safes concept. Easier for future moves. Also separate locations give better results in case of fire as well as theft. Takes more time to break into 2 different safes.
  8. A lot depends whether you are solo, have an abled body friend with you, or wife, kids , elderly family member. If possible, turn around and leave even if this means driving against traffic or crossing a median or other boundary. Unfasten seatbelt and stay in car. Roll down window less that 1/2", makes it harder to break with impact. Rolling down anymore and one can grab the top and simply pull until it breaks. If car breached, only choice is to protect your life and/or others. If solo, you may be able to exit your car and make a run for it. For me, I've will always travel with a long gun just for this occasion. Very fluid and difficult situation. Some decisions will be based on what you see happening to other vehicles and occupants.
  9. And you can hit him in the big toe and it is still use of deadly force.
  10. i invite you to shoot a USPSA or IDPA match and you must shoot all head shots.
  11. So Dave, I understand about AG opinion, but his opinion has more weight than mine. The 2015 opinion was certainly more recent than the previous one posted. The opinion now seems to be supported by the amended law. So the simple answer is, some felons cannot possess black powder weapons.
  12. https://www.tn.gov/content/dam/tn/attorneygeneral/documents/ops/2015/op15-75.pdf
  13. On average, the hit rate in most police shootings is a little over 20%. These are individuals in close proximity. The average citizen will probably be lower given little to no training and the added stress. Which brings up the point, where do the remaining 80% of the rounds impact? One is responsible for every round fired, and for whatever it impacts is on you. This makes sense to try and impact the largest area of the target.....center mass.
  14. That is exactly why a buyer should go to a rental range and try guns out, or go with others with similar guns to try. Ignorance wastes a lot of money, both on buyer and seller sides.
  15. try several different brands and wts of ammo as well. it can be surprising how brands/wts of ammo can be more or less accurate.
  16. JIMO FWIW........a shotgun is a fine defensive weapon, with a stock. It is a handicap without one. They still need to be aimed and can be very effective even with head shots. But not having a stock certainly limits its usefulness.
  17. the bad guys always pick time and place.....
  18. Precision Delta has a good quality 147 gr. wad cutter at reasonable prices. They are remans but a good company.
  19. My wife carries a .32 Tomcat.
  20. You don't pick and try on your wife's shoes. Same for her gun. It's personal. As others have said, the more she can try the better. Don't worry about caliber. It is purely on her comfort level. I have had some pick a .22. Later as they become more proficient and comfortable they may want another gun...we can all agree nothing wrong with that. Greg Elifritz, a nationally known trainer, personally feeds his snub-nose revolvers with 147gr. wadcutters. So let her make the choice. Personal preference and having a firearm are the two most important factors at this point.
  21. try walking under a big turkey roost when it's a pitch black morning. You would think the trees are falling....
  22. Remember this CC only permit just went into effect Jan. 1. With Covid 19 and all of its ramifications, gun law is on the back burner. As things roll around to ‘normal’ other states may address this further. If one is going to spend time and money I would recommend getting the best training and permit available.
  23. Some people fail to appreciate 'small game' hunting....
  24. I will also add that I enjoy reloading. Somewhat therapeutic. Since my teenage years I've loaded thousands and thousands of shotshells. Now the same for my pistol loads. My loads are also 'custom'. Since I load mostly 147 gr at a lower power factor I can decrease my recoil which is easier on me and the equipment. However, if you are not a little bit OCD don't bother reloading. Blowing up your gun and possibly injuring yourself is not fun and certainly doesn't save you any money. I have seen several damaged guns, including a Wilson 1911.
  25. 1. A gift 2. join military 3. Find a willing seller through your contacts

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