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  1. If you just have to break up a fight and there are no leads on the dog, try and grab rear legs and keep moving. Stay away from the business end.
  2. personally, I would not use the garage because of the temp swings. Also some garages may be visible from the street and I don't want anyone to know I have a safe. Concern for someone simply backing up to the safe and hauling it off, jerking it out with a chain, etc. Terrible idea unless that is the only place to put it. Installation in the house preferably against an outside wall is a better location if fire is a concern...in a corner with two outside walls even better. Most fireproof area in a home. A lot of fires start in garages anyway.....still makes it a bad idea. Like others I have heard warnings about garages.
  3. You renewed a HCP, not a ccp. Your HCP was changed in name only to an Enhanced Carry Permit. No other changes in what you can or cannot do from previous permit. If you are referring to the 'Real ID' for your driver's license, that was pushed back by at least a year by Covid. I assume you know it has nothing to do with a carry permit.
  4. So true. Everyone benefits by training with Tom Givens, but this course is given over 3 days and has an 11% washout rate. Two shooting tests and a witten test which one has to score 90% or better on all three. Good job AJ.
  5. IMO it was designed during the lead shot era. Probably has a full choke as well. Steel shot will probably damage the barrel/choke.
  6. All public parks are legal to carry in except when a school sanctioned event is active. Only exception I know is that Chilhowee Park is not a 'park' when the fair is held there. ( i know, go figure). This was in answer to a lawsuit filed by the city. That gave cities a 'out' if LEO and wands are established at all public entrances. I will look it up and provide reference. TCA 39-17-1359 Regarding school activities TCA 3-17-1311
  7. all it takes is getting arrested and having the money to go through the courts.....
  8. Nice look. I’m big fan of the M&P platform. I put the flat forward set trigger in my 2.0. Sort of pricey, but when done I was like “ wow, now that was worth the money”. With a Holosun 407 it has replaced my 5” 1.0 and SRO as my primary game gun.
  9. a chronograph helps remove a lot of guess work. Personally I'm a big fan of BE-86
  10. Don’t get the nickel confused with galvanized steel cases by wolf.
  11. Won’t hurt a thing with lead shot. Steel shot would be different.
  12. better result to put a felt spacer in the bottom of the shot cup. This this is a straight wall shell, are you sure you are using the correct wad? Also, only use a minimal amount of wad pressure, just enough to firmly seat against the powder.
  13. And I think both Taurus and mossberg have introduced competitive priced pistols which may adversely affect their $$$.
  14. E4, I agree with you. It's a shame people don't take that right/responsiblility as seriously as they should I guess is the concern.
  15. Your words or summation, not mine. Training makes one more proficient, lessens the chances for accidents, and in all likelihood decreases the chance of being involved in a gunfight.
  16. So E4, because I am a trainer my opinion has no merit. I don’t train gun owners to make a living. It is an enjoyable hobby because I discovered one doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. I was one of those people. I want to share my experience with others. Ignorance is one of the leading causes of firearm accidents. People need experience and training from somewhere, they’re not born with it and now most are not raised in that environment. I have seen many students that need significantly more training and experience to safely exercise their right. It is not unusual to have a student arrive in class with a brad new gun still in the box. Or a student who has never fired a gun before. Where do you want me to send that student? What is your advice to that person? Can I tell them just carry that gun and do as you see on TV, just point and pull the trigger, it’s your right? So I have invested my time and money to be reasonably competent as a firearm owner and instructor. I didn’t make the laws for a permit and even if TN was constitutional carry, there would still be people in need of training.
  17. but it was accidently on purpose...
  18. Good point. So those are trained, experienced gun owners, some which garner headlines. No telling how many instances have occurred with the general public that one will never hear about. I don’t want myself , family or friends to be the recipient.
  19. http://knoxvillenews.tn.app.newsmemory.com/?publink=103e8dae1
  20. quite a bit of difference IMO. Bloomberg wants to eliminate guns of all types. I simply want people to be responsible in carrying a firearm in public. Jumping through hoops for various reasons for centuries.....including buying firearms and the Constitution is still intact then and now.
  21. you didn't see crowds at the shopping malls though did ya?.....no subdivisions either. There is a difference whether you want to admit the practicallity of it or not.
  22. timber rattler and plenty in middle TN.
  23. There is a huge difference in the right to own firearms and carrying a firearm in the midst of the general public. Being able to talk does not make one a public speaker. Same difference in my book.
  24. I help a lot of new shooters. Basic safety, handling, shooting skill, etc. Sometimes people simply need time and experience to be minimally functionable. Sooo, I sent one new shooter to a 'school' for a basic handgun course. They come away with a CCP. Folks, if there was ever a person who was no where close to ready to be turned loose to carry, it was this person. Just another reason this CCP was and is a terrible idea. I teach the ECP class and certainly there are people who pass this course as well that should not carry a gun just based on the success of this course. Oh well, I feel better......
  25. and that's why we have lawyers arguing both sides. In the worse case scenerio, do what you have to do to get away. You won't go to jail if you're dead. The point is one should not shoot others just for damaging your car. Once there is a reasonable fear of death or serious injury then it may be Self Defense. It will be your attorney's job to make that case.

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