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  1. if you are shooting only single trap, there is an attachment you can hang on the ejection port to trap shells so you just pluck them off not even having to bend over to pick them up. A magnet rod would also be helpful.
  2. Sorry to hear.....terrible disease.
  3. Just checked with regional inspector. Anyone with a current ECP may upgrade online to a lifetime permit—real ID or not
  4. Just go ahead and try and renew now and report back.
  5. Notice I purposefully left out the word requirement. Just as the State laws are available, so should the safety program. However, some of those who “I’ve been around guns all my life” are the most ignorant of gun safety.
  6. many more new owners/carriers who haven't a clue what they are doing. The state should have the whole power point for the ECP online for viewing. Not eligible for any permit, just some exposure to handling of firearms.
  7. I took this course with Randy Harris of Harris Combatives last Sunday. Total of 8 students with a couple of them from out of state. I will add that I have trained with Randy probably about 10 classes previously. He never disappoints. Randy is an excellent instructor and a trainer that is also an excellent shooter, (bio...http://harriscombative.com/) I will also add that I have trained with some of the top names in the industry and Randy is respected in that group as well. As the saying goes, 'you don't know what you don't know'. Classes such as these not only expand one's toolbox, but also tests your equipment before it has to be used on your worst day. This class is not for a beginner. One should have the basics of gun handling and safety as a fundamental basic. We started out with a short classsroom session with a review of safety and why it is important to understand why one must not break two of the basic rules of safety simultaneously in such a contained space as an automobile to avoid injury to self or others. Closed space gunfighting is certainly not the same as shooting targets on a square range. We did all drills initially 'dry' using chairs individually as well as in pairs to simulate an auto. We then proceeded to live fire. The target -BG- was in a fixed position, but chairs were moved to simulate varying positions of shooting from drivers seat with the BG being to both sides of the car, front and back, as well as getting out of the car and moving to different positions. After the chair sessions we broke for lunch. After lunch we moved to our own personal vehicles and ran all drills 'dry'. Then just as we did on the range we moved to live fire from our own vehicles. We each took turns shooting at a reactive BG target dressed with clothing. GOOD hits caused the target to fall....wash, rinse and repeat 3-4 repetitions on each position. The 'final' run was done with a passenger in the car. As a driver we addressed removing the seatbelt, safe draw-stroke, and shooting across the front of a seated passenger as well as out the rear passenger window. Passengers of course get an unique experience at this time as well. Also no vehicles were damaged in this course ! We had a full day, about 10 hrs to cover this course. Randy definitely gives you your money's worth. This course has a lot of movement, was unique in the depth of discussion and experience compared to other courses that scraped the surface of vehicle combatives. I can highly recommend Randy for your training needs, from basic skills to advanced including shotguns and rifles, along with easy access and reasonable costs.
  8. My best recall you have to apply in person at the DMV for the lifetime ECP.
  9. chances R

    Shooting Range

    Kickoff to Hunting Season Event at John Sevier Range Saturday September 10, 9:00am to 2:00pm The John Sevier Hunter Education Complex in Knoxville is hosting a Kickoff To Hunting Season event on Saturday, September 10 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. New and experienced hunters are invited to shoot rifles, bows, handguns, and shotguns, and learn about tree stand safety. Families are also welcome. Attendees 16 and up need a Tier 2 Range Day Permit that is $8.00 onsite or $7.50+fees online. You can purchase online before the event at GoOutdoorsTN.com or onsite when you arrive. The fee is waived for current sportsman license holders or those holding appropriate big game licenses. All ranges will be staffed by certified range officers to ensure safety. Event Includes: Free Bow set-up and basic archery shooting lessons from on-site Pro-Staffers including shooting time on archery ranges. Crossbows are also welcome. Handgun shooting lessons from facility firearms instructors. Learn how to shoot different types of handguns. Guns and ammunition will be provided. Free deer scoring. Participants are allowed to bring one deer head per person to have officially scored. Site-in your favorite deer rifle. Participants are allowed to bring one long gun of their choice (rifle or muzzleloader) to shoot on our bench rest range and our 300-yard range. Try your luck at the TWRA Flurry machine. Participants can test their shotgun shooting skills on our flurry machine that throws multiple clay pigeons in random directions and patterns. Shotguns and ammunition will be provided. Tree-stand safety classes. A hunter education instructor will be giving instructional safety classes utilizing the newest tree stand hunting techniques including lessons with the latest hunting craze, "tree saddle." This equipment and these techniques are all public land friendly so everyone can learn what to use and how to take advantage of the thousands of acres of public hunting opportunities in Tennessee. The John Sevier Hunter Education Complex is located at       2327 Rifle Range Rd.       Knoxville, TN 37918 For further assistance or questions, contact John Sevier Range Manager Chad Gann at 865-594-6279.
  10. Sounds like my Dan Wesson
  11. chances R


    Ii have a subcompact with Romeo 0 as does a buddy. I have shot several other Caniks. All work very well, no problems whatsoever. For the right price, go for it.
  12. Invest in yourself....you are worth an 8 hr class to get the Enhanced (ECP) . More information plus a range test which documents at least a minimum compentency. The important part is a basic legal knowledge of permitted carry. Not being charged with aggravated assault and staying out of jail for 10-20 yrs is pretty important. Then take other classes as you can; it is not a 'one and done' process if you are serious about carrying a gun.
  13. Let’s see; grocery store, mall, school teacher, fast food restaurant…
  14. Has to be a shred of validity...I see none. Doubt any lawyer would be stupid enough to invest any time/resources in a frivilous suit. In fact, in TN, costs can be subject to reimbursement in such a situation.
  15. sign has nothing to do with employee/company policy. If one has to utilize a firearm, a sign violation would be the least of his worries legally. Still open to company repercussions.
  16. Following update from Dave Spaulding/Handgun Combatives......Mr. Dickens fired his 1st shot at a distance of 43 yds from a kneeling position from cover and the active shooter was hit and also hit by 2nd shot. Dropped immediately. Never expected to meet resistance. Did not point or fire towards Dickens. Follow-up shots continued because of continued movement. Federal headstamps on pistol rounds.
  17. coat all metal parts with either WD professional spray, or Hornady Clean and Lube....both offer outstanding protection. Then slide into individual silicone cloth gun sleeves. As others have said golden rod is a must in that area.
  18. Yeah, but the guv’mt is still $100 ahead and you’re 16 yrs behind. But if that makes you catch more fish….we’ll I’ve spent more for less important stuff
  19. to each his own, but the logic of pre paying the government seems to be contradictory. My luck, I pay for 'lifetime' and then fall over dead the next month.


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