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  1. Still can’t stay away from my 1.0 Shield with 8 rd mag. But now I have switched to the Desantis Pegasus IWB holster. Versatile for appendix or 4 o’clock. If I get a wild hair will carry 1.0 compact in same brand holster.
  2. Doesn't included an option for employees of post-secondary educational institutes with ECP and notification of campus police for allowable carry.
  3. I've had it cleaned and prepared commercially in W TN. Fried up it was really good.
  4. Anywhere in TN, one cannot carry if there is a school event such as a cross country meet, soccer game, etc. A school bus, kids in uniforms etc should be your hint. Also, without the ECP or CCP, one cannot carry in any park or greenway in TN.
  5. Got some driving/listening time coming in the next couple of days. I have trained with "the Weems guy' and Randy. Both top notch trainers and feel fortunate to be able to benefit from their knowledge.
  6. Totally avoidable by the homeowner. He left the intruder and was in the safety of his own home. Came back out armed and shot the guy. Should have called the police. IMO, stupid, murder. Will have a lot of time sitting in a cell figuring other options he should have taken.
  7. FWIW, I have one of these when imported by Remington. Built like a tank. Great O/U for hunting and have used it and loaned it for clay games. Love to have one in a 20ga.
  8. I appreciate all who devote time to legislative issues; be it in person, phone call, or simply an email. We are all on the same side here. Forums are difficult to share emotion and can often be misread.
  9. chances R

    Carry History

    started with the M&P shield and haven't found anything else that I like better. Round count over 10 does not interest me at all. Just added weight. Shoots well, easy on and off with Desantis Peagusus holster. Goes at 4-5 carry or appendix with ease. Lot of nice, small quality guns, but nothing I see as 'better' for me.
  10. I prefer any of my M&P 9mm, For two legged critters and larger 4 legged critters, simply carry regular loads of your preference. Carry a spare mag with CCI pellet loads and slip it in when needed.
  11. chances R


    I have one of the early Remington R1. Runs like a champ. Two courses with over 600 rds each and not a single problem, all factory ammo. Gave it to my son. Have a competent gunsmith, preferably a '1911' guy check it out.
  12. yes, one of the advantages that the CCP has as well.
  13. Free to a good home . In Knoxville to pick up - about 100 pieces
  14. Very few people are taking the ECP course. Folks don’t know what they don’t know. Permitless carry has limitations. ECP is still the way to go.
  15. If you mow up a slope, hold on, it may pop a wheelie. Can't pull implements and control from driver's seat. If you have large, flat acreage probably the way to go. I like the big Deeres, 350 and up, especially if you need to fertilize, etc with it.
  16. I would recommend you stick to the 12ga for your clay shooting. Trap and & SC are 12ga games. Ammo is cheaper and more readily available. 30" bbls good choice unless you are a larger person...then maybe the 32". Heavier gun= less recoil. 12 also has more flexibility with loads to lessen your recoil as well.
  17. I do have the special expander, not an expensive item, that does it all in one station. Most advocate seat and crimp as separate steps for best results as well.
  18. The LNL has 5 stations, big advantage for a lock out die as well as separate seat and crimp process. Autu index works just fine, as a progressive press should. They all have idiosyncrasies, but in my opinion, superior to the 550. Compare apples to apples look at the 650.
  19. I have the Hornady LNL as does one of my fellow shooters. We each have loaded thousands of rounds over the past 7 or so years. No big issues and Hornady has been right there for help if needed.


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