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  1. Anybody here have experience with or knowledge of explosives detecting dogs? Or a bomb dog handler? If so, inbox me please. I have a few questions. Thanks!
  2. That certificate of participation is a thing of beauty.
  3. I had pneumonia about a month ago, for which I was prescribed Levaquin, as is standard. The pneumonia is gone, but I have been left with bigtime, continuing back, joint and muscle pain and stiffness. It's the feeling, every day, of having recently been in a car wreck. According to the interwebs, this is a fairly common side effect. Has anybody been through this before? How long before it resolves? Health care professionals?
  4. Does anyone know of canoeing/kayaking opportunities of the SLOW & CALM variety on the nearby Duck River?
  5. Tom is not always Mr. Warm and Fuzzy, but he knows guncraft! I drove to Memphis, twice, to study shotgun operations at Rangemaster and was glad for the opportunity. It's even better when he's closer to home. I may try and make this class.
  6. If you haven't found anyone yet...........................................................................   Dr. James Garner in Murfreesboro is great. Very down to earth. Doesn't talk down to you, answers questions. I never feel rushed like he's trying to get rid of me and move on to the next patient. He also has 2 Nurse Practitioners in the office who I also like.
  7. If that doesn't work, try Jack Minchey. He's in Lafayette, but gets to Rutherford County pretty regularly, I think. He inspected my house pre-purchase, and was very thorough and professional. (615) 633-6834.
  8. Has anyone here gone through this? Or familiar with it? It looks very interesting, and potentially a good tool for the toolbox. I am weighing the $ 2500 cost vs. practical usefulness and/or what other mid-career training I could pursue with that money.
  9. My Dad left me his coin collection, and I need some help figuring out what I have on my hands. I'm also interested in starting to invest in silver. I need a honest, reputable, competent coin guy somewhere near Nashville.   Anybody know a guy?
  10. Cab ride's gonna be $ 75 from Gatlinburg to Knoxville..........a little pricey, but so much cheaper than a DUI and getting fired.   Thanks for all the replies
  11. We're coming up this weekend for the George Strait concert. We're staying at a friend's cabin in Gatlinburg, and taking a cab into Knoxville prior to the concert. We'll head downtown for dinner and some drinks first. Here's my queries.....   a) how far are the downtown bars and restaurants from campus/Thompson-Boling Arena? Walking distance?   b) recommend some good places....not so much the bar scene, but a comfortable place for some 40somethings to drink a few beers and have a good meal.   c) too lazy to Google it.....what's your weather forecast for this weekend?       Thanks
  12. I've got a Taurus snubnose revolver that has become pretty rusty. I want to get it reblued by somebody good who is a reasonable driving distance from Murfreesboro. It's an out of production model now, and it was my Dad's, so I really want somebody who can get it right the first time.   I searched, but didn't find any recent recommendations for this type of work.   Thanks
  13. OK, so it's either authentic, spam, or automated. Got it!
  14. If I get a notice that "So and So wants to connect with you on LinkedIn" , did that request come directly from So and So himself? Or, is this some sort of automated thing that LinkedIn thinks we are compatible ?    
  15. Here's what we know: Gruden was a GA at Tennessee under Johnny Majors. He has an admitted sentimental attachment to Rocky Top. His wife was a Tennessee cheerleader, and her parents still live in East Tennessee. Jon and Cindy Gruden own property in East Tennessee. Here's what I have gleaned after spending the last week in East Tennessee: A deal is on the table, agreed upon in principle by both parties, an 8 year contract worth $ 54 million. The Haslam family has also chipped in an ownership share of the Cleveland Browns for Gruden, the Browns of course, being the newest Haslam family business venture. Gruden is waiting out his Tampa Bay buyout payments, which conclude in early December. Gruden is assembling a top shelf staff, including Raheem Morris. His staff will firm him up on NCAA rules, recruiting, and the like. Gruden and Dooley are close. Gruden has made it clear he wanted some "buffer" between his announcement and Dooley's firing, to avoid further embarrassment to Dooley. The big money (and I mean [b]big [/b]money) donors and boosters have instructed Dave Hart to back up the Wells Fargo truck to Gruden's house and make this happen. The issue of "control" is being used as a smokescreen. Gruden will have football program say-so over any and every thing he wishes, short of any academic regulations or NCAA rules violations. Carte Blanche. Yes, Gruden has it made at ESPN, but is itching to get back on the sidelines. The only college job he is even considering is Tennessee. He quickly thanks but no thanksed Arkansas (notice he has not done this to Tennessee). If he doesn't come to Tennessee, he goes back to the NFL Johnny Majors and Peyton Manning have aggressively lobbied Gruden to take the job. There is a University of Dayton (Gruden's alma mater) annual alumni event this Saturday. Gruden has spoken at this event every year for the last 9 years. He has cancelled this year with a vague "scheduling conflict" excuse. His replacement speaker, Chuck Noll, let slip that "I guess Jon will be in Knoxville next weekend..." 'tis all I know......YMMV


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