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  1. The church is a real methodist church located in Georgia. I have been in Southern Baptist churches in Arkansas growing up that had crucified christs before so not a stretch of the imagination.
  2. The non-supported chamber did not apply to the large caliber Glocks. Only .40 and below. The non-supported chamber was an issue on Gen 1-3 Glocks in .40 caliber only IIRC. Those were built on the 9mm frame. Gen 4 Glocks are built on the .40 frame now so should not be an issue. Gen 4 large calibers are not affected.
  3. No blue lights and nothing stating police, law enforcement, or sheriff type stuff on the vehicle, and you are GTG.
  4. You didn't find the article either. That's your email log on.
  5. TNRobocop

    What is this?

    The thing that is ground off is the chrysanthumum (sp?) which was the emperors symbol. Many japanese ground them off or defaced them before turn in to the allies, as well as the allies defacing them also. As far as ammo, I though Privi Partizan was making them. Not sure.
  6. If you don't feel comfortable carrying one in the chamber, then you shouldn't be carrying it.
  7. I have had several Kimbers and never had a reliability or accuracy problem with any of them. I currently still use a 2004 model TLE/RL which was my duty gun with the PD and it was accurate and reliable. I got it on gunbroker for $745 shipped. The only downside I have ever seen with Kimbers is that their finish is not the best and their factory mags are hit and miss.
  8. I have used Aimpoint M68's on both my military issue and personal weapons. You can usually find them used for around $250, which is what I paid for my last two. I have never had an issue with any of them, except for dead batteries, which was my fault for not checking them. I have used the Eo-Tech. I do not like it as it seems to be too "busy", as I like the single dot instead of the ring/dot of the Eo-Tech. That being said I think that a Eo-Tech would be nice for a shotgun with the 65 MOA ring, but that's just me. The AA model Eo-Tech I have never had a reliability problem with. The "N" models I would run away from. I have had to deal with four of them acting up where they would lose contact somehow with the battery and would no longer turn on. As far as the primary arms red dots I have one of the small micro type models on a MP-5 clone that has been very accurate and reliable, more so than the weapon it is on.
  9. Harris makes an adapter that can be used to mount a harris type bipod on a standard handguard.
  10. The problem with everyone wanting the ASPCA or Humane Society to pick them up is whether they actually have the time, money, or manpower to deal with the problem.
  11. I have flown a couple of times with a checked handgun out of Nashville with no problems at all.
  12. OR maybe just leave them the he*l alone..... I just flew down and back to Las Vegas and didn't have any problems nor saw any problems at either Nashville or LV airports. Loosen the tinfoil some.
  13. I should be moving down there in the next two weeks. My wife has been there since Feb and she has a nice .gov job so I can take it easy for a bit. Already have some applications filled out for some LE jobs down there so hopefully something will come through. Also have to transfer my FFL stuff there and find a place there to run my business part-time too.

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