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  1. I'm a student! I'm a Senior this year, but I won't be graduating in May like I had originally thought. there's a conflict between a class on my schedule that is required and another class that is required because they're offered at the same time, and the 2 classes after it aren't offered till spring, and I can't take them till I take the other class I can't get into lol, story of my life, but it's all good, I'll graduate in Dec 2013, patience is a good lesson for me anyhow, it's taught me a lot. I'm studying Digital Media Communications with Art as a minor. I've accumulated 120 credit hours, but still 6 classes short of meeting my degree requirements. Almost there! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! I got hired for the 3rd year in a row to shoot photography for the MTSU Sidelines Newspaper, so I'll be shooting the MTSU Blue Raiders football, basketball and volleyball games this year. Totally excited! I also work for the Murfreesboro Post.
  2. glad to see that due process worked itself out. Now, if he is showing "signs of psychosis", I hope he can voluntarily go address whatever it is that may be bothering him and move on. being angry and bitter at your government over war experiences while no doubt traumatic and horrifying, is no reason to remain bitter and angry. If that means talking to someone to talk to, he has resources at his disposal as a veteran and he needs to utilize them, otherwise things like this could manifest themselves later into something far worse.
  3. nice. can't wait to check it out! it looks like a mall!
  4. That guy better hope what he is saying is in fact true because if it's not, there might be a slander/libel claim against him and possibly defamation. anyone can hide behind a username and claim to work for the Chesterfield PD, and say they can't give specifics but that doesn't make it so. If this gentleman did in fact work for Chesterfield PD, he'd know not to say anything at all, so if he is working for the PD and talking about an investigation, regardless of how much or how little specifics he's giving, he could already be violating public/privacy records laws and potentially ruining an investigation, he's already obviously speaking out of line when it's not his place to do so in the firts place. If the guy is in custody, then there really shouldn't be a need to be hush hush. Until i see FACTUAL evidence against this ex-marine, I'm calling bs on the government and their claims. unreal. welcome to the United Police State of America, the place where democracy and freedom are dead and Communism and Socialism reign supreme, and you can now be arrested and held against your will for mere words that you said because some stiff in a black suit somewhere thinks you might do something. I'm gonna go put on my jeans, and a long sleeve shirt, sit out on the steps and smoke a cigarette and wait for the Men in Black to come pick me up next because I just said democracy and freedom are now dead, and we live in a Police State where Communism and Socialism reign supreme, via the internet. If y'all don't hear back from me in the next 24 hours, you know what happened. ps, jail cells are typically cold, so at least I won't freeze my ass off by putting some jeans and a long sleeve shirt on while I'm there. (the above statement was nothing more than extremely dry humor and sarcasm, if for some reason you experience butthurtedness over this, I will suggest you try preparation h to relieve your burning).
  5. for those football fans out there, thought I'd share a link I found. Link removed $17 for Nike Authentic NFL Jerseys with the #'s and names stitched on. that's a good price, considering NFLshop.com wants $200 for these jerseys, and they want $299 for the customized authentic jerseys with your name and # of preference. enjoy guys. they make great Christmas presents too!
  6. terrific photos JohnC. glad to see another photo hobbyist here.
  7. no offense taken David and you raise a valid point. One of the big things thought that hurts a lot of college students, is the inability to write a proper and effective resume. Most type up 2-4 page resumes that have very irrelevant information in them that don't pertain to their skill sets or highlight their qualifications. I've always found through my experiences that a simple but detailed 1 page resume is the most effective.
  8. this portion of your post brought something to the forefront of my mind. at what point do the People, become responsible for taking measures to ensure their own safety as opposed to relying on the Police or other Law Enforcement Agencies or government agencies? maybe the approach of the government on the issue of gun control is entirely wrong, and they should be REQUIRING citizens in good standing and of sound mind to be educated, trained and skilled in the use of firearms and carry a firearm. make it mandatory, much in the way a drivers license is required. If an entire population was armed and out and about, do you think people like the Aurora shooter, and the Sikhs shooter, would be more or less prone to engaging in such violent acts?
  9. I'm not sure, i think in the heat of the conversation, it was probably just sarcastic comment, but I took no offense to it. here's a better picture. not of mine, but similar from google. along with a medical explanation http://www.myfootshop.com/detail.asp?condition=sesamoid%20fracture the cuneiform fractures only resulted because of the plantar fasciitis diagnosis, and the fact that it went on untreated for so long. Not the Army's fault, they see 1,000 recruits a week that come in for all kinds of things, they can't stop and x-ray every single person every time they have a sore foot, and in basic that's all it was, it was just tender mostly and some moderate throbbing, but nothing to indicate that anything was broken.
  10. there's no need for name calling or mud-slinging, we're all human beings, we're all prone to mishaps, slip ups, screws ups, mistakes and just plain exercising bad judgement and not having our thinking cap on. Had I resorted to such, it would have just made me look childish and proven that I had learned absolutely nothing. I'm 32 years old, the time for such trivial retorts has done come and gone. I'm of the age of a man now, and it was just time to act like it and grow up. Growing up doesn't mean you can't have fun, and have a good attitude and laugh a little and learn not to take yourself so seriously, but taking unimportant nonsense like a race track too importantly to do what I did. In hindsight, the entire thing was dumb, and poor judgement and lack of self-control and the lack of the ability to filter my thoughts productively. If anyone's overly concerned, I still continue my counseling at my own discretion, through all of this, I realized there was a whole lot of things from my teenage years I had never dealt with or given the proper attention, that were still sources of frustration and angst for me, that had gone on ignored for far too long. nothing major, or out of the ordninary, just things I had never talked about with someone or knew I needed to talk about with someone, and it makes a world a difference to get that weight off your shoulders and lose the chip on your shoulder. Life is too short to spend it mad about things you can't control, and it's too short to spend it being angry at people you don't even know, over stupid things, when that energy can be better put to use doing something positive. That's why I'm deeply involved in my photography work, and that's become a positive outlet for me. When I feel grouchy or become irritated, I grab the camera and I go for a drive or a walk and I forget about the other stuff, and lose myself in my passion and I come back relaxed.
  11. claiming military service? I enlisted in the US Army on Sept 10, 2001. I shipped out January 9, 2002, graduated boot camp at Ft. Jackson, SC in March of 2002. Unfortunately I shattered my left foot in several places in AIT. I was never deployed, and never stationed in a combat zone and have never claimed so either. I was in training to be an AH-64D Apache Longbow Electrical/Armament/Weapons systems technician. I spent 6 months in a walking cast before I was discharged and sent home. I have very high arches in both feet and during boot camp I got several stress fractures in my left foot, which were diagnosed as plantar fascitis initially. Since the issue wasn't caught or properly diagnosed in the early stages and treated accordingly, when I got to AIT it was evaluated and given the same diagnosis and I was given anti-inflammatorys and told to ice it twice a day. I was 3 months into my classes, when my foot caved in during training exercises and the cessaoid bone and the medial cuniform bone and the intermediary cuneiform bone were fractured. The podiatrist advised against surgery because the cessamoid bone is encased in multiple layers of ligaments and tendons and the surgery was risky with the possibiity of nerve damage and losing feeling in my foot, and the medial and intermedial cuneiform bones did not require surgery, but the cessamoid bone has been the recurrent problem and resulted in my discharge. Standing in one place longer than 5 minutes seems to cause the greatest aggravation, even with arch supports and foam padding, but walking doesn't seem to bother me much as long as I stay moving and keep the weight shifiting regularly.
  12. I don't. I'm basing my opinion of the situation based on the information that has been made availble by the reports through the media. if it turns out there is such plots, or threats, then the arrest will be justified. However, if there was such evidence, it would have been announced in a press conference, and there's so far been no official statements from any of the LE departments of such a plot, or threat or the discovery of a surplus of weapons or suspicious buying activities.
  13. thanks for your reply, it was a very well put together and articulated and not just a knee jerk reaction. I've never had any influences or reinforcement in that sense from anyone i ever hung out with or associated with growing up or in my family, so I'm not sure where exactly it manifested itself from, because I honestly don't feel that way, talk that way or convey myself that way. Never had any prior history of doing so, and haven't had any further occurences since. But at least your comment gives me something to reflect on.
  14. This is a touchy area Daniel. Take my situation for instance. I called a man some names in an email, yes they were terrible names, and spoken out of bigotry and ignornace, but still names nonethelss, and I got arrested and charged with a felony because of it. I didn't make any threats against him. There was nothing implied, no statement of violence or impiied violence, there was no reports of me following him around, going to his work or home, calling his house, or anything like that. The First Amendment gives each and every one of us the right to say what we want, how we feel, express our views and opinions freely. Some of us convey it productively, some of us convey "inappropiately, immorally or unethically". But step aside from the emotions of the statements I made, step aside from the issue that I was white and he was black, and I made racist comments. and what did I really do? Racism is not illegal. Racism is not a crime. There was no threat written, implied and it was not accompanied with anything else. I was arrested because I called someone some names. Are we as a nation prepapred to accept arresting people for mere words? For statements they make? Even though the statements might be distasteful, or unpopular? Is that satisfactory to you? If you had a teeenage son or daughter, and he or she went to school and told another student that they were Fat, and ugly and worthless and that they hated them, how would you respond if your kid was arrested and charged with a felony? or what if your kid called someone gay, or a fag or a lesbian or a dyke, and they're arrested and charged with a hate crime? Just for words that they said with no implied threat of violence or anything. This is a very dangerous and very slippery slope, and our government is testing the waters, and slowly but surely progressing forward and crossing barriers that our Bill of Rights and our Constitution were written to protect. The more they push, and the more the People allow them to get away with, the more they will take until they slowly erode all of our individual rights away, and we become nothing more than a nation of malcontents under the control of a Communist Government. to answer your question, I think there would have to be some sort of plot of a violent action, a surplus of guns and ammo, or a pattern of buying explosives based chemicals or something. You just can't waltz into someone's house and arrest them because they used some dark rhetoric. That's Minority Report type stuff there, arresting people for crimes they have yet to commit. It's scary, because now you have to watch every single itty bitty thing you say to people, say on the phone, make a joke or a sarcastic remark about, or even throw out a "what if scenario", because now you have to fear being arrested. It's gotten beyond RIDICULOUS. America is becoming a Police State and quite rapidly.
  15. im all for talking grain loads and concealed vs oc! but it was "implied" that I would have to address this sooner or later, so might as well get it over with and move forward. as for the rehabilitated racist statement...I'm just curious when I ask this, but does a person having one incident in which they make racist remarks, make them an actual racist? I don't go around using those words in public, or at home, or even in the privacy of my car or in other discussions with friends or family members. I have friends that are black, I have friends that are hispanic and asian. This was a stupid one time transgression and one that I regret terribly because it made me look like an idiot, was humiliating and disappointing to not only me, but embarrassing to my family and friends. But I interact just fine with members of all minorities at school, at work, church and elsewhere. so what in your mind makes a "racist"? I don't go to Aryan Brotherhood meetings, I don't donate to white supremacist groups, I don't associate with white supremacist groups, and I don't believe that I am superior over anyone else, or that one race is better than another. I do think there's members of society from all walks of life who are good quality people, and there are those that are trash, and it's without regard to their skin color, or their religious preferences, or their economical classes.

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