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  1. The original fixed choke 1100 barrels were fairly thin. When they went to Rem chokes the Muzzle area were made thicker to take the threading. The entire barrels were made thicker, which changed the weight and handling. Remington has since introduced "light contour" barrels which are thinner except for the Muzzle area for the chokes. So no, not all 1100 barrels are the same. You may need a different forend. It depends...
  2. For that coin you can have a custom built 1911 or have Hamilton Bowen do some impressive revolver work.
  3. Buddy of mine used to carry a G27 as backup in front jeans pocket.  He was also 7 feet tall and 320 pounds.
  4. Quick Gunbroker  search for "9mm commander" yields Colt, STI, Kimber and "Republic Forge" http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=429638548.
  5. I wonder if you got a Shot Show gun?  Intentionally set up so it couldn't fire and slipped into inventory somehow...
  6. Sadly, tapping the timer shortly after the shooter appears finished would have the effect of adding a small random time that Practiscore wouldn't detect.  Only way to detect would be video board and someone paying attention or actually see the RO doing it.
  7. I must be getting old as I know 2 of the principals being implicated.   Sad.
  8. ROing 201: show the timer to the scorekeeper as the shooter is unloading.  -gets the time recorded before chance for it to pick up slide slamming shut, shot from another bay, etc. -speeds up reset -integrity of having another person verify time
  9. and he swept the older gentleman... :(
  10. With 2230 I get 3070 fps out of a 16" chrome lined 5.56 barrel.  It was too warm in a 223 boltgun.
  11. Retriever Trials - my son's Scout troop helped as fund raiser; kids manned duck launchers and adults fired blanks.   90 degree day and a basket of dead ducks, got a little rank. I think they were someone's home brew "popper" loads and not commercial blanks.
  12. Colt CCO, Sig 1911CO-45-BSS-RCS, or other manufacturer's versions of Officers frame and Commander slide.  4 1/4" barrel and height around 5".
  13. 1924 Parker VH, was built for a lifetime of hunting and its still very good at what it was built for
  14. Some years ago SAAMI lowered the pressure limits on Hornet ammo by something like 5000 psi.  I think that really cut into the performance of those powders for the Hornet. 
  15. I've got one of those 14" 41 Mag barrels. 1700 fps with 210s at under book max.
  16. Sidewinder, It's not one of my high volume calibers, but I do load some for Hornet.   1. Do you use small rifle primers, or small pistol primers?  Small Rifle, standard 6 1/2 type, not magnum or AR spec 2. What powder do you use?  296 3. What are you shooting your rounds from?  pre 64 Model 70 and T/C Contender 4. What is a good range to count on, in yards, in real woods hunting situations?  ~150, my longest confirmed was a woodchuck at 225 yds, held a foot over it and was lucky 5. What game do you use the .22 Hornet for hunting? see 4 6. What do you figure it's costing per round to reload? cheaper than factory 7. Where do you get your brass?  Currently, Hornady factory ammo 8. Do they make 'bottle-neck" dies in carbide...such as the .22 Hornet?  There are carbide bottleneck rifle dies (Dillon for one).  You still MUST lubricate cases.  I've never seen carbide Hornet dies. 9. Do you "full length" re-size every time ? No, both mine will close on neck sized rounds 10. What are your dos and don'ts about re-loading the .22 Hornet?  Brass is thin and easy to crunch.  Check your cases, I had one lot of US made cases where none of the flashholes were centered in the case.  If you can get RWS brass it's excellent but pricey.
  17. Muzzleloading BP Pistol was how I got started competitive shooting.  Great memories of going with dad to NMLRA matches in Friendship, IN.  Sorry, I'm not living in TN anymore to get together.   Great way to learn fundamentals.  Blackpowder's not cheap anymore, but casting your own roundballs can definitely keep costs down.     Jonin, the official Limited Time Fire matches: Caplock, 5 rounds in 5 minutes, starting with loaded pistol, 2 strings. Flintlock, 5 rounds in 6 minutes, starting with loaded pistol, 2 strings. Revolver, 10 rounds in 10 minutes, starting with no more than 5 chambers loaded, 1 string.
  18. How far are the fired cases ejecting?  If they are just dribbling out of the gun and landing at your feet then likely need either a lighter recoil spring for that load or bump up charge.  If going more than five feet than spring/load might not be the issue.   Also, have you check the ejector?  Is it tight in the frame and not cracked or chipped?
  19. Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and I shot my first match the squad was expected to pick up brass for each shooter as part of the reset and hand it to said shooter along with his or her magazines.
  20. I use AA2495.  It's 4895 speed.  The lot I've used seems to require slightly lighter charges than IMR 4895.
  21. Dave Shooter

    1911 sights

    Give Tim Calhoun a shout.  He's in Kingston Springs and is TGO member.
  22. How'd it get down to a 3.5oz trigger?  I won't take my son's Scout down that light, but I'm curious.
  23. Tim, are you going to fabricate a set of miniature Novaks to go on it?
  24. No experience with anodizing, but my 60ish neighbor just got a purple Charter for carry, Lavander Lady I think.  We'd tried her shooting a multitude of different guns.  She could actually see the sights on the Charter, unlike a lot of other options, and the trigger pull was actually pretty good on that specific one.


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