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  1. I just recently started watching the Simpsons after many years of not. (since season 12) I'll definitely be looking forward to this.
  2. piercedan

    Beretta u22

    There is a nice rifle conversion kit available for that gun.
  3. piercedan

    Beretta u22

    $200 is a good price. Good gun. I'd buy one at that price.
  4. My opinion is... Always carry if you can. Better to have and not need. A gun is no guarantee, but I want every advantage available when my life is on the line. You just can't predict the scenario you will be faced with.
  5. If it is a situation where deadly force is authorized, I choose to apply that force at a distance that reduces the chance of reciprocal force being applied to me. :0) I wrestled throughout school, have training in martial arts, joint manipulation and come along techniques, real world application as LEO , but you never know the guy you are defending against. Go to your tool, longer reach and harder punch. Fighting is for cops and young people. If I'm in fear for my life or defending my family against bodily harm and I can't diffuse the situation, that is what the tool is for. Unarmed combat is risky no matter what your skills are.
  6. piercedan

    Other hobby

    I want to come and play. I won't break anything, I promise!
  7. Hip firing caused a misfeed. Mine seemed to only cycle when seated in the shoulder, which could be a problem if you ever had to shoot in a non-conventional manner. I sold mine after discovering this.
  8. Got an email from them about this. They are always kind and helpful when I've been. Good store.
  9. Didn't see the thread you referenced, but I think sensitivities are really up with regards to 22 ammo. Nobody likes to be taken advantage of, and a lot of people feel that is what is happening with it. You hit the nail on the head, too high, don't buy. Otherwise it will continue. These guys who are gouging continue to do so because someone is paying their prices.
  10. I just think having lots of different guns to shoot and train on make you a much more prepared person and better shooter overall.  This is really a training purchase right?  It is for self improvement.  I think you should go for it... for a better you!

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