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  1. Kids would be upset if I didn’t try to grab it for this price. Pm inbound.
  2. I just cough a few times when someone is too close.
  3. Oh yeah, good way to prevent connector breakage is to use a pick tool to operate the lock mech. Replacement injector connectors are pretty widely available for this reason.
  4. The two pitfalls that come to mind are pinching an o-ring or heat soak. A little lube will prevent most pinch risk. Heat soak depends on the motor design and how many miles. The electrical connectors are often brittle and crack/crumble when removing. It’s usually the lock mech that cracks and then the continuity is suspect to fail.
  5. Thinking I want in on this one too. I’ll think about it for a day or so.
  6. More puzzles. We’ve already gone through both 1000 piece puzzles and just finished a 2000 piece this weekend.
  7. Haha. I was hoping that milt sparks you kept bumping the ultra carry was going to be in here. GLWS.
  8. I have some hospitals in WI that the nurses are signing intent to unionize.
  9. I just bought a PRS on sale from Brownells last week for $209. I got an Aero .308 buffer kit at the same time. Shipped and arrived in less than a week. Haven’t run through a mag of ammo yet, though.
  10. I’ve got a couple bushmaster and Anderson lowers that I’d probably sell one of to someone if it was really needed. Not leaving Bellevue, though. Hope I’m not breaking rules since I’ve let my benefactor lapse.
  11. I ordered March 18th from PSA. My shipment is out for delivery. The notice was up when I ordered. Ymmv.
  12. What do you mean? An audiophile wouldn’t know how to respond to this problem as it’s so simple that it shouldn’t take an explanation. While I consider myself a low end audiophile, the price of admission to a starter home theater is around $2500. Anything less and I would argue it’s better suited for a bedroom. If you want adjustability with gain/equalizer/setup, the you will have to pony up and get a stand alone receiver and speakers of quality.
  13. I ordered a couple things from them last Wednesday and haven’t heard a peep past the confirmation. Same thing on some .308 mags from somewhere that I forget. Haha.
  14. Will take the 5.56 if the first deal falls through. Maybe the .223 too. in Bellevue.


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