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  1. On the hunt for a basic pop up. Too bad my price range is half of the asking. This would be quite a bit more comfortable. Good luck with the sale. Wish I had more money to blow.
  2. Police precinct or nothing if I don’t know you or your history.
  3. I’ve been out of town on business and just saw I’ll send you a PM this afternoon after my flight.
  4. Got a kid with 66 that his dad gave him that is starting a restore. He’s in his 30s and his parents passed away before he finished high school. If you don’t find someone within the site that needs it, I’m sure he would appreciate it.
  5. I’ll take it. PM me some good times to meet up. I’m in Midtown for work and could jet out during the day. Unfortunately, I’m on the west side in evenings/weekends. Can still make that happen though.
  6. @ReeferMac it is. I believe he was going to keep this one, but had the chance to buy the dad of my dog, and decided to pass her on to me. She's a giant and very sweet. I feel ya on the potty training. Little sucker pees every five minutes. We've had to pick up the water bowl in order to stay on top of it.
  7. Most knowledgeable trainers would argue that a canine that’s trained to bite is far less likely to bite out of fear/reaction than an untrained canine. These dogs know when, why, and how to bite. There’s no chance of getting mine to bite without an act of aggression. There’s definitely a chance that a canine doesn’t do well with the work and may not have the head for it, and it’s up to a responsible owner/trainer to decide what the dog is capable of learning. They are also taught to bite and hold instead of chewing and ripping. I couldn’t stand letting @ReeferMac having the only puppy. My next monster came home Sunday.
  8. Apollo is a good dog. I’d take a pup from him and I’m pretty picky these days. I lucked into the dog I have now, and was connected to the breeder/trainer through Adam. I’ve learned a lot since then and and have been around some extremely high end imports here in Middle TN. I’d still take an Apollo offspring for sure. Good luck with the basics and stay focused. I’m jealous and sure wish I had another pup to train. Mine spent the first 5-6 months with the breeder, and all the puppy stuff was down for me. Once I got him and started training, I was obsessed for the first year and a half. It paid off in spades. I had thought I had good dogs in the past, but didn’t realize what was possible with a dog of the caliber such as these. Put in the time now and be consistent. The only other tip that I would give is to involve the whole family in the training. I did not and suffered due to that mistake. I have had complete control and impressive obedience for quite some time, but when I was out of town the wife and kids would have small issues. Not getting in the crate on demand or chewing up something like a pen or a small piece of plastic. I would hear about these things happening and it would blow my mind because he would never do something that out of line when I’m around. My 8yo daughter has always been second in charge, but still did not have complete obedience. We just recently fixed that problem but it’s been three years. If your family doesn’t participate and assert a dominant role, they will have trouble with being in control. Oh yeah, pony up for one of the crates that Adam will likely recommend. They don’t sell crates at a big box store that will contain the full grown monster that you’re raising.
  9. Adam is a friend of mine. I used to go to training from Nashville all the time. Who are the parents?
  10. I’m friends with the person @peejman recommended. He helped me get my boy, see avatar. Make no mistake, there will be lots of training needed if you go this route. It’s fun, though. My guy is a perfect gentlemen and lays on his back under the covers with my two young daughters. He will not let a stranger between him and them. Although, he will lick anyone who will let him until there is an act of aggression. Then with the command he will straight eat you. I can tell him to do just about anything, to include climbing a ladder and walking on the roof. Getting down didn’t go so smooth, though. You need to decide if you want a dog that looks scary or really is scary. Without training and testing, I can guarantee you that it won’t protect when pushed. Everyone thinks they have a watch dog until it gets kicked in the face. Most don’t even need contact to be punked out. The willingness to stay in the fight is something that’s bred into dogs and can’t be just trained. I’ve seen very expensive dogs retreat when pressed by a serious threat.
  11. If it falls through, I’m your huckleberry.
  12. Wish this was in Nashville area. Probably good it’s not though, my secret stash is a little short after Christmas.
  13. Thanks anyway. I didn't realize it was already sold. Must of missed the ad update.

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