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  1. The park is open to state wide seasons except for Turkey.  Hunt days are Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Turkey is drawn hunts only.  Archery, muzzle loader and shotgun only.  No rifles.  There are just over 10,000 acres hunt-able out of the total 13,000.  Meeman-Shelby Forest is the single largest tract of public hunting land in Shelby County and the second largest in west Tn.  State hunting lisc. and WMA permit is required as well as a park permit, but that one is free.  Last year there were 2 11+ pointers taken. 5, 9 and 10 pointers and a bunch of 8 point
  2. In 1990 I was issued a S&W 681 .357.  It was the first hand gun I ever shot more than once.  When we went to semi's in 1997 I bought it and still have it.  It is still the best shooting hand gun I have ever owned.  Dead on at 50yds with magtech ammo.  I qualified 7 strait perfect night shoots with it. As far as the State academy logs show, I am the only one to ever do that.
  3. We found them.  The problem with a GPS is there is no signal under the thick tree canopy.  You can at least walk a strait line with a compass.
  4. Once hired and off probation you can transfer around the state when jobs open, if that is what you mean. We patrol our Park property but we also respond any where close if requested by county or state LOE's.  I drive between 30 and 100 miles a day usually.  I have 21 miles of paved roads.  My Ranger do a little more.(I'm a Manager now). Being close to Memphis it gets exciting on occasion.  Monday I worked 23.5 out of 24 hours.  We had two lost folks scouting for hunting.  I came on at 6:00 am Monday and went home at 5:30 am Tuesday.  Took a shower and went ba
  5. OH come on, it's not that bad of a job.  All the fresh air you can eat and I almost never work more than 20 hours a day. (Monday was the exception).  The pay is great if you don't want a house, car or food.  In 6 years I can retire and get a real job.  The best perk is I get my side arm when I retire.  Not much retirement, but a Glock.  Life is good.
  6. I think it is very doable and could be quite profitable after a few years.  All depends on your work ethic and desires.  I say go for it.
  7. My patrol truck is a F-150 4X4 with winch and other assorted gear.  Right behind me is my son in my 74 Bronco on 33" AT's also decked out. An old pick of it is my avatar.  I only have a few miles to bug to.  Once my bug in crew gets here we lock down the estate and defend.
  8. Log the stops and departments, like said before.  Get some info and go to the departments.  Try to get a letter from a chief or duty sarge to give the offending officer, that tells them you have been stopped a bunch before and you are good person and not a scroge.  The cameras are also a good idea.  I stopped a guy three times in a month and felt like crap the third time.  Next time I saw him we joked about it,
  9. NO RUM!!!! I need to flag this thread.  Rum is proof God loves us.  Prichards Distillery of Kelso Tn. http://www.prichardsdistillery.com/home.cfm
  10. His brother John and nephew Carl Ran the restaurant at Chickasaw State Park when I worked there.  At closing time we would all eat leftover frog legs and hush puppies and they would tell me some great stories about him.  He was crooked cop who ended up doing a lot of good in spite of himself.  He died a hero and a good cop.
  11. Marlin 1894 in .357.  Might be a little iffy at 150 yds at killing deer but it will hit a man at that distance.  10 shots and you can load as you shoot and never go off sights.  It will hunt squirrel to deer and has a reputation and a pedigree that are outstanding.  Ammo is easy to find in .38 and .357.  The biggest plus not mentioned is it goes very well with the "only one pistol" idea, my S&W 681 .357.    
  12. The Predator Protection Act of 1979 (I think that is the most up to date version) is the law that makes it illegal to kill any animal that preys on rodents, with the exception of fur bearing animals.  The law was set up to keep mouse and rat populations down.  (snakes, raptors, and the like) That is what we sight for.  We only apply that law if someone is actively hunting snakes on State property.  Protecting your home or family or self is quite acceptable. 
  13. Interstate is by far the best in the city. All of the Neely's can cook a pig.   Central is ok but the service sucks. Rendezvous has really good B-B-Q shrimp but their pork is iffy.   
  14. I just got my first AR 15 build complet-ish.  It is a flat top with quad rails, 1/8 twist chrome lined 16" barrel. Now I need get some sights and or optics.  Who likes what flip up sights and why?  I will most likely add a light scope or aim point in the near future and that is why I am looking for flip ups now.  Thanks for the help. 


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