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  1. @Erik88 I only have a single car garage and the CTS-V that I race stay in the garage.
  2. Yep. That's going to be my policy from now on.
  3. Hey all, Just a heads up for anyone in the downtown Columbia Area. My truck was broken into last night and my Sig P365 was stolen along with the carbon fiber iwb holster and the 12rd mag that was in it. They also took my Hudson H9 with gray VZ Alien grips, but they left the holster and extra mags. I am as positive as someone can be that I locked my truck; however there are zero signs of forced entry. My driver's side door was ajar when I went to leave this morning. They went through my wife's car and let the door the same way; however everything looks to be o.k. in her car. They also
  4. Decided it is time to let this one go to someone else. A while ago I picked up my dream gun and now this one isn't getting shot. I'll probably be thinning out the safe a little so more stuff will post over the next few days as I get pictures. Details: 5" Special Forces flattened and serrated top of slide standard length barrel with matching bushing and threaded barrel with matched bushing wide U notch plain black rear and tritium front site I have the bag it came with and I'll ship with the 7rd Ed Brown mag that came with it. This gun is a fantastic shooter. I don't keep round cou
  5. One of the nicest pistols to be up for sale on this forum in a very, very long time and at a hell of a price too. Anyone who likes the semi-custom guys will be floored by the level of detail on this pistol. Best of luck with selling this beautiful firearm.
  6. I'd consider trades on an Ed Brown bobtailed full size, Hudson H9 (long shot I know) or Wilson Combat EDC X9.
  7. Hello all. I picked this up not too long ago and had planned on keeping it; however I was doing a little car racing at the WannaGoFast 1/2 mile event in Frech Lick, IN this weekend and it appears going close to 160mph in a standing half mile causes damage to a stock transmission. I suppose it's a little tough getting 4200lbs of car down the track and having 60k miles on the trans isn't good for it either. Anywho-to help off-set the cost of a fully built race trans and another purchase I just made on another forum I thought I might see if there is any interest in this TRS.It is a 2008 hard chro
  8. View Advert 1911 grips: 2 sets of VZ and 1 set Alumagrips Time to thin the heard a bit. All of the grips are for full size frames, non-ambi and are standard thickness. 1) Alumagrips- deluxe tactical checkered- clear anadized $35 shipped **These look sliver in person. The camera is giving them a white look, but they are silver. 2) VZ Ragnarok Carbon Fiber $70 shipped 3 VZ Simonich Gunner Black G10 bobtail w/ thumb notch $55 shipped Or $150 for all three sets. Advertiser MStrah
  9. made a pricing adjustment and added some trade options.
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