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  1. Nice looking rig you have there Robert. My wife has a wheelchair, she lost a leg to diabetes. I have often looked at it and thought of putting a holster on it for times I have to leave her alone. You have inspired me to make that my next project. Thank you Sir! I must say, I admire your attitude. The way you have chosen to deal with an affliction is wonderful. You have that good old American spirit of "you can knock me down but, you WON'T keep me down. I wish you all the best.
  2.   I must respectfully disagree with you sir. That would be a clear violation of the 8th amendment about "cruel and unusual punishment". :wave:
  3.   Wow OS, I'm surprised to hear the original took you 3 months to get. I had mine 3 weeks to the day after I sent in the paper work. I guess I jut got lucky. That doesn't happen very often..lol.
  4. I like Rand also. I just hope he's not just telling us all what he thinks we want to hear. I'm not accusing him of that but, he certainly wouldn't be the first politician to do that.
  5. All of these gadgets are great but, what about good old boiling? The US Army manual on survival says, anything boiled for at least one minute (full boil) will kill ANYTHING. You might want to filter out any particles with cloth or coffee filters first ,but, that's all it takes.
  6.   Just proving once again what a total idiot he is. Like we didn't already know..lol.
  7. Because it doesn't have a pistol grip...do you believe the stupidity of it all? I can keep my M1A but, she wants my AR15 and my Cetme! She isn't getting any of them.
  8.   I don't think carrying a gun to this thing is really that important. What's important is that there are BODIES there to show how pissed off we are.
  9. Scare tactic? Is that what you got from what I said? Or are you just one of those a******s that hate people with a differing opinion from theirs? "Bogeyman stories for the youth among us"? No, maybe for the ignorant, blind among us. Before I ever post again, I'll be sure to run it by you for your approval.
  10. Obama, is by nature, a deceptive man. If he starts to believe he is going to lose this election, (which, he must be thinking now) he will become very unpredictable and, very dangerous. Like a wounded animal that is not only wounded, but, cornered as well, I would be very afraid to turn my back on him. Who knows what he is thinking or, capable of?
  11. And then tell them to follow you around for a while so they could check your piss..lol.
  12. I have a Marlin 336 that I'm very fond of. It's not one you see everyday. It is chambered in 35 Remington, instead of the usual 30-30.
  13. I have a Marlin 336 that I'm very fond of. It's not one you see everyday. It is chambered in 35 Remington, instead of the usual 30-30.

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