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  1. ATF regs call for 26" minimum open or folded check the website
  2. Ashworth University has a good gunsmithing course that is a combo of corespondence and online with good support from instructors .I took it and found it very helpfull.
  3. I've got one with a Tapco ultralight with folding conversion ,it was pretty much just drop in but if you want to use the upper handguard you have to drive the pins out and may need to do some fitting.I did. Overall it is a good stock i really enjoy shooting,plus it increases the length of pull by about an inch
  4. Brownells sells a tool for removing dents in shotgun barrels.I had one with a dent ,luckily it was far enough up I cut the barrel off to 20 inches makes a great house or snake gun but i would not have done this if it hadn't been a basket case i planned on redoing anyway
  5. I have one ,the only problems I have had are when I tried to use Winchester ammo it wouldn't feed reliably ,switched to Federal sub sonics and it feeds every time as fast as I can pull the trigger
  6. I agree with Jamie but would also add that the sentence be carried out in the town the crime was committed in .If people knew that thier friends and family would see them loose all control of bodily function and all the other things that occur when a person is hung it would be a gfreat deterrant
  7. just for reference Wal-Mart's official stance as told to me by corporate HQ in Arkansas is that as long as you have a valid permit and employees and customers don't see it they don't care if you carry there
  8. Wallace Processing on Hwy 70 just west of Waverly,They do really good work and make the best jerkyand summer sausage you will ever eat.931-296-3323.They also do beautiful taxidermy including tanning hides and make rugs from hides
  9. I have an old Enders Royale that I picked up for 50 bucks.It was in pretty bad shape (including a bent barrell 6" from muzzel and a broken fireing pin).I cut it to 20" just to see if I could get it right using a hacksaw and a square and file to true it up .Then I used a fine diamond stone and reblued the whole gun after makig a new fireing pin.Now it is one of my faorite gun (really good for snakes).It wasn't really that hard just time consuming to gat it right.Take your time and only take a little steel off at a time when finishing.
  10. I have had a plinkster for about five years and it did jam and have failure to feed the first about 1000 rounds.After this break in period the only problems I have had is the mags can't be left loaded full for long periods of timeor they won't feed,Ionly load 8 rounds if I am going to leave a magazine loaded for more than a few days .This seems to work well
  11. check the michie law database there is a law in TN that says no animal is allowed to be left loose except hunting dogs on the hunt or training this includes dogs so the local law should be pressing charges for these animals being left loose
  12. as far as i'm concerned the only legitimate reason to need that info is law enforcement
  13. I applaud his speech but we need to remember the saying"When injustice becomes law resistance becomes duty"
  14. I didn't get my app. lost but I did have a problem with the picture,apparently tinted prescription glasses can only be so dark before DOS won't approove it.I ended up going to Nashville to get a new pic made at DOS.what's wierd is that the same pic was used on my DL.Go figure?
  15. Parodi kings,they are Italian and sometimes a little hard to find but well worth it.Also Marsh-Wheeling stogies have a really good flavor.


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