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  1. Had a great time. Thanks for getting this together BigBaby..... And a thanks to Spots for helping me make my first knife. I've already been on the net searching for tongs and an anvil...... and a deuce and a half. LOL. I have a few pics I can post, well I might have to email them to someone a let them post. The last time I tried I was unsuccessful.
  2. Gonna try and be there around 830. I'll bring a cooler with bottle water and ice. What else needs to be brought?
  3. Dont forget if you are a person that relys on glasses or contacts to pack an extra pair. Or at least have a pair at your bugout location. If they brake or get lost you'll be screwed.
  4. The stuff I have stored is rice and beans in mylar bags vacumed out and has oxygen obsorbers in them. The mylar bags are in plastic buckets with rubber gaskets under the lids. Right now I have them stored in the garage which has no moisture issues and stays decent temp all year except the 2 - 3 HOT months. then the temp might get 90-95, maybe even 100 not completely sure. Anyway, I also have a crawl space with (slopes) 4-5.5ft clearance. No moisture issues there. Well the ground is never wet. No mice or critters. Im sure there are bugs but not alot. I also have a scheduled maintenance with an exterminator which comes once a month and sprays around the house ( not in the crawl space). So that should keep alot of them away. What do you think my best options are? Garage, crawl space, or build a samll block storage room under the house and use a trap like door fo access? Thats prob the best but also the biggest pain. What do you all think?
  5. Good idea. I have a pool so stocking up on a lil extra shock wont hurt. How long does it last in powder form? What would the water/powder ratio be in order to be consistant with bleach? because all my formulas and gear is set up for bleach treatments. 
  6. do you have to keep cranking it as you listen or just crank it for a few minutes and it stays charged for a while? or what?
  7.  Does anyone have any experience or want to share input about a good Emergency crank and/or battery powered radio? Was in the market for one and was gonna see if any of you guys had any recommendations. All useful info is appreciated so dont be bashful.
  8. i would also have 2 water containers. one for clean filtered water and one for dirty water. dont cross contaminate. obviously. lets get together when it warms up and practice with our bags. the only time ive used mine was at your house for a night. lol. doesnt do any good unless you know how to use your stuff.
  9. Something to cook/boil water in. maybe some bleach to purify in a hurry. little aluminum foil. extra socks and clothing. and throw in a few bandanas, all sorts of things to use those for. I have salt/pepper and sports drink mix in my mess kit, maybe add some of that, no sense in eating bland food. LOL. for a short 2-3 day hike id say your covered with these items and what you already have. oh, and maybe 2 wool blankets. it can get a lil nippy. i threw in a few of those space blankets. very compact and take up little space and you can get em few like a buck or 2. you can even use them to catch water or keep water off you. they are mettalic so itl be seen a long ways. thats the only down side.  
  10. I think it looks good. I painted a stock once. I did some research and found people saying to use acetone to clean all the dirt/oil off. they said alcohol still had a lil oil residue. But if it holds Id say your good. you can get a big can of acetone for like 7 bucks at wally world. itll last u a lifetime.
  11. yea, I went looking for supplies the other day. No primers or bullets and the powder was about 15 bucks over priced. I just couldnt make myself buy it. Ill prob regret it when it goes up another 15. That was just when I could find it. Most places were out. Maybe/ hopefully it will all calm down. What do you all think about these crooks selling 12 dollar PMAGS for 50&60 bucks?

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