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  1. Randy,   I really appreciate your feedback this was just what I was after. The idea of a checklist is so simple and fantastic, I will be making one asap.  I wish I had been more into the tactical training when we lived in Tennessee it would have been great to attend one of your courses. It looks like we will be back that direction next summer it would be nice to be able to time our visit with one of your offerings. The idea of keeping an open mind is critical, it is easy to be turned off by some instructors early on and not get anything out of a course, make the most of the situati
  2. 1)   Those that have attended tactical training schools that are multiple day courses, 3 -5 days long, what if any was your preparation before those classes in order to get the most out of the cost and time.   Physically - such as any sort of workout routine, building stamina for standing, crouching, lying down and shooting a thousand plus rounds.   Mentally – any type of reading materials, visualization drills, scenario rehearsal, meditation/relaxation, practicing trigger reset/control more than what you might normally do?   Tactically – such as go
  3. When you seat the mag drive it in with the ball of your hand with authority it will put it at a slight angle. That is one reason they call it a malfunction and the weapon was not designed to work that way. That is how it was explained to me. OP Glock calls it a slide lock it will of course release the slide but that it not how it was intended to be used from the factory vs 1911 platform. I am not an expert in anyway just what I was told.
  4. My understanding is that is called a malfunction. Yes they will do that but do not count on it for tactical training. Quote from a block armorer that we train with. 
  5.   Thank you for the link.    Thanks all for the help.
  6. I have had someone ask me about a possible trade for a gun I have listed, but they had an out of state phone number. I asked if he was a Tn resident and had Id. His answer was "I am military stationed and working in the area and am allowed  to purchase a gun in TN per federal law, can show CCP and military Id".   Can I do this legally without going to FFL?   Thanks all.
  7. pm's returned, still available. 
  8. Lowered to $85.00, really don't want to move it.   Thanks
  9. Last bump before we move.   Thanks all
  10. Final bump before we move.   Thanks
  11. Went to the show twice yesterday, better than it has been in a long time. Ammo prices were still insane but my wife got a good deal on a new sig. I picked up a couple of small things for myself and got to visit with a lot of folks. 
  12. Weekend bump. Will add a couple of extra mags for a total of 6.   Thanks
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