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  1. Additonally, you don't have to install OneDrive on your computer to be able to upload to it. For example, on my personal machine at home I do not have OneDrive installed. But I can open a browser and go to office.com and sign into Office365 and open the OneDrive web app from there. I can then upload files directly via the web the same as Google Drive, DropBox, etc.
  2. Had to play with some different buffer weights and springs on mine to get it running nicely; ended up with a standard carbine buffer and spring. A H2 or a sprinco spring would slow it down too much and cause it to fail to pick up a fresh round from the mag. Also, make sure you bring a nice heavy duty cleaning rod to remove stuck casings if you intend to burn through steel cased ammo with it in binary as you will encounter a few and relying on mortaring sucks.
  3. Supply from CZ has increased around mid-TN in the last couple of years. A couple years ago I went looking for a P-01 and the only place I could find one was Nashville Gun Shop. At the time they had several models and variations(colors, calibers, and options) in stock and at reasonable prices too. Give them a look while you're at it. http://nashvillegunshop.co/catalog.php?search_for=cz
  4. Missed it but there was a good deal on Mountain House 14 day cases for $133 shipped after a $50 MIR.
  5. Shocked that the I.O. inc turd didn't fall a part in his hands. Also .. 'can't be silenced'? Good grief this tool needs to shut up about stuff he doesn't understand. Background checks - would be cool if they actually worked. And by worked I mean if they had some sort of tie in to mental health. Of course we would actually have to go back and re-institutionalize the mental health system first though. Would also gain more support if the government that decides they are required would provide them free of charge w/o involving a 3rd party.
  6. viscero

    Kalashnikov USA

    Don't forget they held a media range night, along with Trijicon, at Shot this year and showed up with 0 Ak's. Had to scramble to get some AR's for the media types to shoot so that at least Trijicon could show off their stuff.
  7. viscero

    PTR91 or C308

    I agree on the PTR or FAL options... that being said a good deal of the C308 is actually produced by PTR(polymer lower, barrel, receiver). I think it probably comes down more to if you are trying to upgrade/replace some parts to end up with a S/A Cetme B/C/E clone or a H&K 91/G3 clone.
  8. Pretty sure it has a UTG rear sight too
  9. AGS Armament is one of the original resellers too. Good folks. http://www.agsarmament.com/home
  10. Do you have the linkable details on this OS?  I tried to search for it late last night but my google-fu wasn't running apparently.
  11. Looks like this passed the house today and is headed to haslam's desk.
  12. Hopefully Century will take care of it.  But this is why I only buy their(century's) stuff in person or from someone like Atlantic Firearms.  Anything that comes out of Romania should be suspect as they tend to not care too much about stuff gets assembled.
  13. Will definitely give it a shot since the parking is free.  
  14. After seeing the last episode I think they will keep the Lucile stuff accurate to the comics but strongly thinking they have swapped Abraham and Denise's plot lines.
  15. At the very beginning of the episode it showed the muzzle under the sleeve of the jacket. Looked like a M10/M11 to me. Also there's this screen cap from the story sync app
  16. Usually hit up the one in the fall.
  17. The wife and I voted yesterday.  Cruz supporters here as well.  But I will say it until I am blue in the face.  In the primary you vote with your heart.  In the general you vote with your head.  The "my guy didn't get picked so I'm going to take my ball and go home" mindset will deliver the whitehouse to Hillary or Sanders and then its just a few short years until gun rights are practically a thing of the past once they get their SCOTUS nominations in place.
  18. Tons of opinions already so I guess one more won't hurt.  I too have always gone by the rule of "if it slides then grease and if it rotates then oil".  I however hate spending a ton of time cleaning crap so I save time where I can.  For that reason I use CLP almost exclusively.  I also keep a bottle of RemOil on hand for a couple of reasons.  I too store mine in a dehumidified safe and if I grab one out and it is a little dry I can touch it up with some of the RemOil real quick and its good for a while again.  Especially my older well used mil-surps that don't necessarily have a lot of finish left on them; they really seem to like a good wipe down with rag and remoil on occasion.  Also I have always heard that AR's like to be run wet and that is the primary purpose/aside from gas venting of the two little holes machined into the side of the carrier on the ejection port side is to place a very few drops of oil into.  You don't want to hose any weapon down with lubrication because of reasons already mentioned above with picking up dirt, etc as I am sure you already know.  The only other product in my my cleaning/maintenance regimen is big tube of Lubriplate.  This is mil-spec grease.  The grease that used to be issued with M1 Garands, Carbines, M14, etc.  At some point the company making that rebranded themselves as Lubriplate.  I put a very small amount of this on pistol rails, M1 rails and bolt lugs, as well as AK style rails.  This is available on Amazon for pretty cheap considering one tube will pretty much last you your lifetime.
  19. Would vote either a wasr or npap depending on if you want a folder or not.  As far as I know wasrs no longer come in with anything other than fixed stock.  The yugos don't have chrome lined barrels so that may be a negative to consider depending on your personal preference and maintenance habits or lack thereof.  An Arsenal *can*(they have put out some turds too) be a step up in gun and the only(readily available) factory '74 unless you can still find a Saiga or Vepr to convert.  A Vepr in .308 or 7.62x39 would be a solid choice as well and arguably the best quality factory option overall.  Just my 2 cents.
  20. copy/paste from akfiles   *from AK-47.us service manual, chapter 5, pg 109* The battle setting (indicated by the letter P) is used in concentrated periods of combat, when time does not permit setting the sight. This setting permits destruction of targets up to 50 cm ( 20 in) in height (chest target) at ranges up to 350 m; at ranges up to 300 m, it is necessary to aim at the lower edge of the target, and at ranges greater than 300 m the rifle must be aimed at the center of the target. In firing at a range greater than 350 m, or when it is necessary to effect more accurate fire, it is necessary to set the slide on the graduation of the sight leaf that corresponds to the range to the target. Here is the charts for the different settings on the rear sight, if you have it sighted in properly. On these charts, there is a "special range" cell, it lets you see POI at 10 yds for the different settings. Note: the rear P setting is the same as the 300 m setting. These charts are in yards, as is most shooting ranges, and I have the zero's set at the yardage equivalent to the AKM rear sight meter settings. 25 m = 27 yd 100 m = 109 yd 200 m = 218 yd 300 m = 328 yd 400 m = 437 yd
  21. https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd875529(v=ws.10).aspx   Here's the guide.
  22. No, you can have both active and it will escrow to AD still.  Make sure you also have AD setup properly to receive the bitlocker info; it is more than just a GPO.
  23. Thanks for the pic - I'll have a second look down the aisles this afternoon for Blanton's.  Know my local one has the 4 roses though.

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