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  1. Yeah I noticed this, thanks for the tips on how to get it flat. I think I'm going to be running irons on it for a while, as I really enjoy shooting with just iron sights. Once I do think about doing a scope I'll take your tips to get it all done properly.
  2. Lol me too, I got my range cut down for 200 yards, need to get the chainsaw out now to get it out to the 500 yards I want it at. Then gotta build a overhang and probably a tall deck so I can have a good shooting angle for the 500 yards.
  3. Well just won this one on GunBroker. Wishing this seller (talked to him on the phone 50+ years selling) would take something other than checks....blah wait time.... can't wait to get it in. This is going to be an awful long wait lol. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/902705037
  4. Is this thread still up to date? Looking for a club that does 3 gun.
  5. Seems most of the ones people have the sage installed on, are Medium weight Nation Match barrels, which seem stock. I'll probably just shoot it with that for a while to get used to the rifle, then upgrade the barrel.
  6. Thanks, it seems the stuff that wasn't cheap before the surge hasn't really gotten more expensive. Even before the pandemic this was the going price, so it's good that they haven't jumped really. Nice, I'll check these places out. I'm not worried about weight lol, my AR10 is a DPMS SASS with a 24" bull barrel, it's a heavy SOB without the ammo lol. This will be more for doing 600+ yards on my range at my farm....that and I have always loved these rifles.
  7. I must be missing something there are a good number of them on GunBroker. Is that not normal? Talking about an m1a with the sage chassis already installed. Right now there are 5 on GunBroker and quite a few on Armslist (but not touching that place). Are you talking about a different rifle than I am? I'm looking at around 2.5/3k for one in .308
  8. Just wondering if anyone knows of any sites or places I can keep an eye on to grab one of these. Gunbroker is ok, but for some reason people seem to over price their rifles there (guessing because of the pandemic). Armslist is a joke now as well, and here, well I like it, but these aren't exactly common rifles, and I don't think a single one has shown up here for sale (using search). So anyone got an idea of other places besides gunbroker to keep an eye out on? PS, I'd rather buy than build one (cheaper in the long run to just buy used). PSS...mods if this isn't the ri
  9. Well considering Armalite has gone to #### now (all of their engineers who created the first AR-10, have since left). I just purchased an DPMS LR-308 off of here recently, I haven't shot it yet, but the build quality is topnotch. DPMS arms is the other format of the AR-10 War between Armalite and DMPS....Needless to say, DPMS arms is winning this battle, as more companies build compatible parts for their AR-10 format than for Armalite. One thing to remember is don't expect ammo to be cheap....


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