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  1. From the looks of that one, it would not work with the optic and dang that thing is expensive, lol.
  2. Does anyone know of a level 2 or 3 retention drop leg holster for a Canik TP9SFX w/vortex optic? I've spent some time searching but haven't found anything yet.
  3. Interesting. https://www.shellshocktechnologies.com/technology/
  4. I've done something very close to that once while I was working up loads for my 223. I had 4 or 5 sets of 5 different charged loads that I was testing. I was shooting off the side of a trailer and to keep from scratching up my rifle, I put a cut piece of landscaping timber under the rifle on the side of the trailer. I got to around the last set of loads and knocked the timber off and it landed on top of my rounds. The weight of the timber drove the bullets into the cases of 3 or 4 rounds. Man I was mad.
  5. If you want to put your hands on one, they had a couple a the Nashville Gun Store on Antioch Pike a week or so ago. I saw the price and quickly looked away, lol.
  6. I didn't find any notes or even the type of powder he used for it. I'm pretty sure he didn't use the 3f black powder, lol. That's all the powder that I ran across. I do have some of his loaded rounds though.
  7. Thank goodness that he also had reloading dies, brass, and bullets for it. I haven't tried looking for .32-20 in stock anywhere but it may be difficult to find. I haven't shot it yet. I'm waiting on a pistol scope that I have ordered for it. Apparently he shot it with a rifle scope. He must have done pretty well because he had lots of shooting trophies.
  8. The only one that I am really considering shooting and perhaps keeping is the revolver. I'll run my borecam down the barrels and see what they look like and do some clean up on them. I may be posting them in the buy, sale, trade area of the forums soon. I'm wanting to add a Ruger GP100 of S&W 686 to my collection so maybe I can gain a few bucks to go towards a 357 mag from the sale of these. There were no children between them that these could go to and I was helping my aunt clean up and sale the house so she wanted to give me the guns. I also received several older model .22 rifles, a Thompson Contender with a 32/20 barrel and 22lr barrel, a Savage .270 bolt action, and a 22 mag revolver.
  9. My aunt gave me my uncle's guns after he died a little while ago. There are 5 that are black powder muzzle loaders. I'm not into this type of gun and not really interested but I don't know if there is any value in these particular guns. Should I just hang these on the wall or find would it be worth trying to find someone to sell them to. The two hammer cap locks are made by CVA. One is 50cal and the other is 45cal. The camo is 50cal made by Knight. The side hammer pistol is 44 or 45 cal made by Dikar Spain and the revolver is 45cal or 44cal (can't remember) made by Navy Arms. There is some surface rust that I need to attack with steel wool and I need to clean them up. I got some powder and balls with them but have no knowledge of how much powder to use or exactly how to load them. I could probably look it up but I don't know if I want to take the time. I know that selling is not allowed in the general forums so I'm not asking if anyone is interested; I just want to know if they would be worth trying to sell. If the post is on the fringe of breaking the rules, please remove it.
  10. That mag safety is terrible! Glad you got it figured out!
  11. The first gun that I purchased was a K.B.I. version of the HP. It was a model PJK-9HP. One thing that I learned, the hard way, is that the pin that holds the trigger in is tapered. So being the expert gunsmith that I must have thought that I was (I know much better now that I'm no gunsmith), I decided to change out the trigger spring. I drove that little pin out, of course, from the wrong side. Go figure, a 50/50 chance and I chose wrong?! For some reason after I operated on the gun, the pin would work itself out after shooting it for a while. A friend of mine just recently bought a desert tan FEG HP. It looks sharp and he says that it is pretty tight.
  12. I pulled the trigger on the lifetime membership. I figured that now is a very good time to do it.
  13. Have any of you used Fireclean? I've put it on a couple of guns. I only have a small sample that came with my BCG when I bought it. I have seen the "It's only Crisco" articles but I don't completely buy into that. If it works, it works. I really haven't used it enough to go out and buy a small bottle for $20 yet.


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