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  1. hornett22

    TAURUS SPECTRUM 380 - Picked Up De 23 (Traded Hi-Point)

    A few more $ and you could have had a Ruger EC9S and no issues.
  2. hornett22

    Prayer request for my Daughter

    Prayers sent
  3. The Tennessee RINOs continue to screw us and we continue to elect them.
  4. hornett22


    Aquarium is good to go. I called ahead and the said not only is it ok,they appreciate it.
  5. hornett22

    Kimber Micro Pistol

    I sell a lot of the 380 and 9. No one has complained. For the price difference, I'd get the 9. I already own a Mustang and a P238 and I'm more than happy with them both.
  6. hornett22

    TAURUS Announced Lifetime Warranty (again)

    I still won't own one.
  7. hornett22

    Constitutional carry in Ky.

    Not as big a problem as the voters who keep electing them.
  8. hornett22

    What Make & Model 22 Hornet Would You Buy?

    This is what I have. It's the stainless/laminate model. Out of the box the accuracy can be less than stellar. A bedding job and a trip to Connecticut Precision Chambering for a barrel crown,bolt tightening,and trigger job is highly recommended. If he's still in business. Hell of a guy.
  9. hornett22

    What Make & Model 22 Hornet Would You Buy?

    They were interesting to say the least. Accuracy was extremely lacking.
  10. hornett22

    Everything About a Handi-Rifle in 22 Hornet

    I knew someone in the 90s who had an H&R in 22 hornet. It's wasn't bad but the cartridge peaked my interest more than the gun. My pursuit of the 22 hornet led me to a Ruger 77 a few years later. I found it at a Dicks Sporting goods in Michigan. It was on clearance for $339.99. it's the only firearm I've never parted with.
  11. hornett22

    Seiverville Wal Mart

    I've open carried in many wal marts and never had an issue.Will continue to do so.
  12. hornett22

    Traffic Stop.

    I've only had an issue after informing twice and both were in Blount county. Best to just stay out of that corrupt county. Everywhere else it's been a non issue. Officers everywhere else were appreciative.
  13. Swatting should be a felony. Plus additional sharges if anyone is harmed or killed. Police should a have done a bit of research as well.

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