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  1. I have this gun. I wouldn't sell mine and it's not that clean.
  2. Now I'm remembering why I wasn't on here for a long time.
  3. People's priorities definitely explain why the country is where it is today .
  4. Well don't have time to research everything they don't allow. I guess they need to ban me.
  5. Imagine what they're capable of now. I'm not saying we're being deceived, I'm just saying, don't believe everything you see. Everyone was wondering how actors would survive with covid-19, with modern technology such as CGI, I'm wondering how much longer they'll be needed. When will we know we're no longer watching reality? How far will the go with this technology? Newscasters, Politicians? Something to think about.
  6. True,I'm not a big fan of any of them but they're the name I hear the most. The other big names have been quiet for some time. Fortunately, one that got the DUI a couple years ago isn't posted on every square inch of town any longer.
  7. Seems like everything is hopping in East Tennessee. Check with Tennova for medical. Garza Law in Knoxville growing. Real estate here is booming but all the agents I know are small operations.
  8. I keep driving and ignoring them until they leave me no choices. Fortunately, everyone has been quite civil around here. I have "alerted" a couple tailgaters but they got the point and it went no further. Only thing I don't ignore is a tailgater.
  9. A buddy of mine might be interested. My cell is 865-456-6703. I'm in Seymour
  10. While this is true in a sense, I suggested to everyone they should stock up when there was no fear and everyone was fat , lazy, and comfortable. Back when ARs were $400 and stores had so much ammo there wasn't enough room in the shelves. Everyone's response was " I'll wait. I think the crazy times are over. I don't think we'll see any shortages again" In the last 6-8 months, I get phone calls daily of panicked people complaining and whining about availability and prices. I really have no sympathy.
  11. You can laugh all you want while you watch this. https://www.facebook.com/100000019519506/posts/4037289036281707/
  12. Well I was going to check them out but unfortunately, Amazon chose to attemt to pull a Parler trick so I'm no longer a customer of theirs. Guess I'll go find some used paperbacks.
  13. I'm sure he's just a hired antagonist . Part of the staged event.
  14. I found a box of Buffalo Bore 45-70 in some stuff in the garage. I no longer own a gun in 45-70. I don't have the stomach to list it for some obnoxious price. I gave it to someone I know that has a gun chambered for it. Not everything is about money. The way things look like they're headed, I don't think money is gonna buy much anyway.
  15. Well I would think they would be glad to assist. You did them a big favor.
  16. I was there again Thursday the 14th. Not any. Seems they still have a demand.
  17. I did not see this I did not see this I did not see this......
  18. That was my first thought. I met some drug task force guys and they looked rough. They play the part. A little too much maybe.
  19. Bills outpost in Alcoa TN had a new one for 950 last week. It was pretty sweet. If I wasn't so stubborn and dead set, I'd have bought it.


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