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  1. Barrett magazines are not made by PRI. I believe some of the first Barrett 6.8 rifles shipped with PRI brand magazines though.
  2. I think this thread has come full circle. It appears some members like to argue just so they can hear themselves talk. Randy, I think you have bruised a few very fragile egos. That's why you're catching so much heat.
  3. I got registered too. This is going to be a good class.
  4. drewi

    FN Five-Seven

    No thanks. I'm sure it's a good gun I just don't think it's very practical just yet.
  5. drewi

    Glock Safety

    Good advice Jackdog. I think people put those 3.5 lb connectors on their gun because they think it will help them shoot better. It might seem so, but for the most part I think it just covers up poor trigger control. I fell into that same trap with the light trigger stuff. That's one of the reasons I was fascniated with 1911's for so long. I could shoot better with single action triggers and Glocks with 3.5's. It turned out I was just shooting bad, and once I corrected my poor habits I was able to shoot just fine without a 1911 and without a 3.5 lb connector in a Glock. Glocks get a bad w
  6. Try wearing your gun around friends and see if they notice it. I bet they won't unless you're printing real bad. I forgot to ask if you have a gun belt. If you don't have one now, you need to get one. It will hold up the weight of the gun a lot better than a regular belt. In doing this it will pull the gun closer to your body.
  7. I don't have any problem with a 19 and CTAC. That's my carry setup. You just have to get the setup right. I wear my holster at about 3:30. Clips are set up like this: front clip, bottom hole. Rear clip, top hole. It helps if you trim the rear clip. Using the top hole will leave a lot of extra material that can poke you. I find that if I wear the gun at 3:00, the front of the slide shows too much. And at 4:00, the grip shows too much. But it's just right at 3:30. This works well with tighter fitting shirts. If I wear an untucked button up dress shirt it doesn't matter where I put it.
  8. Normally it would get old to listen to the same thing over and over. But for me, that's what drives the point home and really makes me stick to the program.
  9. I used to listen to Dave a lot. He got me started down the right path. If I hadn't listened to his show I would probably have a lot of credit card debt, a car payment, and no house.
  10. Very good thread. I like to look to Ayoob for help and advice in these areas. I've read several of his books and a bunch of articles. He's always got insight and experience in these areas. I notice that most if not all reputable trainers begin just about every sentance with, " you should avoid bad situations, etc. But if you should find yourself in one, this is what you should do." They go on to explain various methods of avoidance and de-escalation. And they do it for good reason, to help keep their students out of trouble. But it helps in court too. Edited to add: I think that if you hap
  11. Terry Walden @ Walden Ridge Range in Manchester. On Target in Murfreesboro. Both good places.
  12. They have had a booth at the gun shows around here for years. Been in business for a while. Not a fly-by-night compnay. I haven't taken a class with them though.
  13. drewi

    AK Receiver Flat

    I can only recommend using rivets.
  14. drewi

    AK Receiver Flat

    Greentimber is right. I didn't mean to discourage you from trying this. My post was meant to caution you, not to talk you out of it. Building AK's is hard even when you have good tools if you don't have the experience, which unfortunately is only obtainable through building AK's. It takes a while to put them together, even when starting with a receiver that's already formed, welded, mostly machined and heat treated. Do some research and give it a shot. You may have better luck "outsourcing" the sheetmetal work, machining, welding, and heat treat. Either way you'll have done something a lo
  15. I don't know about their defensive ammo, but their ball is fine.


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