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  1. I'm not wanting to get into it...but I am looking for a Union artillery shell jacket (with the red trim) for a new project I am working on. Online they seem pricey and was wondering if anyone had a lead on some good deals...
  2. My wife's great uncle Billy Haynes gave his life at Normandy.
  3. Must have been on MLK.... I lived on oak and in college heights. ..also not great areas. Just keep driving. .
  4. I have holsters from both gjohnson and greg. Both are fantastic!
  5. In Kentucky if I take my kid's fish off the hook I am technically fishing and subject to fines for fishing without a license.
  6. Calling all my turkey hunting friends! I am in need of unwanted turkey wings and tails for another Native American project. I can also use the feet for a different project. Thanks friends!
  7. When I quit butchering I repurposed my knife into something more manageable.
  8. My family farm used to have a few...We had a ten foot section with two vines. It was two 4x4 posts with thick wire run back and forth. I don't remember much more except it took about three years to see and amount of grapes.
  9. Welcome! I'm down the street in p-town!
  10. I bought from supercircuits. They were great. That is my two cents.
  11. Good looking gear! How are you with that hawk?
  12. The Felice Brothers - Fire at the Pageant: http://youtu.be/DzD1O7zZryM
  13. I've hunted morels and sang for two years and never found any!
  14. For breakfast I ate at the bear's grill (i think that's what it is called)everyday. It was right up the street from that log cabin pancake place. Great food, great prices, no crazy lines like the pancake house, and bluegrass music!
  15. Hate to hear you're in pain, but glad to see you posted!
  16. Picked this up today. I added the grip extension and it makes it fit well in my hand. Sent barefoot from the hills of Tennessee
  17. I'd like to see one about Henry berry Lowry. (Get your google fired up)
  18. I rack the slide.....after I fire the first shot :)
  19. I am ready for anything at anytime. Therefore the quantity of items is a minor inconvenience.
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