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  1. They disappeared quickly, like every thing firearms related these days. They were selling for $1100. I was encouraged that they were even up for sale again. I almost bought one but I talked my self out of sending the money.
  2. I was looking on buds site today and saw Colt AR 15s in stock. I thought, I had just seen a unicorn. Saw them on Rural kings site too for a little while.
  3. I don’t care if I ever buy any ammo again. But for those still buying, I checked Midsouth Shooters. They still had most of the popular calibers.
  4. An early Christmas present to online retailers and every local gunstore in the country. I have not bought ammo at Walmart in years.
  5. I do agree! I would love to have a Wrangler! I miss my Colt New Frontiers!
  6. Heritage Revolver 22LR Flag Grip 6.5" Barrel RR22B6USMS2 SKU: 17496011 | Availability: In stock Be the first to review this product Your Price: $169.98 FREE FFL Transfer when shipping to a Rural King store i SCCY CPX-2 9mm 10rd 3.1" Pistol, Kryptek Typhon/Black CPX-2CBKT SKU: 31300010 | Availability: In stock 1 Review(s) | Add Your Review MSRP: $285.99 Regular Price: $199.98
  7. Dave you know you can program your streamlight to high only, or low high. Then you don’t have worry about strobe or sos. I programmed one of mine to high only.
  8. Thank you all! I will get some cucumbers planted in the next couple days!
  9. Thanks Jamie! I probably did go a little overboard. But I hadn’t planted for a couple years. We do eat a lot of tomatoes we make salads almost every single day. I have a few friends to give extras too. I should have planted cucumbers. But it’s probably a little late.
  10. All I have are 10 tomato plants. 2 are for slicing. The other 8 are cherry tomatoes. 6 of the cherry tomato plants are small Walmart starters. They are a little behind the others I got from rural king and they are going great.
  11. I completely agree. She gave about a one hour news media live interview that was on FB live. I never saw so much nonsense in my life. Talking about her intuition and how spirits told her which to walk. And never did any reporter question the wisdom of her total lack of preparation or call her on any of her ridiculous rambling.
  12. I am glad to hear you like it. I wondered how it would be with the grip safety.
  13. https://abc7news.com/hawaii-jogger-missing-more-than-2-weeks-found-alive-police-say/5316559/ A lot said about how strong this woman was, I agree. But nothing said about how easily preventable this was. And by having just a few simple items she could have a been found sooner. 1. Not hiking or jogging in a remote area alone. 2. Do not leave your phone in the car. 3. Let someone know where you are going and when you will return. 4. Carry an emergency kit. Fire making, knife, flashlight, signal mirror,whistle etc. 5. Might want to have a map, gps or compass.
  14. The old Winchester single shots were just like that mossberg.
  15. I have used the Saint Marie clamp on mount and a 3x7 Tasco scope. The clamp on mount is a side mount. I liked this set up way better than a scout mount. Took lots of deer with this set up.


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