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  1. Definitely not eating enough. You need a balanced diet with goals and ability to track your progress. I have had good results with the app MyFitnessPal. I will say you made tremendous progress and I know it wasn’t easy. I found by setting goals and sticking to it, I was able to loss weight and keep it off using MyFitnessPal. I would also say that the last five pounds is probably the hardest.
  2. Back in the day car dealers used to offer you a choice of a Winchester 30/30 or a 12 gauge shotgun with your new car purchase.
  3. They have a name and vehicle with plate number. They have just located the vehicle.
  4. A passport, DOD ID or veterans health identification card can also be used in place of a state driver’s license with real id.
  5. First time I had the grilled lamb chops was in a Greek restaurant in Nurnberg Germany really good. I always ordered them after that. A new Egyptian restaurant recently opened near us and I am looking forward to trying it.
  6. I am sorry a I can’t help but comment on this I know it’s thread drift or whatever. I just stripped an old lodge Dutch oven and a grill pan with oven cleaner. Reseasoned in the oven with coconut oil. Don’t know yet how it will do but sure did stink during the seasoning. My mom always used crisco to season and maintain her cast iron. I am sure she knew best. “thread drift off” …
  7. A common tactic by many in the area over there. Painting Red Crescents on all kinds of vehicles clearly being used for anything but medical aid.
  8. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-65110881 I had no idea that Israeli citizens had a 6 month wait period for a handgun permit. I remember the old days when you would see pictures of old men with uzi’s it was common. This article if the link works for you references increasing violence back in March of this year. Surely Mossad had some inkling this was coming.
  9. Good video but kind of all over the map. Lean manufacturing = Just in time delivery. Both concepts became popular after the Gulf War. DOD did away with the depot supply system and left us at the mercy of just in time supply chains. I think only thing I can say for sure from this is buy General Dynamics stock and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing now!
  10. Seems I remember the IDF kicked ass in the Yom Kipper War. Oddly enough the Egyptian military considered that war a great military triumph and were hailed as heroes at home. I sat through a brief by Egyptian officers proudly presenting this point of view. I believe the IDF will handle their business. I do wonder if somehow Russia has some hand in encouraging this with their ally Iran. US and EU munitions stockpiles are getting low.
  11. I remember him from Man from Uncle and more recently from NCIS. He will missed.
  12. I cut myself on a leek also. It just is a little awkward handling to me. I never carry without locking it now and don’t carry it often. I have a couple assisted opening kershaws and a gerber assisted. Don’t own any autos. I carry manual thumb open blades like spyderco mostly and Ontario.
  13. I approve of soup year round. For a long time my work lunch was a can of soup. At home make a lot of soups fall and winter. We especially like it because we have leftovers, sometimes for a couple days. One favorite is Rachel Rays BLT soup. We also made chili, bison stew and a German version of cauliflower soup with beef.
  14. People have to lock up and not leave valuable in vehicles. What ever we can do to make it harder for them. Maybe they will move on to greener pastures. Only thing is in Memphis and Nashville they evolved to just breaking out car windows and going through them.
  15. They don’t want the truth to come out!https://fb.watch/mau8B6YH6Y/?mibextid=v7YzmG


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