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  1. https://wreg.com/news/tdot-fractured-section-of-i-40-bridge-removed-as-permanent-repair-plates-arrive-in-memphis/ So they are saying maybe open by July.
  2. I completely understand. Prayers for your Molly and you!
  3. MonkeyLizard, that is awesome! A nice bit of history there! The metal looks like new! I think you did great!
  4. Definitely emotion and adrenaline overcame common sense. Normally slapping and pushing a bear does end well!
  5. I have the HL-5 X also but I have not experienced the the battery problem. It mostly sits charged up. Every once in a while I click it on and it lights up light like the sun. I keep the streamlight 18650 in a cheap Chinese eBay light and no issues with that one either. It gets used a little more often but it doesn’t seem to have any issues maintaining a charge. I have an old surefire G2 with a Malkoff led in it and another streamlight 18650 use it fairly often and it maintains a charge too. I wonder if you have a couple bad 18650s?
  6. I like your choices. I have been happy with the LCP, I have the older model. My other favorite is a 60s vintage S&W model 37. If it isn’t reliable I don’t keep it. I forgot to mention the Bersa .380 that was a good one too.
  7. I like to keep some around. I noticed in the very beginning of the ammo hoarding that the shotshells disappeared fast, almost like people were preparing for a rodent or snake apocalypse. The components to reload them quickly went out of stock. Like Garuda said they used to sell for about $10.
  8. Arkansas bridge inspector fired!!! Well, what you know that guy was right! https://wreg.com/news/watch-arkansas-officials-hold-briefing-on-i-40-bridge-situation/?fbclid=IwAR3Q1RTqwUY9qPbsgMhDKOior3a7k2hKRWaWWc5fo4r2udtWX-93nD7bz1s
  9. To be honest I didn’t know you could eat them, But I never had alligator either. I used to see monster gar when I was a kid down south.
  10. Good to know! I haven’t made that trip west in a long time. I wondered how bad the back up was. I hope to head that way this year.
  11. https://www.midsouthshooterssupply.com/dept/ammunition/pistol?instock=true These guys occasionally get in some decent priced 9 mm and other stuff. I say decent for the current market we are in. Today they had wolf 9mm for $17 a box. I know that’s not like the pre-hoarding prices but still not bad for plinking stuff now. And yes they often limit quantity to two boxes, sometimes more depending on caliber.
  12. I ain’t volunteering to drive over first! But hey, I saw them interview an “expert” today, they said this kind of damage wouldn’t cause a bridge collapse.
  13. The dogs learn fast! My dog learned the sound of ring camera alerts real fast! It’s surprising to me how may words they learn too!
  14. Sorry I missed that deal too!


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