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  1. That 6 inch model 19 is perfection! Had one when I was a young man. I foolishly traded it toward a Colt 1911 at the time. Sadly I don’t have either one now. GLWS!
  2. NATO is made up of a whole lot of folks in a lot of different countries. Many of those countries manufacture ammunition for their own armies. I am pretty sure Winchester isn’t going to provide it all.
  3. In the past I have shipped long guns to FFL holders out of state using the post office. You have to check the regulations and comply with the requirements wasn’t too difficult. Even when you know the regulation, it doesn’t mean the postal employee or even the supervisor will know it. I have gone to a post office with the regulation in hand and been turned away, only to drive 5 miles to the next post office and ship without a problem. Used fedex to ship a pistol to a dealer years ago, it was expensive and the manager wasn’t happy about it. I have used UPS for long guns several years ago and it’s was easy, looks like an individual can ship long guns to an FFL. UPS https://www.ups.com/us/en/help-center/packaging-and-supplies/special-care-shipments/firearms.page Here is the post office reg. https://pe.usps.com/text/pub52/pub52c4_009.htm
  4. Prayers for your daughter, grandchildren, you and your family.
  5. I am surprised to see that Chinese made shotguns are being imported.
  6. Erik prayers for your dad’s speedy recovery!
  7. I have given my LCP to my daughter, along with a Taurus pt 22(the older steel version) and ammo for both. My only remaining small gun is a vintage s&w mod 37. I can’t decide yet whether to get the LCP max or opt for a pocket 9mm and eliminate .380 altogether. Even the LCP .22 might be a possibility. The current ammo situation isn’t really favoring availability of .380. 9mm seems be more obtainable.
  8. It’s not the taste was bad it wasn’t, but the impossible burger upsets my stomach. I think my gut felt cheated!
  9. Prayers for healing. Best wishes for you both.
  10. I can’t stand beyond meat or impossible burgers. I will eat the occasional black bean burger. Chicken is already going up in price and supplies are not as plentiful in the store. Plus the hoarder buying is making it worse.
  11. I am not farmer or a numbers guy, but I can see the big picture and this isn’t looking good.
  12. https://www.wsj.com/articles/u-s-crops-wither-under-scorching-heat-11629797401 Basically the western drought has hammered grain farmers this year. In addition to the covid issues this does not bode well for grocery prices.
  13. Yup crazy prices for .22. Glad I bought it a while back when panic buying was cheap. Wow that Tula went fast! Ain’t none nowhere’s now!
  14. Got the flu shot last August a little too early, going to wait till closer to October this year. We always go to Publix our insurance covers and we like getting those $10 dollar gift cards. I am due for the updated shingles stuff I think and the updated pneumonia shot.
  15. Same as . You will suffer through tedious automated help responses that solve nothing. You can not speak to a human. Took me months to restore my account after I got locked out. Fees are high. I haven’t bought or sold anything since. And fraudulent buyers are or were a big problem.
  16. As for the vaccine I told my wife I was getting it early on. She had reservations but she decided to get it after I did. The military had already given me every vaccine known to man, so what was one more. I always believed in being prepared. Most of my immediate family have been vaccinated. we take precautions, we still mask indoors in public places and get snickered at for doing it. The family hold outs are in Alabama and that whole group don’t believe nothing the guvmint says. And they get all their science from FB memes. They had at least 5 cases of covid, two hospitalized. They won’t listen to anything I say. I fear I will lose them, I fear for my grandchildren.
  17. Glad you are out the hospital and ok! Thanks for your the update on your experience. Exactly what I thought was happening regarding ICU beds.
  18. I have been thinking about and making kits and bags since I was a kid during the Cuban Missile Crisis. When they placed those hawk missile units just down the street from my house it definitely got me thinking. I agree with all of the above . I like to have some redundancy in my kits. More than one way to make fire, purify water etc. Map and compass. Paper maps and lately I been adding digital as well. https://www.avenzamaps.com/ this is a link to a nice digital map app that uses gps on your phone or tablet no cell signal required. A ton of free maps available. Oh, I know electric devices require charging. If you are bugging out with a vehicle that’s covered, if not there are solar chargers. But definitely it’s just another layer, you need to have paper maps as primary.
  19. I only have a little Norinco left, yes it is very good stuff.
  20. Well that sucks! Not that I buy a lot of it anymore. I did buy a few boxes of Tula 9mm recently. I was surprised how much better it was compared to the old days. It was pretty clean burning decent range ammo. Wasn’t it our old friend Bill Clinton that shut down China ammo and firearms? Those lucky Canadians still get it all!
  21. Curtail conserve save supplies yes. Stop completely no. Hoping things will get better.
  22. They have talked about this theory before, long before the glaciers started turning into ice water. It seems like it might be closer to reality now. This old earth has been through so many catastrophic changes. Life on earth has been nearly wiped out and started over more than once. We have only been here for the blink of eye. The earth will go through many more remakes, reformations. Like the title says in the science fiction book by George R Stewart , “Earth Abides” .


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