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  1. So much b.s. he said “everything that happened that was based on the assumption that the gun was empty”. Ignorance, who assumes a gun is unloaded!
  2. I think he might be trying sway potential jurists, influence public opinion. A first class manure spreader. I don’t believe a word of it.
  3. Watch the “Long way up” and Long way down” series you will see electric motorcycles and Rivian electric trucks travel the length of North and South America. Good scenery if nothing else and you see some electric vehicles in all conditions. Granted they had lots of $$$ sponsors and a big support team. https://youtu.be/611fw81BN98
  4. I look at the electric vehicles as just another option for transport. There is some practicality to having one especially when the next pipeline breaks cutting off our supplies or the lunatic’s shut down the Persian gulf again. If you are a multiple vehicle family wouldn’t hurt to have one in the mix. I don’t think they are going to save the world, because every lithium power pack is made with Chinese coal. I currently have a gas burning Ford truck and my wife drives a Honda CR-V. When her car gets worn out, I could see an electric car replacement. Now if they ever get hydrogen motors going, that’s going to save the planet!
  5. No surprise! Although I never had a problem there. When I visit Memphis, I am careful where I go. Seems like Nashville is working hard to move up that list.
  6. https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/navy-ships/a32291935/navy-railgun-failure/ A lot of military budget spent on development. I don’t know if we will see it in production. There are air guns that would out perform the one in the YouTube video. But I do believe electronics will be fully integrated into handheld military weapons. Eventually conventional powder and lead projectiles will be replaced.
  7. I like Midsouth I usually pick up my stuff in person, so no shipping charge. I know it’s not practical for people that don’t live near them.
  8. Dang it! None of mine have the barrel band! Those should sell like hotcakes!
  9. Here is one of his first. https://youtu.be/3t5X8f__vpk
  10. I wouldn’t do it. In the late 70s in Oklahoma it was somewhat common practice among some Law enforcement officers to have their 38 specials converted to 357. A gunsmith would just bore out the 38 special cylinder to accept the longer 357. I was encouraged to have it done, I did it on a model 64 S&W and never felt comfortable with it, sold it with full disclosure. Non magnum cylinders are not tested or designed for magnum loads. Yes I know Elmer Keith invented the 357 by pushing the envelope. YMMV.
  11. Rossi .38 special 3 inch barrel. Have never successfully fired more than one round out of it at a time. Got it like new in box early 2000s, don’t know when it was made. I load up a cylinder, pull the trigger goes bang and the cylinder locks up. A Winchester 190 .22 Jam-O-matic even after I tightened the barrel. The current runner up is a Cobray 45/410 double barrel. At least it shoots, but I kind of hate it. Lots of others in the past.
  12. Fully vaccinated and boosted. I wear a mask when required and I try not to push my luck. I am 100% convinced at this point, if your mind is made up pro or con, no one is going to change it. Best wishes to you all!
  13. They were good shotguns! I had a brand new police model many years ago. Mine is long gone. I think I still have a couple police marked s&w 12g slugs. Anyway you brought back a memory! GLWS
  14. John Schneider was very clear on what the procedures are supposed to be! Very informative!
  15. Seems like a rookie mistake to bring live ammo anywhere near a movie set. Did the assistant director just grab a gun without asking her and assume it was safe.
  16. https://www.tmz.com/2021/10/22/alec-baldwin-movie-shooting-assistant-director-handed-loaded-weapon-gun-rust/ New scapegoat assistant director!
  17. I remember that one, I believe it was the first episodes of MacGyver.
  18. It just doesn’t make sense. The gun had to be deliberately fired. I wonder how live ammo got loaded, if that’s what happened?
  19. https://www.indiewire.com/2021/10/alec-baldwin-fires-gun-kills-cinematographer-wounds-director-on-rust-set-1234673555/ So old west set, some how supposedly gun misfires twice, kills one and wound’s another. I don’t think they know what a misfire is! I know blanks can kill at contact close range. This doesn’t sound like blanks or “misfires”! https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/rust-crewmember-dies-after-prop-gun-misfires-on-set-of-alec-baldwin-film
  20. I have great respect for General Powell, may he Rest In Peace.
  21. I haven’t tried to hunt or fish at Campbell in quite a while. I find the access and procedures for check in to be a pain. I have gotten credentials before but just don’t like the check in process. I am older so I don’t like to deal with the bureaucracy. https://ftcampbell.isportsman.net/
  22. Nice looking rifle! Watch aimsurplus and grafs if the Swiss ammo comes in they usually get it.


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