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  1. You know the best laid plans and all that. “No battle plan survives first contact”. I agree most of those rich dudes either won’t make it to their elaborate retreats or they will find themselves locked out. It does make for a good article. I have read similar stories. Apparently quite a few of the super rich hunkered down in New Zealand to ride out the pandemic.
  2. YMMV but in my area there isn’t much activity. They’re used to be a lot more repeater’s here but not now.
  3. Oh good ! I didn’t see that thanks.
  4. Maybe ask this guy to take a look and just get his recommendation. https://www.midtndryervent.com/ They have always done a good job for us. Some how I would want this vented to the outside. BTW my home inspector didn’t find half the problems. One of those cookie cutter franchises American home warranty. My crawl space HVAC ductwork was a disaster and none of was mentioned even though he crawled it.
  5. I always liked Spyderco since my first endura in the 90s. I still have it and a couple dragons. Now a days the Japan made Spyderco knives are pretty pricey. I recently bought a couple of the Chinese made Spyderco knives just to check them out. They are not bad for the price. But of course the Japan ones are far better.
  6. I owned scanners for decades. I started when you had to buy plug in channels in the 70s. There is very little left for analog scanners. The weather channels, aircraft on rare occasion maybe fire or ambulance. Maybe in some rural counties if they haven’t upgraded you could find more. I just decided that it’s not worth pursuing digital for me. I used to dabble a little with 2 meter ham. That’s pretty much dead too.
  7. Had ants before but not lots of them. Downy woodpeckers like the feeder a lot. I skipped this year. Maybe I will try when it cools down some. Have a hummingbird that comes by in the evening to hit the flame vine and day lilies.
  8. I like the idea of a large caliber air rifle too, but I don’t think they will be very quiet, at least from the reviews I read. And you never know if a raccoon will go down on the first shot.
  9. Have you thought about live trapping them? You can relocate them or dispatch them with a .22
  10. I think the main culprits were birds in my case. I put a game camera on one frame. I saw robins and cardinals nothing else. I planted more seeds today and put the camera on a tree to cover more of the area. Starting some seeds indoors too. My first time planting sunflowers too.
  11. So speaking of critters anyone ever successfully plant sunflower seeds and defend them from squirrels and birds. I planted around 20 sunflower seeds a couple weeks ago. Almost all were eaten when they sprouted or dug up. I am thinking of growing them indoors in peat pots and planting when they are larger seedlings.
  12. I remember mole crickets I lived in Florida too. Not sure if we have them or not. But I would say it’s likely.
  13. The bed is about a foot deep. No voices yet. I did remember something today. A couple weeks ago, after fishing I dumped a few left over night crawlers in that bed. Maybe it was them. No activity today
  14. I don’t know, it happened twice on two different sides of the frame. I have seen moles moving under the yard before but they make a trail. This was just strange.
  15. Saw the ground and plants moving right in front of me today. I couldn’t believe it. It was in one of the small raised beds I just started. i took a rake and scraped the dirt where it was happening. It stopped but I didn’t find anything. Later this afternoon I saw it again. Ground moving a tomato plant shaking. I stuck a small stick in the ground it stopped. Saw nothing a small earth worm came to the surface. What is happening? Is it moles? Is my dirt possessed?
  16. Nice laminate stock on that Mosin! And that is a lot of ammo! GLWS!
  17. It’s a tragedy and a terrible loss for that community. Prayers for Richard Hawk and family. I hope justice is done.
  18. I think those law enforcement surplus glocks are still a good buy. I have looked hard at them for years. If I were younger I think it’s a great purchase. I don’t really want any new calibers now and I think I should be moving the other direction and thinning the herd. I find the gen 3 to be perfect for me. All that said those .45 Glock 21s are awe fully appealing!
  19. Never seen anything quite like that! One very lucky teenager!
  20. I am very sorry for your loss. My condolences to you. God bless you both.
  21. I just saw a post on the Montgomery County Range FB page. They said rifle and pistol not open until spring next year! I got to find other options! I hate shooting on indoor ranges.
  22. I bought two 1851s from midway one .36 and one .44 , both pietta. Also extra springs. I look forward to shooting them. Waiting for my range to open when they finish maintenance.
  23. My neighbor seems be driving their electric plug in a lot more now.
  24. Really good time to be driving that hybrid, electric or French fry oil bio fuel car!


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