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  1. I planted two small above ground frames, filled it with miracle grow garden soil. Actually started a few weeks later than usual. Tomatoes, cucumbers and a few peppers. I never did above ground before, I thought it worked pretty well. Next year I would like to add beans and okra.
  2. Kudos to the police! That was pretty fast response!
  3. The exodus began decades ago. I can’t understand Memphis winning any greatest place awards. But, I do like the bbq!
  4. I read One Second after, a while back and a few similar books. This time of year would be the worst time for a power outage or grid down scenario. I find fall and winter quite tolerable even if we didn’t have power in Tennessee. At least for the short term. But this heat is beginning to get bad. Maybe some day I will even buy a generator, but it’s debatable if it would work after a major EMP event.
  5. They also have 32 long. https://www.grafs.com/retail/catalog/category/categoryId/234? The caps are RWS 250 per can for 19.49
  6. This happened with my 2008 RAV4. Also my daughters Highlander. Read Toyota forums you will see lots of posts about it. They post about several causes and potential solutions. I never was able to solve mine. The good news is it will clear when shut you turn the ignition off until about 200 or 300 miles then it comes back. Also when it happens you loose cruise control and anti-lock brakes and stabilization control. I just drove mine anyway until I got a new vehicle.
  7. Midsouth has Tula for 16.99, and Maxxtech brass tech for 18.99.
  8. I like reading all the different posts and it’s good to learn about the different set ups. We have been through quite a few power outages. The longest was in 95 when hurricane opal took out the Florida pan handle and large part of Alabama. We had no power for months. We just made due. I had a back yard grill and camp-stoves, we cooked that way the whole time. I was stationed at Fort Rucker, worked at the hospital they operated on generator power. Each day I brought home a small amount of ice for our cooler. We didn’t need heat in lower Alabama even in October, so thankfully that wasn’t an issue. In Tennessee last year a pretty good storm took out power for a couple weeks, we did the same thing cooked on camp stoves and grills charged our phones in the car. We did get a little cool a couple nights so I used a propane heater. I do have a kerosene heater but haven’t needed to use it much. I do have back batteries for running phones, a lot of flashlights ,lanterns and solar chargers. My current camper has the usual 12v\110 or propane refrigerator a back up battery and solar panel. One of the main draw backs to not having a generator is loosing a freezer or refrigerator full of food. If I get a generator that would be the main reason. I try to keep a fair of non-perishable food for emergencies. I am pretty sure, I would look at the smaller generators to use with the camper for boon-docking and for back up at home.
  9. Shot so many times, by my grand kids nerf guns and I tell you what it can leave a mark!
  10. I keep telling myself, I don’t need a new pistol. I keep saying I don’t want to waste ammo breaking in a new pistol. That dang LCP MAX is calling my name! There is going to be a lot of original LCPs up for sale.
  11. Have two ring cams outside with solar panels. One plug in indoors. And old school alarm system. I like the ring cams. Receive motion alerts with pictures. Not a single delivery goes unnoticed. Picks up any visitors.
  12. I remember a time when there wasn’t a legal carry option. I have to admit I was partially wrong. I was unaware that prior that “prior to 1989 a civilian could openly carry an army or navy revolver in the hand. It could not be holstered or concealed.”
  13. I did see the NRA write up on it. I thought it looked pretty good! I like the enhanced sights on it.
  14. There are times when it won’t matter how many rounds you carry. Most definitely 6 wouldn’t have been enough! https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/rapper-shot-many-64-times-he-walked-out-chicago-jail-n1273834
  15. I had a cz 70 back when you could get one for $69. Actually bought at the rod and gun club in Nuremberg. It went with me along with ruger 89 on a deployment. Yes against regulations, I know. Was comforting to have ammo and side arms long before we were issued ammo in the sand box. I never needed it, never fired it. When I finally took the cz to range years later, it was a jamamatic, pins starting working loose and it locked up. I traded it at a gun store for ammo. The ruger 89 of course was always rock solid and reliable.
  16. If I read reviews/complaints about the item as counterfeit, I don’t order it from Amazon. In those cases Midsouth or Midway will get my order. I had one bad experience with Optics planet and I don’t bother with them anymore.
  17. I will give them a try. Mostly eating tortilla chips and salsa forever. We recently started buying the variety packs of chips for snacks while camping. The wise brand chips are the worst. But the Clancy’s aldi brand has some great flavors.
  18. It’s strange. Especially with that online bank Chime recently locking down access to bank accounts too.
  19. I hope the U.S. military and government become more proficient at defending our country from cyber attack. So far, I haven’t seen any sign of that. Both the government and private industry are likely way behind the power curve. I think the only reason that China hasn’t shut us down is that financially they still need us. Russia is just playing right now. If there is any serious dust up it will be lights out!
  20. https://wreg.com/news/tdot-fractured-section-of-i-40-bridge-removed-as-permanent-repair-plates-arrive-in-memphis/ So they are saying maybe open by July.
  21. I completely understand. Prayers for your Molly and you!
  22. MonkeyLizard, that is awesome! A nice bit of history there! The metal looks like new! I think you did great!
  23. Definitely emotion and adrenaline overcame common sense. Normally slapping and pushing a bear does end well!


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