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  1. And where in the Constitution does it give a business owner the right to post?
  2. Title VIi of the Civil Rights Act doesn't prohibit discrimination based on sexual preference in the workplace. Metro may in their workplaces, but it doesn't apply to private businesses. So again, let's see a business post that and then tell me about property rights.
  3. +1 on the penalty thing. But a business open to the public should not have the right to dictate what the public can have in their pockets or on their person. Period.
  4. I was reading the other day about some of the legislature's agenda to be "pro jobs" and attract more companies to TN. One was to make it much more difficult to qualify for unemployment and a lot easier for the employer to contest your receiving a check. Just be careful what you wish for.
  5. Other states that offer reciprocity often insist that the carrier's home state have criteria similar to the state granting the reciprocity. It's one of the reasons Wyoming was looking at dropping several states and why TN didn't recognize Alabama until fairly recently.
  6. I've come to feel really strongly about this recently. I would still have a permit since the reciprocity with other states is desirable to me. In AZ, you also still need to permit carry in restaurants that serve alcohol, I'm okay with that also, as it's probably the only way it would pass here too. People that carry "full time" would probably still opt for the permit. However, there shouldn't be other restrictions on carrying if you are legally allowed to own a gun. The cry about criminals and felons etc are without merit because they aren't legally supposed to have a gun in the first place.
  7. Of course he thinks "historians" would agree with him. Most are liberal, academic eggheads who spend their lives sequestered in gun free zones.
  8. Keep in mind the signage regulations do not apply just to eating establishments, but any business now. All they need is the "gunbuster" and you could be liable for a criminal offense and a $500 fine.
  9. You can buy a long arm in another state and carry it home. Only handguns are required to be shipped to the home state FFL for final delivery.
  10. Our government making people line up for unreasonable searches so they will be safe reminds me of a government making people line up for showers so they will be clean.
  11. Yes, I absolutely meant it. I don't know how it is in the Knoxville suburbs, though your country parks aren't posted, but the powers that be in Nashville are one very liberal anti-gun crowd. **** them and the horse they rode in on. If they were instrumental in convincing the NRA to come here, it only highlights the famous liberal hypocrisy. I thought it was a bad idea when I first heard about it and let the NRA know what my wife and I thought about it (both life members), i think it's a bad idea now and will continue to think its a horrible idea.


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