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  1. I am looking for a easy way to cast sinkers. Does anyone have one of these bottom pour melters laying around they are not using. Thanks
  2. I am looking for some trolling rods for spider rigging. The longer the better. I got a good deal on some rod holders and thought I would give it a try. Also on the lookout for line counter reels for long lining.
  3. A buddy of mine has a Rem. 700 sps in 300 blk/out. It is not fully ejecting the fired cases. It just drops them down on the magazine case. It will throw a unfired round out of the rifle. It is also making a bad dent on the neck of the case.
  4. I am just looking for the best bang for my buck. I have a single shot 300blk for now and not looking at other calibers. Any help is much appreciated.
  5. Cakes and pie's cakes and pie's cakes and pie's. I had one hell of a day this just blew all that away!
  6. Ooooo 357's with lever's !!!!
  7. I have no real reason for starting this post other than wanting to here about what 357's you are in love with. I will start I love my Dan Wesson 15-2 and my model 85 Taurus. And I have been in love with that sexy little LCR but I have never got past first base with her.
  8. Well what's up doc? Do you have a new little friend at home? Pics please! A long slide 10mm is on my wish list.
  9. I have a 38sp that needs the barrel set back and forcing cone reworked anyone around Nashville
  10. I took my son yesterday afternoon we had a big doe come in close but a fawn right behind her. My son was mad I did not take the shot till he saw the fawn I guess his veiw was a little worse than mine. 
  11. I have been trying to get every one I know to go and none has agreed. I am thinking about going Friday
  12. Well i traded for a Winchester Ranger 30/30 today. And now i can mark that off the list.
  13. Rob where could someone get into these types of bows.
  14. I am going to try Perry county in the morning will report back!!!! I am also if its brown its down time freezer is empty
  15. Before I returned I would talk to the land owner and the baiter and let them know whats going on. And if the baiter does not remove the bait I would tell the landowner that he needs to remove my stand for me or I will be calling old G.W. If you show up to remove the stand and the G.W. catches you within that area you might end up with a real big mess. Not having a place to hunt because of someone else's choices sucks, but  spending their jail time will suck a lot more.
  16. Now that is a true pocket pistol. I bet it hardly prints on Shaq!
  17. I have had a Gerber combat folder for a long time and the clip screws began to get lose and I lost one. So I quit using it. And then last week I found it setting on my self and thought I should try and get a set of screws for it to get it back in carrying mode. So I looked up  Gerber website and went to the service link and they asked for my info and the problem I had. At the end of the page it said someone would be getting in touch with me. Well in the mail box Friday was a small brown package with a new clip and six screws. No one ever sent me a email or called they just took care of the problem.    Thanks Gerber   Andy 
  18. I always liked feeding my s&w dates more than any of the other dates. :up:


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