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  1. Unfortunately at the moment I cannot. Later I will. And instead Il use the word MAJOR, vs REAL. 
  2. Since people are asking, no telling how long Spot will be since he is busy, Ill tell of some of what this person said. I will say they make no definitive statements based on photographs. Especially digital photographs since digital photographs even though they may be high quality provide distortions that would not work in forensics. (Note this isn't me saying this). Although he will say what he thinks based on a photograph, consider nothing definitive and he would not put his signature to document the weapon without having the weapon for several days to conduct testing on it.   The fram
  3. This   Here's a few of the misconceptions that people glean from modern over romanticized Civil War writings and movies. "Gone with the Wind" and "Gettysburg" the Civil War was not.   From my home State, Maryland is a Liberal Unionist State. No quite, at all. All New Yorkers were Unionists. Sorry, nope. If you were from Georgia, Tennessee, or Mississippi or (Add State here), you were a Confederate and a Patriot because you wanted to secede from the grasp of a centralized Government. Nope. General Lee was the greatest Civil War Commander of the entire War. Not no, but not at all.
  4. This is going to sound like a job offer, it isnt. It also is not buying or selling something. And has nothing to do with an organization.   I am looking for 2 or 3 people, knowledgeable on the US Civil War, but no degree required. Although it would help if you knew Linear Tactics (Real linear tactics, not what you see in the movies), positioning of artillery (This also has nothing to do with re-enacting), if you know what the term "Screening" means and that Cavalry wasn't there just to take on other Cavalry, that and more, are positives. Being knowledgeable of the "period" is another re
  5.   Yea, thats what  I was talking about last week. Tried selling it 3 or 4 times, for a down payment on another rifle, for what I thought it was worth. Thing is if any of the people who actually looked at it would have bought it, it wouldnt have mattered to them because for me this was just a run of pure luck all the way around.    To semiauto:   I have to say, I dont think he holds that rifle highly at all. Just another Springfield Contract. When I say that it is because "I feel" that when you can afford to own General Lee's field Ledgers, Picket AND Longstreets u
  6. Well I debated posting, not because I sold my Springfield, but because this keeps getting better and better. I almost didnt post it but thought...Well if I dont post it to the guys who have been following, who else I am going to tell!? The wife knows, the family knows, local friends know. So here it is. For me its pretty exciting, reason being I havent ever "won" anything. I now feel like I have won the damn lottery. It just took me a year to do it. To some, no big deal, but I am not wealthy, so to me, it's a big deal. So a quick rundown of events. 1. Due to a ban on AR's at Sandy Hook
  7. Just to preface this ridiculousness, my 3rd Great Grandfather and a handful of other relatives were captured at Third Winchester and spent some time (September 19th 64 to March 15th 65) at Point Lookout Maryland POW Camp. There are 12,000 Confederates buried there, it was worse than Andersonville. So a single Maryland State Senator gets his panties in a wad and finds it offensive that St. Andrews Cross flies over the graves of 12,000 dead Confederates that the Union murdered. He isnt even from the area, probably before someone told him and whined he didnt even know the memorial was there. So h
  8. TankerHC

    Gas prices

      I might have to eat more beans and hot dogs but I aint drivin no Prius. 
  9. So I picked up the Authentication paperwork yesterday and the appraised value documents today. Every time I come up here I spend as much time with these people, learning what I can because I know of no one else with these kinds of credentials. Spent all day yesterday and most of today with them. Learning a lot, Ill never know what they know, but I now know what they look for is not what I and other people look for in guns, relics, documents. I also now know when there is that kind of credibility at stake, you do not make definite statements without going over a piece thoroughly, and if it cann
  10. Since it is Spots find, I figured I would let him tell you what I passed on to him, but as busy as he is, it might be a while. Guess Ill wait and see what he says, dont want to jump in.
  11. Well I had him take a look at the photo's.   This I can say, but this is preliminary because unless he has it in his hands I wouldn't expect this person to commit, which is also why I wont say who he is unless someone wants their artifact authenticated, not my place to say. Let him say on paper.   I can tell you this.   Not fake (cannot say with 100% unless I were to take it to him. Not a Colt. Not a Navy Not an ,51 or .58 or any of the suggestions on here. Not a .36 or .44 The cylinder did not go with the gun when it was manufactured.   If Spot wants to know,
  12. TankerHC

    Gas prices

    Paid $3.96.9 for regular yesterday.  Thats still 16 cents over average price up here. Pretty "cheap" considering I could drive an hour and a half further North and pay nearly $5 a gallon, California prices on the East Coast.   When I left TN Thursday, I watched prices climb 65 cents by the time I crossed the MD line from Virginia Thursday afternoon.    I do think this is about 16 cents higher than everywhere else, since this is Adams County, where everything costs more.
  13.     Thats it, I can use just that photo for him to say its real or repro and what it is Navy of course but the cylinder isnt right, but the sides, top, bottom pics would be a lot better if anyone might talk to him and ask if he might want it looked at. Im also showing him a COnfederate Navy buckle and a couple of other things. Anyone has a questionable gun or artifact (Cant carry 100 in but can do some) they might want him to look at, no authentication without it in his hands (I had to leave the rifle with him for 4 days), but he knows his stuff and can give some info from photo's.
  14. I cant recall who it was and I had the one photo. I also don't know if it was concluded to be a reproduction, BUT...   I am up here now, first time I could make it in the last 6 or 7 months (I was supposed to bring up the photo or gun). I can have the NPS guy take a look at the photo's. I will be meeting with him tomorrow morning. The reason(s) you may want him to look at it:   Forget the serial numbers, even companies making repro's matched Ser. No's on some guns.   Even if an expert said its a fake, I had ten experts tell me mine was a fake, I now have in my possession p
  15. Update:   I had to take off an come to MD and Pa on some business until Tuesday. Brought the Rifle and took it to the National Park Service Guy for authentication. (Authenticates Civil War relics for the NPS, including everything you see at Gettysburg Museum and his background is in Forensics, plus he personally owns about 30 million dollars in relics).   Upon rudimentary examination today at 1 PM, the rifle appears to be 100% original. He pulled out jewelers lenses and started going over the rifle and I was sort of concerned that he was going to find this and that wrong with it.


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