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  1.   Weird.  Looking at the pictures, they look the same.  You'd have to know the Jeep to recognize the sides I guess.  Mine is a literal box that drops and bolts in.  What is in the Jeep that makes that different/not possible I wonder?
  2.   What?  No it isn't.  It is a fully enclosed box.  I've got one in my Tundra.  Google image one, it'll take you two seconds.   While it may not be Ft. Knox if someone steals my car, for a random parking lot / driveway smash and grab they aren't getting into it.  It is well worth the money for that alone.
  3. No, never.  They're either in the weapon, in a magazine pouch, or in a bag.  Or if I'm feeling really frisky, a RediMod.
  4. Proof positive that it is very easy to separate AR15/gun owners from their money.  Talk about a solution in search of a problem.
  5. The carriers will fit as their size states.  You won't see too much size differentiation due to the having to take standard plate sizes.  What you'll run into is when they're made for certain plate styles - ie swimmer cut, ESAPI cut, shooters cut, and SPEAR cut.  But Large means Large, Medium means medium, etc.   First Spear makes awesome gear and this sale is definitely something to take advantage of if you're needing or wanting something they stock.
  6. They have a thread running on Lightfighter detailing the idea, implementation, operation, and tweaks of the idea.  They've received and handled criticism well and greatly improved upon the first generation.  I'm not a polymer AR lower guy but even I'm considering giving these a try.  They've actively been seeking suggestions and have been very forthright about the whole operation.
  7.   Doesn't the dip thrash aluminum baffles?  I used stainless tumbling for my HA can and it worked pretty well.
  8. Spare bolt Firing pin retainer cam pin gas rings gas key   LPK, with or without a trigger   maybe an extra FH couple of crush washers   buffer springs buffers
  9. Bersaguy,   I don't say this out of spite or meanness but I can't fathom the fragile psyche of a man that is irrevocably damaged and depressed just from some tests and worry.  I get it while they're in limbo waiting on the results but not enough to permanently damage them for the rest of their time on this earth.   There are different reasons that these tests can be shotgunned out...some good, some bad.  Remember that we live in a litigious society, making a diagnosis isn't an exact science (counter intuitive, I know), symptoms and signs often overlap and share similitude, etc, etc, etc.   Bottom line is that if you notice something abnormal (or think you do), you have to rely on tests, judgement, training, and skill to get to the root cause.  Nothing is 100% in medicine.    Not to sound all knowing as I'm sure there are Doctors and Nurses in here that would run circles around me.  I'm just getting started in my BSN so I'm at the point where I know enough to be dangerous.  I hope your friend can adjust and get his personality back to square one.
  10. I have no idea what you're trying to say.  Can you clarify?
  11. LMT lower w/ SSA-E DD upper, MFR rail, S2W 18" barrel Leupy mk4 MR/T 2.5x8 illuminated TMR reticle Using an SF brake right now but planning on a dedicated suppressor when my F4 clears. [URL=http://s261.photobucket.com/user/scb9900/media/DSC00373_zpsc765c29c.jpg.html][/URL]
  12.   It's common in any profession.  Without the slightest shred of evidence or hearsay, you go straight to saying he was committing adultery?  Lame, lame, lame.  That's like saying someone vandalized your car last night....you must be screwing around.
  13.   It's been out quite a while. 


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