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  1.   Weird.  Looking at the pictures, they look the same.  You'd have to know the Jeep to recognize the sides I guess.  Mine is a literal box that drops and bolts in.  What is in the Jeep that makes that different/not possible I wonder?
  2.   What?  No it isn't.  It is a fully enclosed box.  I've got one in my Tundra.  Google image one, it'll take you two seconds.   While it may not be Ft. Knox if someone steals my car, for a random parking lot / driveway smash and grab they aren't getting into it.  It is well worth the money for that alone.
  3. I've got one in my Tundra.  I never want another vehicle without one.  One of the best aftermarket purchases for a vehicle you can make.
  4. Interesting.  I thought unlocked meant unlocked.  Apparently not.  I'm just going to return it.
  5.   Huh.  Seems like the carriers started playing games late last fall and you're right.  I just googled it and found some info.  That SIM card becomes locked to the carriers but if you have a different SIM, you can switch I guess.    Either way, if this doesn't sell in 2 days, I'm just going to return it to the place I bought it from.
  6. You're in luck.  It's unlocked which means you can use it with any carrier...... :up: :wave:
  7. They say running in minimalist footwear toughens your feet... The mutts say buy my stuff to keep them in kibbles and bits :) [URL=http://s261.photobucket.com/user/scb9900/media/Jack%20and%20dogs/IMG_2608_zps8c6a08fc.jpg.html][/URL]
  8. I take USPS MO, PP+4%, or PP gift   Barely used Crimson Trace CMR 201 red laser.  $100    
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