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  1. Have you forgot Bill Clinton's " it depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is"?
  2. Yeah, there could be lots of grammar corrections to be made.
  3. Well, aren't you the grammar teacher I never had. And good morning to you.
  4. The grim realities of us living in a dystopian society is here. GRAMMAR CORRECTION. The grim realities of us living in a dystopian society are here.
  5. Two 4 yr. terms for President, four 2 yr. terms for congressmen, two 6 year terms for senators. No lifetime terms for judges.
  6. "If you like your semi-auto evil black rifles, you won't be able to keep them".
  7. That professor is just testing the political climate to see responses of the people if Obama wants to run again or maybe even create a situation where he would postpone elections in 2016. I wouldn't be one bit surprised if the people start clamorIng for him to run again. Hard to imagine what could happen in three years after witnessing the last five years.
  8. Went to Dicks' last week for first in several months to browse around the gun department and I asked about evil black rifles and the associate said that they don't carry the modern sports rifle any longer. Left the store when I heard that BS answer. Dick's has them trained to be politically correct. They've lost lots of my money since the panic.
  9. This why the 2014 and 2016 elections are so important b/c if the people vote for the democrats again, and they did so again in 2012 then our Constitutional Republic will come to an end. Heck we've still got three more years of Obama to fear with his executive fiats. People voting with common sense and being informed may never happen again in this country. With all the crap that's happened the last five years, there is no apparent urgency from the people or the opposition party (Repubs) in being vocal enough or rallying together to make change happen. The strong arm legislation of Obamacare alo
  10. Was lucky and got two cans around 10:30 this morning. All sold out.
  11. The American people were totally stupid to fall for the "Hope and Change" mantra when his "Fundandametally Transformation of America" only meant to change America into an Amerika communist utopia. Who in their right mind could fall for this communist mantra from a relatively unknown politician from Chicago with a Muslim name when America had been fighting Muslim terrorists. Only people with their head in the sand could fall for this communist BS. Now some of these semi comatose people are waking up to the foul odor emanating from the WH, and seeing sticker $ shock from their stupidity and the
  12. CNN got its name a long time ago- Communist News Network .
  13. Prayers sent and hope everything works out well.
  14. Congrats, you'll really enjoy the Tavor. What optic are you planning to use?
  15. The people of NY voted for those commie politicians who want their guns. Voting has consequences. No revolt from the NY people and before too long other states will be affected b/c people have their head in the sand.


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