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  1. I'll take the bait. For the marksmanship component of the score, do I understand correctly that we're scored by how long it takes to fully neutralize all targets? (Sorry to get in the weeds, but want to ascertain whether there's a penalty for using more rounds than minimally necessary.) Excited to come enjoy a great match this weekend.
  2. Missing my buddy SPC Anthony Owens tonight. KIA in February 1, 2006 in OIF. Sometimes things hit you when you least expect it. It is not free, gentlemen.
  3. As a guy who has had a couple bad days, I'd suggest any "bad day" kit should focus on stuff for a long walk. 1 - for feet: Comfortable shoes, several pair of socks, moleskin, duct tape, foot powder, extra shoelaces. 2 - hydration: containers w/ at least 3 quarts of water, filter or iodine for more. 3 - clothing: season-appropriate outfit for long walk outdoors, hat, sunblock, and bug spray. 4 - medicine: stuff to treat pain, diarrhea, fatigue, and itching, also a minimal first aid kit and chap stick. 5 - general: TP. Flashlight. Radio. Rope or cord. Multi tool. Map of your area. Compass. Protractor. Money. Some food. An inexpensive general issue assault pack or backpack will normally hold this stuff.
  4. The more you value things outside your control, the less control you have. - Epictetus
  5. Can't speak to Eotech specifically, but in Iraq and Kuwait I had an M68 optic on my rifle. Temps up to 120 pretty regularly, maybe a little higher. Never had a problem.
  6. Primarily seeking input from parents and grandparents that have taught kids/grandkids to shoot, but others are welcome to chime in. At what age did you begin training a child with live fire? What weapon? How did you make it fun while teaching marksmanship and safety skills? What challenges did you face? When did you give the child a first firearm to own/maintain? Etc. Please discuss.
  7. I sincerely hope that guy contacts the Firearms Policy Coalition - and that they get involved in the litigation.
  8. I may give the jerk chicken chips a try, but they'll never beat Golden Flake Sweet Heat potato chips. If the store ever stops carrying those Sweet Heat chips, I might have to head down to the crossroad and cut a deal, Robert Johnson style.
  9. Whether to carry insurance (like this or of any kind generally) is a decision driven by risk analysis. Here, presumably the two primary risk concerns are attorney fees and a money judgment against the individual in the context of a tort claim. There are some other steps that can probably reduce risk in these areas, relating, for example, to how you own real property, etc. Buying a policy is fine, but consider talking with your attorney before you decide that's the end of the analysis.
  10. I'd point you to Rob Leahy at Simply Rugged. Not in TN, but I've bought from them and was impressed with the holster. Pretty sure he'll make anything you want.
  11. Agreed on both counts. Our politics, the lack of an income tax, and reasonable cost of living already make TN attractive. And the TN Dept. of Economic and Community Development does a good job with incentives, etc. for these companies.
  12. By the way, Nemo, I dig the Jason Dea West tune. Reminds me of John Denver in a good way and Brandi Carlisle, too. I tend to lean a little farther toward the highlonesome sound, so I'll see your "Mountain Air" and raise you some "bitter brew." I suggest headphones, volume up, and KY bourbon or TN shine in hand. (Bear with the ambient noise - worth it.)
  13. @ Nemo - Blackjack County Chain was cool - thanks for posting. If you like that sound, check out Colter Wall and his songs "Kate McCannon" and "The Devil Wears a Suit and Tie." I'll put them on here in the next couple days. OK - couldn't resist - here's Kate McCannon:
  14. Enough for what? Purpose matters, and circumstances do too. Trip to the grocery store in the 'burbs? Yeah, probably enough. But when it's time to demo the deck behind your house, you reach for the crowbar and 10 lbs. sledge - not the framing hammer.
  15. If you have the Colt you asked about and are just worried about it going out of time, that's not a problem. You can visually check the timing and lockup on a revolver. If you're just interested in buying a lightweight. 38 Spl for hiking, I'd take Fujimo's advice and look at other manufacturers.
  16. I believe that while high or low shots generally are the result of uncontrolled breathing, shots to one side or the other of target are normally related to trigger pull technique.
  17. @ Chucktshoes - Very cool setup. I used to listen to music mostly on my commute to/from work. These days I'm home almost all the time and use a cheap set of cordless MPOW headphones that Bluetooth to my phone. Since my phone is on the house wifi I don't have to worry about data usage, etc. Anybody ever listen to Dave Gross? His genre of music is officially known as "5:00 on Friday Music."
  18. Sometimes I need a song telling me to get off my ass and do what needs to be done. Been listening to this one a bit lately.
  19. @ Hozzie - Thanks for the info you offered. I completely missed your explanation (which was clearer and more concise than my poor attempt) until after I posted. Well said.
  20. @Grayfox54 - I honestly don't know. In Tennessee, if a grand jury indicts a defendant on a higher offense (like aggravated assault), the jury has the power to convict the defendant on that offense or a "lesser included offense" such as simple assault. Likewise, in Tennessee, I believe if a defendant is indicted by a grand jury and then convicted by a jury on two charges arising from the same facts, and the lesser charge involves the same elements as the higher charge, then the lesser charge "merges" with the other - meaning that the defendant doesn't actually receive a separate sentence for both offenses, just the higher offense. Without knowing anything about Minnesota law, my guess is that the three convictions in this case will "merge" at sentencing and that the defendant will only be sentenced for the highest convicted offense. (Maybe the jury convicted on all three because the judge didn't explain merger of offenses to them; hard to say.) Hopefully we have a criminal defense lawyer on TGO who can chime in and say whether my amateur take on it is accurate, shed more light, etc.
  21. Agreed. It's not a good day when a high government official starts telling you which civil liberties you need and which ones you don't. I suppose according to President Biden's logic a ten-round mag rule would only last until some criminal uses that equipment to shoot 10 people. At that point Biden will determine it is "just wrong" for me to own those too and will say a 5-round mag rule is our only salvation...
  22. No_0ne nailed it. Freedom of contract is a real thing. Many landlords have enough business sense to be more interested in a tenant's credit score rather than his Shied or J frame. But tenants have a role too - they should insist on the terms they want or vote with their feet.
  23. I agree with E4 No More. Consider what it would mean if you put an additional $7k per year into your retirement investments. If you're in your 20s or 30s, that could make a big difference by the time you retire. Also, consider that working from home is itself like a raise, since it renders unnecessary many other expenses you would otherwise have to pay (gas, wear and tear on your car, dry cleaning bill, eating out, etc.). Finally, remember that working from home requires a place in your home to do the work (i.e., can you give up a room?) but also means you get to spend coffee breaks doing stuff like reading to your kids, etc.


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