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  1. BlessTheUSA

    Best cleaning tools?

    Hi, what's everyone's take on the best cleaning tools? I was looking at Dewey rods and screw on brushes. Not familiar with many systems though. Thanks!
  2. BlessTheUSA

    Good Farm/Family Dog

    Check out Sequoyah Shepherds in Soddy Daisy, TN. Top notch.
  3. BlessTheUSA

    L.C. King Manufacturing Co. of Bristol

    Their stuff looks really nice. Where are you seeing a lifetime warranty? I haven't located that, and even on high end apparel, that seems surprising on clothing.
  4. BlessTheUSA

    Best sight pusher (at reasonable price)

    Thanks gang! Looks like there qre multiple versions of the MGW at a wide range of prices. I'll do some research and likely end up with an MGW.
  5. BlessTheUSA


    I didn't read the whole thread, but I'm a big fan of Elzetta, manufactured in Kentucky, USA. Check out some of the videos online showing how to repeatedly drive nails into a 2 by 4 with the flashlight, or the one where the light is dropped from 300' onto concrete and works fine. Elzetta also has some great videos on their YouTube channel explaining the differences and flashlights on the market and "what the other guys won't tell you." I will caveat to say that their lights are very expensive others, but having had a number of Chinese lights fail, once i doscovered Elzetta, I made the switch and slowly am purchasing a few of their lights.
  6. BlessTheUSA

    Best sight pusher (at reasonable price)

    Hi, whats the best sight pusher in the <$100 range? Looking at a couple and it seems the general rules about build quality and fit/finish apply. Wondered if there's one that's considered the go-to. Thanks!
  7. BlessTheUSA

    Mount light to suppressor?

    Whg does it matter if integral or not? Is it that some non-integral suppressors have gotten stuck on and no way to remove with the hand guard in one piece?
  8. BlessTheUSA

    Mount light to suppressor?

    Thats a great point. Thank you! So i suppose the shadow is a necessary evil.
  9. BlessTheUSA

    Mount light to suppressor?

    I dont see much online pertaining to light mounts for suppressors. What gives? Are suppressors not rigid enough to hold a light and still remain coaxial with the barrel? The assummed problem with mounting a light with a flood lens behind the suppressor is the suppressor will create something like a 135 degree (guesstimating) blind spot (no light) opposite the side on which the light is mounted.
  10. BlessTheUSA

    Need some help from the Video guys..

    One thought on the TVs, could you display 4 lanes per TV simultaneously to reduce the number of displays needed? Could also make it easier to watch several adjacent bays when guys are shooting together.
  11. BlessTheUSA

    It happened in 1977

    "Summary of star wars movie launch."
  12. BlessTheUSA

    It happened in 1977

    Can you please not use click bait titles? Thanks!
  13. BlessTheUSA

    Electronic ear muffs

    What are the best (within reason) electronic earmuffs? Considerations would be: - Ability to block bad noise - Ability to clearly and loudly hear voices, etc. - Durability (will they last) - Cost Thanks!
  14. BlessTheUSA

    300 Blackout - is this a good purchase?

    Is it a good price? Claims to be half off due to cosmetic blems. Is it really or is that a marketing trick? That listing shows out of stock now but they have another that looks almost the same.
  15. Posting here only since 300 AAC is primarily a rifle caliber, to get more input. I'd like to build a 300 Blackout pistol. I'm not too familiar with the options, quality, and prices. For those who are, does this look like a good buy? Looking for something in the 9" barrel range, threaded for a suppressor for hearing protection, and good quality to ensure reliability. Willing to spend a bit more if it means higher reliability. Thanks! https://palmettostatearmory.com/blem-psa-8-5-300aac-blackout-1-8-phosphate-9-lightweight-m-lok-moe-sob-pistol-kit-5165449005.html?trk_msg=45J6V548SD2K32586GB68IMOLK&amp;trk_contact=VGCKJMMPK23UM5RIO9V2F4RBGC&amp;trk_sid=06U6267O9QNEAM1NTL1H6CG9K4&amp;utm_source=Listrak&amp;utm_medium=email&amp;utm_term=https%3a%2f%2fpalmettostatearmory.com%2fblem-psa-8-5-300aac-blackout-1-8-phosphate-9-lightweight-m-lok-moe-sob-pistol-kit-5165449005.html&amp;utm_campaign=Daily+Deal+Email&amp;utm_content=5%3a00+pm+email

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