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  1. Middle TN Area or Jackson TN - Wanted - Small Rifle Primers Please PM Thanks
  2. Nevermind. Don't want to get sucked into debate. Mod - please delete, thanks
  3. Super great data! Have you seen data on the % of population being tested and the positive test rate over time? Given the number of daily deaths is basically flat for months, though positive test results are spiking, it's possible the spike is simply due to a higher rate of testing. Easier access to tests, people catching other "normal winter-month bugs" so heading in for tests, etc. I suppose it could also be the result of young people (less-likely to die from covid) getting back to their normal lives? If that were the case, AND given we're not seeing any apparent uptick in t
  4. Is all of this "registering", testing and results, etc done with the gov? So you can go in their database? Just curious. What happened to going to a private doctor and taking a test not administered by gov?
  5. This and all the similar headlines are nonsense. It's perfectly fine and also reasonable to hold an opinion about a virus, as well as how it's being used for political gain, and also be one of the 0.001% that succumb to it. It' akin to people having the right to drive without a seat belt. The constitution would overrule any federal seat belt requirement. Get 100 million people to exercise that freedom -- all the while knowing the risks -- and a very small percent will die as a result. I can't tell if people that write these headlines are naive and don't understand reality, or
  6. SecureIt brand modular safes
  7. While they may not be great for transport, you can stash some extra water if you have plastic storage tubs. Empty out the Christmas decorations or old clothes out of the way for the time being.
  8. If she's a flight attendant, wouldn't her employer have guidance on what to do in this situation?
  9. You may not be as conservative on this as you think. While I agree a responsible person will aim to understand the things you described, there is a huge difference in a responsible person making themselves educated and the state putting you through a mandated course of curriculum, a tax, and a selection criteria before you can exercise your consitutional rights. If clearly enumerated rights are subject to the 3 things above, what about all other rights, enumerated, implied, or simply by divine consent? When is the next course on what I can freely express under my first amendment rights?
  10. Is this actually happening? I haven't seen anything but these 2 posts about it


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