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  1. MSC and Zoro are also both good about telling you on the site if something is or isn't USA made. I'm not sure how to filter on zoro, but they do list the country of origin. MSC actually has COO as one of the "filters" on the left side, so if you don't see "made in USA" as a filter, nothing in the list of products is American made.
  2. So does this mean everyone can happily stop claiming the prices are gouging? At what point does that happen?
  3. If it's something that won't take a lot of force to break loose or slide out, you might find a creative solution that gets you up and running... for example, a small-diameter brad nail with the point ground flat. Won't take a lot of abuse, but holding a nail or something similar with needle-nose pliers may get you in where you need to be to push something out.
  4. And beyond that, how much of TN's population (95%?) is within a reasonable driving distance of a Kroger? Kroger will bring your groceries to your car for free as long as you order $35 worth, and I presume for some fee if under $35. Other stores have similar services as well. As for the small % that live far away from stores with such services... might they explore neighbors, etc.? Again we fall back to individual's rights, individuals' responsibilities, and the ability of individuals to help each other out. Mandating that we destroy our country by shutting everything down
  5. Yep, it's pretty simple. You chose to go out or not. If you want the government to force others to close their businesses to ensure your safety, you are not only naïve but a communist and tyrant. If I'm afraid of catching something at Bob's Barber shop, guess where I don't go. However, I don't ask my Supreme Leaders to shut Bob down and ruin his livelihood. I just don't go there. The decisions here are pretty simple. You either value freedom or oppression. It's literally that simple. What style of hair clippers you buy to do your haircut at home may require more thought tha
  6. Mayhew, Wilde, and Starrett all make punches in the USA. They all should make 1/16. Not sure if they make smaller. Depending on what you need, perhaps something like a piece of Music Wire (check hobby shops, etc.) could work? No matter what, wear eye protection! Edit to add: McMaster-Carr may be a great reference to see what all is out there in terms of variety and styles. Searching "punch" on their site pulls up a lot of options for different tasks.
  7. Yes, if only we had a leader that stayed in a basement for 6 months. So much better than a leader who championed letting people practice individual liberties and live their lives. It's a shame so many people think that instituting even more communism would be a better route.
  8. It's very sad. Makes me wonder what hospitals were doing the last 10 to 11 months, all the while predicting that at some point they'd be overrun. Didn't China build two 1,000 bed hospitals in about 10 days each? (edit to add: I realize even if the hospitals wanted to build temporary expansions, the EPA and thousand other government bodies would stand in the way. But at the same time, I haven't heard about hospitals trying to set up temporary structures, maybe I've just missed it?)
  9. Bill Lee appears to have caved, with some sort of "mandate" to not gather in public in groups larger than 10. However, it excludes homes and churches. What large gatherings larger than 10 occur in December outside of a home or church? I am, still trying to wrap my head around how such a proclamation does not clearly violate the words in bold? Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Gov
  10. Under whose "authority" would Tennesseans be subject to lock down? Seems reasonably clear that Bill Lee is not going to cave to draconian measures again, unless something significant changes his mind. The first time around, though it was a mistake, we knew much less about the virus and it was largely "a first." If the areas that are already under draconian measures (NY, CA, etc.) are seeing similar transmission rates and deaths as the areas that aren't (TN, FL, etc.), why would anyone with any sense of reason propose a forced "lock down"? Those individuals who - according to th
  11. Yes. With normal good hygiene and all that.
  12. Not intended that way. Just felt this starting to go in circles. Responses are certainly fine - but was not actively soliciting one. Apologies for that being phrased in a way that could indeed have meant what you said.
  13. I don't know the retailer that was mentioned above, but I'd bet they are more than likely a nice person / people, who would help someone in need similar to the way others might. But it's important to remember that they are running a business, not a charity, and that is a GOOD thing. Small except from Atlas Shrugged (trilogy) based on the book.


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