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  1. Had a buddy point me to this. I apologize, thank you for bringing it to my attention. I don't get to visit the site as much as I use to. I'll go correct the website. GoDaddy migrated our email few months ago and the old info@ is no longer routing. Dropped the landline as well just have my cell. michael@lawenforcementsalestn.com will reach me if you still need help. For those who I haven't seen in a while, I hope you all have been doing well. thx!
  2. Thank you Bill, pleasure to meet you as well. I appreciate you took the time to drive up and see me!
  3. Since moving the shop to OS several years ago, I've been keeping pretty steady hours of 8:30A-5:00P M-F I've been doing quite a bit of machining/labor jobs for other FFL/SOTs across the country but I still do general smithing as I always have. I do still ask folks to text me before they make the drive so I can confirm I'll be around. (803) 517-5448 is my cell. And of course email is welcomed as well Thanks guys
  4. Hey Bill, sorry sent ya an email. I dropped this and I apologize for that. Bad at reading stuff at night on my phone with intentions of coming in next morning and responding. Trust me, annoys the wife too ;o) Comcast has my phone all jacked up so I'm not getting any voice messages. Still here, in Oliver Springs now but as Bryan said I haven't been able to browse the site like I use to but happy to help you all if I can. Miss you guys! Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!
  5. Sorry kids getting back to school and traveling last few weeks. I'll be back at things next week if you want to drop it off. I'm normally there 8:30-5 daily. Happy to help Thx! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Sorry, hadn't been on in a while .. I truly appreciate anyone and everyone looking out for me, God knows I can use all the help I can get ;o) .. no offense taken I feel it was delivered with positive intentions of concern. As for my Posse, as always, I appreciate the kind words and your confidence in my abilities. Stay safe guys!
  7. Refleks thank you so much for filming this for us. Kris and I would like to get you to the shoots you can attend with us as staff if you're interested in doing this for us. We can work out some payment or happy to let ya burn through some free ammo on the guns if you'd like. Great compilation buddy! Thank you again! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Hey guys, we're bringing all our toys for you to shoot... if you can make it come out out.... expecting this will be our biggest shoot yet. We'll have our minigun and new M2 Ma Deuce and 30-40 other machine guns. Bring the family and spend a day with us shooting all kinds of fully automatic firearms at our Memorial Day Machine Gun Shoot. Join Law Enforcement Sales, DTV Tactical Innovations, Midsouth Shooters, Mission 22, Beltfed Brothers, and American Made Tactical for a family friendly day of fun. $15 gets you in the door and the only thing you'll have to purchase is th
  9. I have an impact so don't sweat that ... come to think about it I believe I bought it for those dang KSGs ;o) .. not too much in the gun world requires impact power - ha .. Just come on when you're ready buddy .. ping me and let me know and we'll be sure I can knock the lower out while you wait. Thanks!
  10. I got one I made you can borrow.. it's two pieces .. just pm me your mailing info .. best to remove with impact wrench or you can crack the plastic very easily .. Had a couple DOE guys mess theirs up pretty quick but coming straight in with impact reverse comes off like butter. They do not need to be reinstalled that tight worse overkill I've seen in a while.
  11. If getting cards done on non ATF supplied cards you'll need to overstamp/sticker/write the following in the ORI field. This tells the FBI where to send the prints back to once they've done the background. Will save a few weeks or more in them floating around trying to get back. Where ever you get them done should have cards, they prefer the FD-258 (blue on white background).. I've seen them take others and also seen them reject others just FYI... WVATF0800 ATF-NFA BRANCH MARTINSBURG, WV You also need to complete a few items on the prints cards.. enter you SSN, Sex, Race, Hgt, W


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