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  1. dummies in nashville get rid of criminal penalty on no gun signs would cut that number way down. AND get rid of gun free zones
  2. he and his little top bunch have been anti gun since day one. they have kept bills from reaching him so he looks good and doesnt have to sign or veto
  3. one always loses when one compromises with what one already has.
  4. so sorry for your loss. lost mine 20+ years ago. couple of beers and reading something like this still brings a tear to my eyes. havent had a pet since.
  5. i would suggest buying bigger and better than you think you will need as budget allows. 40 years in business and learned that just to get by didnt always work. quite a few times a job would have been easier if i had bought just a little bigger or better
  6. i know i dont really count but she rates less than 0 for this old man
  7. like this old man has said all his life buy bigger and better than you think you will need as long as one can afford it
  8. my wifes prints were denied 3 times before they would accept them when they were done on bonney-oaks drive several years ago
  9. walmart in soddy-daisy had a shelf full of 22 solid nose different brands of hollow point this morning a i went by. dont need any so didnt buy.
  10. ALWAYS buy bigger and better than you think you need. push your budget to the limit. been down that road for over 50 years cant count the times i ran into something and said wish i had gone just a little bigger or better.
  11. this old man would really like to have a box or two of short hollow points havent seen any in YEARS
  12. dont know until it shows up. bought a mossburg 410 pump for christmas just because i have never owned a 410. honestly not looking for anything at this time.
  13. remove criminal penalty would be more benefit than anything those yo-yos in nashville will probably do everything they seem to do now is just feel good legislature
  14. i will miss her BUT IT WILL BE A GOOD MISS
  15. dont want to be the only one to complain but looks like i will. it sure is slower than it was. hopefully it will be corrected shortly


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