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  1. round dumping, what a laugh. I just point and pull the trigger til no bullets are left. FEELS GOOD!
  2. when a person breaks their neck does not make them paralyzed from the neck down always. there is para and quad. para is 2 limbs quad is 4 limbs. Robert has had an incomplete injury to his spine. He did have trouble with his upper body but he worked very hard to regain some use of it. The lower part of the body is the problem but he has been working very hard to trick out his wheel chair so he can start shooting again. please before you comment on some one having broken their neck find out how bad next time. I am his wife and I saw it happen and I will not let any one beat him down.
  3. Well excuse me. I was just having a little fun. Sorry I stepped on your toes.
  4. I love night matches. maybe next year i can drag Robert up there to do one.
  5. Do like I do, if it calss for 100 take 200. I had rather have it and not need it then need it and not have it.
  6. I know most of those who have shot with us in the past knows of Roberts injury. He has been measured for his wheel chair and it will be motorized. He will however have to use a lift and hospital bed when he gets home. This looks to happen in about 3 weeks. His motor skils with his hands and arms have improved greatly. They are still working on his trunk strenght so he can sit up on his own with out falling over with out support. His goal is to be able to do some shooting next year. He lights up big time when visitors of the shooting world come to visit him and start talking about guns. He uses a manual wheel chair at the rehab center and can roll it all the way from one end of the hall to the other. He is very determined. I am so glad. Women, do not take your man for granted. When he is gone for so long, you do miss him. Robert is the other half of me and I miss him not being home with me. Thanks to all for your support.
  7. as a cdp novice, what time does the yard sale start? a few years ago I shot as a novice and we shot with the super squad. KC and the others were loud and a lot of fun They were a great bunch to be with.
  8. thank you all for the well wishs. still have not had time to re-do the pictures.
  9. If you will give me a little time to replace the photos I will be more than happy to show you. At the moment the R of RWF is in the trauma unit at Vanderbilt hospital in Nashville. he has been there a week now. he had a freak accident and broke his neck and damaged his spinal cord. at the moment he is paralized from the waist down. They are trying to convince me it may be perminant but I am not going to let it.

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