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  1. +1 on Fenix lights. I have two a 1AA thwisty and a 2AA tactical. The 1AA twisty on my keychain has ridden in my pocket for the last 8 years. It's scratched up and not pretty anymore, but lights up all the time. I have beaten them both up and they have never failed.
  2. Saw this today at SMKW. Pretty good prices with a rebate on ammo. https://www.smkw.com/ammunition/federal-black-pack-bucks-ammo-rebate?trk_msg=ICT4OFJIFQT453I85RO0C5IQKS&trk_contact=F3PM0H4QNPU1FKG4HJB683NLF8&trk_sid=1GRRS5AJPQAMA9SI8OC43FUKJK&utm_source=Listrak&utm_medium=Email&utm_term=Get+up+to+%24100+back+on+Federal+Black+Pack+Ammo&utm_campaign=20181116_Federal-Ammo-Rebate-Email&utm_content=20181116_Federal-Ammo-Rebate-Email
  3. I get what the OP is saying. I work with a guy who is an MC biker. He rides with TKOP Riders (Those Kind Of People). He looks like a biker and rides with like people. He is one of the nicest, funniest guys you would ever want to know. He would do anything to help you out. His club does multiple charity functions a year raising lots of money for people in need. Knowing him certainly changed the way I thought about bikers.
  4. ONLY! ONLY! If the team comes in as a totally private funded project. Not one tax dollar used for it's institution or infrastructure. If it is on government property such as the fairgrounds, the land use must still be available for other interests (State Fair, Flea Market, etc.) and pay reasonably for the use under a revocable lease if terms are not met to the letter. I am not a soccer fan, but don't begrudge those that are, but it's time for government to stop funding private interests.
  5. A model weekend for gun control's leading city. Seventy one shot with 12 killed. Mayor Rahm has gun control hitting on all cylinders (if you are a gang member). Not so much if you are a law abiding citizen. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2018/08/06/chicago-violence-leaves-71-shot-11-dead-weekend/914141002/
  6. I have read Cahill, a terrific outdoor writer. I am an old guy and grew up reading Field & Stream, Outdoor Life and Sports Afield. I used to work at the printing company here in Nashville that printed Field & Stream and got to read it before it hit the streets. I miss those days. Worked 2nd & 3rd shifts, so days was hunting, fishing and shooting.
  7. I too subscribe to Backwoodsman. It is right there with Fur Fish Game. Amen on the fake real estate flip shows. My wife watches them also. I asked her if she had a half million budget for a home, would she look for a crappy run down house to fix up or build a new home tailored to her specs. I would choose the latter.
  8. Is it just me, or does it just seem that most outdoor magazines have become nothing but glorified sales catalogs? There is no informative content, only gear reviews and why I have to buy this product or just don't bother going outside. I realize advertising is their lifeblood, but what happened to all the great outdoor writers, telling the adventures they experienced. Did they all die with no one to carry on the legacy? The only magazine I buy now is Fur-Fish-Game, who still provide knowledge to experience outdoor skills.
  9. First gun - Marlin Model 10 (I think) 22 LR single shot Age 10 (now 64) First Centerfire - British Enfield .303 (wish I still had it) First Handgun - Ruger Single 6 (still got it) First Semiauto - Ruger Mark II (still got it)
  10. Saw this on Fox News this morning. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/03/25/gun-maker-remington-files-for-bankruptcy.html
  11. I won't see them. I'm done with Kroger. Too many other options.
  12. Just saw a report that Kroger will stop selling magazines that cover tactical style firearms. I guess this is their way of protecting the snowflakes. It will also make more room for magazines promoting their Hollywood heroes and Marijuana growing. Guess I'll spend my time shopping at Publix and Aldi from now on.
  13. I would much rather have a dog in the store than some of these wild a** kids people bring with them. I have seen multiple times people turn their kids loose when they enter the store with absolutely no supervision. The worst is the ones who jump on the handicap carts and proceed to race around the aisles. I want to just snatch their butts off the cart and duct tape 'em to a pole. But that would be child abuse.
  14. I always tip my barber. Small businessman who took over the 30 year old shop from his dad, close to home and charges a reasonable price. He even offered to come to my Dad's home to cut his hair when he was bedridden in his last days. A good guy and hope he stays in the neighborhood for a long time to come.

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