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  1. Can anyone tell me what 4 lbs of Unique powder is selling for?  Thanks.
  2. I also use the desert blend lizard litter.  I mix it with corn cob media at roughly 30/70 LL/corncob media.  For really dirty brass I also add about a shot glass of mineral spirtis spread evenly across the top.  This is in a Frankford Arsenal vibratory tumbler.  This combo works well for me.
  3. I'm in the market for a DW 1911 but I can't find one locally. Anybody know of a dealer that actually stocks these guns? I suppose I'm impatient but i would much prefer to not have to order...
  4. Still available? Would you trade for ammo? 45, 357, 38, 9mm I can meet at coal creek after work around 4:30 - 5 most week days.
  5. The Shriner show was pretty empty Sunday morning...not many vendors, not many attendees and not many guns. Does the Maryville show draw any decent private collections? I'm really looking for older S&W's...crowds don't bother me but turquoise jewelry and $5 knives gets old quick.
  6. Thanks Mike! I think I'm going to go. Got the okay from the lady and i haven't been to a show in a while.
  7. Did anyone go today? Any good? Trying to decide if I need to carve out a coupla hours tomorrow and go...
  8. Anybody know anything about this show...been to it before? Thanks.
  9. I have two "secret" ingredients I use to enhance my basic chili recipe. The first is cumin and cinnamon...gives the flavor a "holiday" feel and vaugely reminds me of my grandmother's pumpkin pie. This needs to be subtle...a little bit of cumin and cinnamon in chili goes a long way. The second is a Hershey chocolate bar. Just toss it in when you're 10 minutes away from removing from the heat. Don't tell anyone what you've done and see if they can figure it out. I use one or the other...or neither depending on my mood. My favorite venison recipe is back strap medallions butterflied and stuffed with cream cheese, vidalia onions and thin slices of fresh jalapeno. I slice the jalapeno lengthwise and remove the seeds. I butterfly the medallions, smear on a healthy blob of cream cheese and then add a couple of strips of jalapeno and a couple of strips of the raw sweet onion. I secure the stuffed medallions with a wrap of bacon and toothpicks and then drizzle with worchestershire and olive oil. On the grill at high heat until the meat is pink. It's worth repeating that venison is lean and will dry out if over cooked. My wife is picky about anything "exotic" and she really likes the venison I prepare. It's important to remove as much fat and as much silver skin as possible if you prefer milder less "gamey" flavors. Venison is healthy and can be a real treat if handled properly.
  10. Well...cripes. I was told the show would be in early August. I can't make it the weekend of the 27 and 28th. Any idea how long before the next one?
  11. +1 more for the "nice guy" factor with Bill's outpost. I was really impressed with the pricing and blown away by how friendly their crew is...
  12. Boone and Cricket... Great thread fellas. The carpenter bees are as bad as I have ever seen this year. Thinking I'll work up a load with a 357 case and a bit of unique. Putting some rice in the coffee blender for a second or two sounds like the way to go.
  13. I went to the show this afternoon and purchased a case of these...thanks for the heads up! As you probably know after opening the box they are marked "non plated" "not for resale" "OEM" etc etc. Are these any different than off the shelf CCI primers? thanks.
  14. Based on absolutely zero experience in reloading .45 acp (and entirely on my reading with the intention of starting to reload .45 acp) you might need to adjust the overall length. You didn't say what type of gun (or at least I didn't see it if you did). I'm going to assume 1911? I know they can be picky about OAL. There is a really good writeup about reliability here 1911 Reliability Secrets . Clearly this is an ammo issue and not a gun problem. However, understanding how and where the cartridges can stick might help you understand how to adjust the length to feed properly. Of course, if you don't have a 1911...then sorry for the assumption.

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