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  1. Maybe their push for jobs will be successful. Working a job is the best way to get someone off the streets. Probably what they will be offering is some green government job, but that's better than spending money on lawyers and prisons. I just hope they have enough jobs left for citizens after letting all the illegal immigrants in.
  2. Obviously the deaths of white men and women are not significant since they were the only group of victims not noted... even though they were the largest death toll in recent shootings. So firearm stability and accuracy makes the public unsafe?.. uh.. ok. Maybe they will spend all of our money chasing ghosts and not have enough left to persecute thoughtcriminals.
  3. So she would never own a gun, but she would be willing to use one if she could manage to get it away from an attacker? Classic leftist logic.
  4. The power search is a nice feature, but you have the same problem as on craigslist searching for a car. Sellers don't put in the information on the item, so all you are doing is eliminating lots of ads that likely have what you want. Most sellers don't even give an effective description or title either. I don't know what the deal is on there. Looks like if you were going to pay to be able to list stuff you would make it easier to find it.
  5. I'm trying to decide what optic to put on my m4 for 3 gun. What will be your intended use of the 3X and 5X Spitfires?
  6. I tried a couple from the app store, and the Make Ready app works great! Similar to the one I tried years ago though the only problem is you can't hear the beep with hearing protection on. Seems like the iphone would have a loud enough beep.
  7. Hi all, I searched but didn't find any posts from the last five years or so... Can anyone suggest an iphone app shot timer app that works well? Thanks
  8. I've been buying Pointer Brand jeans and overalls for years - made in Bristol, TN. But now apparently denim is a designer trend, and they've gotten too proud of their stuff. Carpenter pants went from less than $50 last time I bought em to $115 now! Ridiculous!
  9. I'm meeting Mike Bell and will ask him to do the same if he hasn't already. Bradley County has already passed the sanctuary resolution.
  10. The rotary liquid case cleaners seem to be the way to go now. They're cheap and do a great job. And you'll need calipers to measure cartridge overall length. Just about any reloading kit will work with press, powder measure, scale. Most presses probably have enough stroke to do 30-06, but some will not do longer stuff like 300 win mag. A powder trickler is a plus, and so is a hand priming tool. Loading blocks are helpful, but you can also use the Redding die cases.
  11. Loading pistol ammo on a single stage press is a labor of love. It takes a lot of time to produce enough to shoot in a few minutes.
  12. You don't really need the expensive dies. Just get the Redding two die sets for $40 or so for rifle.
  13. I just bought a cheap handheld HAM radio, and I am going to start learning to use it. I will be able to listen until I get my license. My uncle nearby says he can hit the repeaters on Lookout and Signal mountains with his from East Ridge, so that will be the first thing I will try after getting it programmed. There are networks of amateur radio operators everywhere and a big club in my town. From what I hear, the repeaters have generator backups too.
  14. I want to buy a couple thousand or so 5.56 NATO brass with LC headstamp - new or once fired. I am finding it randomly for around 10 cents each, so I would expect to pay that. I can meet in Chattanooga, Ooltewah, or Cleveland. Thanks, Greg


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