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  1. Hello Caster, After I saw your post, I thought of your situation and then what could I do to help anyone who is willing to help themselves. When martial law is instituted, who do we turn to ? When the groceries dry up because of a riot or everyone is paniced.. who do we turn to ? No one. I have a recent post at http://www.tngunowners.com/forums/survival-skills/53832-fallout-resource-available.html#post692565 that I would like to offer an invitation. Take Care and God Bless, MidTNShooter
  2. In response to "Caster's" original post [ http://www.tngunowners.com/forums/survival-skills/53001-groups-middle-tn.html ] Are there any groups formed for survival. Since many of us have prior military and day-to-day knowledge of staying safe. I am not offering a group to conform with, but when the line in the sand has been crossed and you and your family need a sanctuary, maybe I can help. I live north of Nashville in the country side with many, many acres to survive on. I am offering my area for those who are willing to help themselves and those who assist others in the group. I have met
  3. Sorry to miss-lead you, but please follow this link to another room in this forum. Administrators....please forgive me. MidTNShooter http://www.tngunowners.com/forums/newsworthy-reports/20325-terrorist-training-camps-us.html#post264936
  4. This morning on GMA they featured Nancy Pablowmee and all of her "off the wall" replies to underhand softball pitches. I ignored all she had to say, but when Robin Roberts referred to the recent killings, Nancy did have the only thing I ever heard her say about anything partially correct. Robin started off the segment about the one D.A. who went on a shooting spree and blamed it on the government taking away our guns. She said--- Here is where she got it right (I will never say that about her again). She said that a deranged guy like that is able to say something as crazy as he did and shou
  5. Sorry about the late reply, but the statistics were heard on the tv many years ago. But still, the results still ended poorly. MTS
  6. Yes Sir !!! Count Me In ! MTS PM me. We can organize
  7. Count Me In X2 plus my CCW canoe friends. I only request that Friday night is for the guys to grill the ribs, steaks, fish for the women. I only want them to gather around the fire to talk about why we don't do give them this attention at home. PM me for arrangements. Great thread ! MTS.
  8. Yes, I have. Let me tell you all about my guardian Angel that watches over me. The national statistics say that one out of four citizens will be held up some time in their lives. My first time, I was at Jefferson Davis Park, while still living in Memphis, watching a sold out concert on Mud Island. There was about five to six of us sitting on a prk bench listening to the music and the guy came up to each of us asking for a rolling paper. We each told him to go away that we didn't get high. He left and came back with about ten guys (the story used to involve twenty guys when I was younger) weil
  9. Exactly. Any recommended dealers or ones to stay away from?
  10. Low recoil, light in weight, but I have found two dozen dealers for barrels, etc. A good starting point would be my first desire. Just like the previous poster, barrel length and desired twist. SO many questions. Thanks, MTS
  11. Iam new to building up the competition AR15. I have broken down and field strip my issued weapon in the dark. After the incident, I found out that I could do more pushups than I wanted to do in one night because my nocturnal skills.......suck. I just purchased a new lower receiver and want to stear my new build up rifle for three gun competition. Can anyone give me some help? Jeff Wale........... Are you there? Please help, MTS
  12. I know, Just kidding. My two favorite teams are the Vols and anyone who plays The Razorbacks. ) See Ya, MTS
  13. That is too cool. I have one question, about the movie. Did you see the look on the cat's face when he started talking? I think they might have been leading into some additional fun. That is after you have sparked all you matches, poped all the kids ballons and fried the wife's new bathroom wall paper. Here kitty........ MTS
  14. Man, who turned on the hose ?!! The rain tagging my bald head sounds like rain on a old tin roof (ping,ping). I hear we might get a little ice/snow this weekend?


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