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  1. I don’t own any G5 Glocks so I’m not certain, but it looks like the RSA is in backwards.
  2. My bank has a sign on the door requiring that hats and sunglasses be removed, they’ve asked me to remove my hat several times. I’ve wondered what they’re going to do when they open their lobby and people come waltzing in looking like that.
  3. If all of your questions were answered, you would quit watching.
  4. You might tough that out, but your wife is going to use it once then tell you to figure out how to warm it up.
  5. Save that for Yankees and Floridians. Cleveland (The Holy City) is a very nice place, we’ve thought about moving there ourselves. As peejman said, Blount County is a great place filled with good people. We drive 40 minutes From Oak Ridge to go to church in Maryville. edit to add: MossHammer, you really feel GA will go blue in coming years?
  6. This will never happen, the City of Oak Ridge will find some way to screw it up.
  7. What ruffled some feathers was when Obama ordered a drone strike on a U.S. citizen.
  8. I just assume they always are.
  9. If you want to get technical about it...
  10. You should have stopped right there.
  11. Checking on them is fine, what the first officer did, I have no issue with. The second officer making them go in the store, I have an issue with that.
  12. Using that as a guideline, the adult female was in “physical control” of the vehicle and should have been left alone.
  13. I got mine in a box of Cracker Jacks.
  14. Even if I’m not in physical control of the car?
  15. What if you’re in the passenger seat?
  16. I child died in a parked car North Knox County this week, happens far to often. That being said, if there is a person in the vehicle that is obviously an adult, the officer needs to move on. My wife is often in the truck with the kids while I run in the store, if this happened to us I would be visiting the police station after dropping off the family and groceries.
  17. I stumbled into this a few years ago shooting IDPA and USPSA. For me it was purely that my eyes couldn’t keep up with my hands yet I was still getting good hits on targets, if I took the time to bring something into focus... I’d be there all day. Most people don’t realize how good they can shoot without even using the sights. With that being said, it needs to be close range and with a pistol they have shot a LOT. I’m gonna steal a line from bersa.... jmho
  18. Now we’ll start seeing the “Everybody better go fill up your tanks and every can you have” posts which will only add to the problem.
  19. A long overdue update on this, I ordered the Ulticlip XL, while it is a very well made product, it’s doesn’t work well for me. I carry OWB at 5 O’clock and it’s a real pain reaching these clips to open and close them. So I’m back to needing some kydex bent, I may just have to do it myself.
  20. Your early morning is their late night!
  21. As much as we joke about earthquakes hitting California and it sliding off into the Pacific, I would be happy if they never suffered another one. Every time there’s an earthquake in California someone decides to move East. I don’t want them to move East, I want them to stay right where they are.


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