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  1. I got a buddy has some tables hes unloading some merch for me....I am gladly giving him commission to avoid that brain drain. I've never heard as much stupidity as you do listening to all the rambling conspiracies at a gun show. Not to mention Covid be rampant. That being said I hope my friend gets top dollar on my treasures.
  2. GLWS love my Dan Wesson CBOB...even after 10 years still my favorite 1911 ...the bobtail makes a world of difference and the Dan Wesson's build quality is just incredible....much better than 1911's i've handled that were $1000 more.
  3. RKguns has em again Heckler & Koch SP5 9MM 81000477 : RK Guns
  4. Love that look...Corded Arms in Sevierville can do that same pattern they do it on Glocks all the time. I actually went the old school route and got the Hogue Rubber Grip Sleeve for my p365...made a world of difference...helps with the already soft recoil too...I think i paid $19 on amazon. Makes drawing from a holster a lot better too. Amazon.com : Hogue Hunting Grip, Sleeve, Sig Sauer P365, Black, Multi, One Size (18700) : Sports & Outdoors
  5. I have a 7.5" KS47 and she has no problem ringing steel at 200yds....the 7.62x39 is finally being made in subsonic too...always wondered why they didnt do that to begin with instead of coming out with the 300blk....
  6. I liked my MSAR quite a bit once the trigger was modded but this thing looks like the FAMAS and the keltec RFB had a dumpster baby. I think the TAVOR is a better choice if you just have to have a bullpup.
  7. I second ORSA...really excellent range(s) and very well taken care of. They have a centerfire range that you can reset from the bench so no one has to go through the whole cold range thing. Gun shops: Bill's Outpost Maryville/Alcoa Gunny's in Maryville (has a smaller indoor range downstairs) Rural King Maryville/Alcoa Buds Gunshop in Sevierville Smoky Mountain Guns and Ammo inside the knifeworks also in Sevierville (next to Buds) JFloyds in Sevierville (havent been in a long time) Welcome to TN!
  8. Thanks for posting the links....I had missed the discussion of FN's revival....to me its the best of the 3 if I wanted an older hi power(which i have 2) with all the joys and irritances i'd just buy another old one. It appears they have thoroughly modernized everything that needed to be adjusted. I like how they say "robust 40oz" pistol....a nice way of saying this f*cker is heavy as sh*t.
  9. Oh you know just gets old when you see all these people die of preventable sh*t. I sell cars...got a lot of repeat customers I like but ya know pisses me off that all this misinformation causes them to not get a free vaccine and then like I said...seen one of em die, several get horribly sick...end up in ER, etc. I mean this is not conjecture this is all first hand. Currently out of the 6 people I know with Omicron the 2 that were vaccinated didnt have much more than a mild cold while the other 4 either ended up in the Hospital or are on day 10+....my omicron went away in 4 days. I guess im just getting to the point where if someone dies now and they aren't vaccinated I just get angry. Angry at the stupid misinformation letting this pattern continue. We have seen multiple anti-vax celebrities die since the vaccines were made widely available. Had several prominent QAnon'ers and even a big time televangelist die in last couple months...."i'd rather die then get this vaccine"...and they sure did. But anyways back to the loaf...I said what I said...if he was anti-mandate but vaxxed then its a tragedy...if he was anti vax its just plain stupidity considering his bad health and hard living. Funny we don't see people fighting about the polio or small pox vaccine...guess I should be happy the ignorance hasn't got that far.....yet....
  10. Another Anti-Vaxxer down....hate this happened to him big fan of his music...but it is what it is. and before ya'll come with the pitchforks current customer count with covid is 2 mild symptoms (vaxxed) 2 in ER (unvaxxed) 2 on day 12 with bad symptoms (unvaxxed)....ages 30-40's none over 50. Had 1 die from Covid late last year but she was anti vax and pretty overweight.
  11. why are these bringing so much over msrp...H&K announce they were being discontinued or something?
  12. I don't know if they do that kind of work but I have heard nothing but positive things about Shultz Precision Rifles in Seymour TN. 423-736-8031
  13. ....and thats how we turn a gun thread into a car thread....
  14. Your absolutely right...all vehicles have gotten so much bigger...compare a late 90's/early 2000's Honda CRV, Toyota Rav4, Nissan Sentra, etc to whats made today....some look like they have doubled in size. The 70's are back...but with fuel efficiency lol.
  15. Aren’t those Miami Vice style kits called the “Jackass” ? Ive got one but it’s for a 1911.
  16. Actually the T100 was renamed the Tundra…both are insane reliable. People also called Toyota crazy when they started Lexus to compete with Mercedes…called Musk crazy when he said Tesla would sell a million cars (sold over 900,000 this last quarter)…etc…I don’t think that saturation is a real thing…however I do agree this thing is a bit underwhelming from a solid brand like Savage.
  17. Didn’t know this thing existed…ain’t gonna lie kinda interested…could join the family 3rd times a charm.
  18. Off topic dude shot himself in the ankle at the gas station near my house last month..my cop buddy calls and says got an ankle injury caused by a 22 and I told him guarantee it’s an NAA revolver …he called me laughing his a$$ off and sent me a pic of it. The lack of trigger guard isn’t for the careless
  19. I would say the vaccination definitely helped. Except for a stuffy nose i'm 100% back to normal already (obviously still quarantining for others safety).
  20. Haha I remember all those varieties of caps and might have also had the capgun David pictured but my favorite gun of all time was this beauty....350 caps per minute (rarely ran that long without jamming)...I think i got it after seeing Terminator 2....she straight ATE batteries.
  21. Haha yeah they havent gotten darker but I know what you speak of...definitely not as white as when they first left my hands!
  22. You mean the Gold one right? Not that ugly Royal Blued one with the Esmeralda Grips
  23. So if your like me and your vaccinated .... Good news! Got some chills, body aches, and a little congestion....otherwise...feel pretty decent (no temperature...not much cough). I got my 2nd dose End of April so about 8 months ago. (phizer) Cancelled our romantic dinner plans but hey silver lining now we are getting Crab Legs for dinner (delivered). Not how I wanted to ring in the New Year but honestly since Covid started I've beaten 3 tests...was bound to happen eventually. Felt pretty rough Wednesday evening...felt really achy Thursday Morning....this morning not nearly as bad went to the walk in clinic and after a 90 minute wait they had me tested and confirmed. Now in hindsight I wish I would have worn my mask out and about more during the Christmas holidays since cancelling dinner and avoiding our 7 month old sucks. Also there is the whole no going out of the house for the next 5 days (if symptom free for 24hrs...otherwise longer the DR told me) Thankful its so mild though! Wish you all a healthy happy New Year!


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