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  1. Now that russian imports are getting the ban hammer again this be a great alternative.
  2. August Bump current price is $31 per oz for a total of $1395 shipping is extra...prices are fluctuating but if you follow the market Silver should see a decent run soon....still sold as a lot only (unless 2 members wanted to split it) Not on here a lot with the business and the baby but i do read my PM's when i get on. All replied to as of this post.
  3. One of the best clones was actually made by Troy ...if you can find it they are better quality and closer to that perfect level of nostalgia than even the Brownells.
  4. I have a dvr backed up constant security camera setup and also a ring doorbell and cam...had I to do it over again...i would go all ring...they have battery and corded options and you cant beat their complete year of monitoring for only $100 (no contract)....Costco runs deals on their equipment several times a year which also purchasing from costco gives you that costco lifetime guarantee. Go Ring and dont look back.
  5. At the worst this was a mass shooting prevented...at the least the idiot needs to practice better firearms storage and safety not to mention be on top of local gun laws. Rare case where I think the cleaning person did the right thing and he deserves whatever the courts decide.
  6. if youve given up on the private party search RKguns.com has a good deal on them and you can have it delivered to the local Rural King for $12
  7. Just a heads up this is available until I mark SOLD.....if im slow to respond to a PM its cause we got a new addition to the family thats kept me very busy.
  8. Love the Silver Pumping....this Silver is still for sale (as a complete lot).
  9. I keep my extra diesel in glass bottles with a gasoline soaked wick btw Silver Still Availalble....she was up $$ earlier today...trending to the positive price will rise with the market btw.
  10. unlike those idiots that waited at the pumps in lines 10 deep or more I actually stay topped off so I was able to avoid all that silliness. I still don't understand why people choose to live their life so unprepared when it costs less and is much less stressful to just stay very slightly prepared.
  11. Replied...looking to sell it all as a package deal at the moment so still available!
  12. Dave I had a PS90 unless your planning on SBR'n it I think you might find yourself disappointed. You also might want to take a look at Keltec's new P50...it seems like a an easier PCC solution.
  13. If you thought the 38 was crazy you completely overlooked the Standard CCI 22lr they were selling for $0.40 a round . Gun owners at large on the left and right are their own worst enemy. It appears no one bought the last 10 years things have been dirt cheap and now it’s conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory in gun forums like this one driving typically sane people to justify spending exorbitant prices for ammo instead of just sitting and waiting for prices to come back down as they always have. Practice your dry fire, take up a different hobby, go dust off the red Ryder or that old paintball gun you used to love but for the love of money please stop buying right now..until us as a gun community stops paying these crack head prices we won’t see any relief.
  14. bite the bullet and put this beauty on Gunbroker...this forum rarely moves high end shotguns just fyi....we cheap bastards
  15. That’s the best PDW on the market imho. I’m glad it’s already spoken for my pregnant wife would kill me for buying this but I have wanted one for like a year lol. Congrats to the lucky buyer.
  16. Prices subject to change just FYI don’t pull this up months or years from now and expect me to honor the same price on a commodity
  17. Buy the lot and I’ll throw in a bonus 1963 Franklin Half Dollar
  18. Here’s your inflation hedge we got a 10oz shaped as a 50, a 10oz bullion (englehard), 10 1oz Englehard coins, 10 uncirculated 2010/2011 walking liberty silver dollars, 5 provident 1 oz silver bullets. Total weight is almost 50oz priced weight is 45oz would prefer to sell all of it at $32oz (eBay is running 33 plus shipping) ...$1,440 can meet in East TN or mail at cost plus insurance.
  19. I did some research and it appears its worth about $700 when you wanna meet up?
  20. Ad looks good! Keep in mind you might want to offer shipping if you have a box it would fit in. IN STATE ONLY (TN RESIDENT TO TN RESIDENT) is just $40 with insurance depending on your box size and completely legal through your local post office since its a rifle and NOT a pistol...I would recommend you require seeing a valid TN ID via text or email with matching delivery address just to cover yourself.


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