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  1. Great deal with 4 mags, light, 2 barrels, and all the other extras...shocked this isn't gone yet
  2. I think palmetto has been blowing these out...fwiw.
  3. If I was the seller I would definitely proceed here with caution...YMMV
  4. bad placement...i suggest putting in description you'll have more success.
  5. they have some 4th of July weekend deals on them FWIW
  6. this deal is dumb....dumb cheap...ya'll sleeping on this..if i lived closer i'd get it.
  7. haha a good lesson in always setting a stop...that was so 2021 btw ;-D the best investment right here right now is still Ibonds 9.2% for at least 6 months.
  8. ENERGY STOCKS...thats it....everything else right now is just overthinking it. That being said I wouldn't buy anything til we see the rate hike tomorrow and the markets reaction. No need to be a hero.
  9. Good I Bonds quick video of why you want to buy them before the end of this month (if you dont though still not the end of the world)
  10. I-Bonds as mentioned early are really where the safe money is at...at least for the next 6 months (you only have to keep them for 1 year) If you buy them now since they adjust with inflation every 6 months you'll get an approx interest return of 8.5 % for 1 year...a helluva a good risk free deal. If you pull your money out before 3 years the penalty is only 3 months of interest (so 35 months would pay you 32 months of interest plus your original investment). Anyone not jumping on these now is extremely foolish. There are some great videos on YouTube that break down why your best best is to go ahead and buy now before the May increase.
  11. Trailing stops are important and often so overlooked by most investors. Of course when that stop does inevitably hit you need to have a plan. That being said so far this year has been pretty darn bad for my personal picks. I have been almost exclusively using SwingTrader by IBD that past 2 months...right now they are beating the market not by a lot but not losing money...which is better than I can say for me...as of RHRN they are up 2.48% while the S&P 500 is down -7.82%
  12. Great for lefties as it ejects downwards! I have a 37 featherweight "home defense" and they are SUPER light! GLWS!
  13. Hey this is current military issue in the Donbas to the poor idiot separatist....the ammo included made this is a solid deal...looks to be in great shape too!
  14. 2nd Dibs if for some reason deal falls through! Been wanting another bullpup.
  15. Lmao...just checked this thread out after the "FOR SALE" post. Wow...it amazes me how some people make it so far in life dealing out insults "jokes" left and right but as soon as the tables turned they cry foul...what a baby.
  16. Now keep in mind the price is in New Zealand dollars but their website is safe to order from and it does auto convert to dollars which is quite a bit less. Now granted these have jumped quite a bit since I bought one but still way less than the $800 (599 back order) Benelli wants. Telescopic Stock & Pistol Grip - Sulun TAC-12 - Delta Mike Ltd
  17. Sounds like me fielding calls for my Triumph TR6 I recently sold for $16,500 after multiple people told me it was only worth $12,000. Love the Norincos GLWS!
  18. So i got the Charles Daly and found a Norwegian company that made the M1014 clone stocks (adjustable) and shes pretty...but I still haven't shot her lol. Here's a killer deal currently from Classic on Panzer version. Panzer Arms M4 Tactical Shotgun 18.5" Barrel 12GA 3" 5rd Piston Driven (classicfirearms.com) ($449?!??!?!)
  19. Knowing nothing about powder or reloading....might an overage of weight not be a hazard for the homeowner and or suburbia? or is not made in a way that might be a danger? (i.e. house fire)
  20. In most of our defense we bought this commie crap before Putin turned full Heel. I guess if we really wanted to vote with our wallet we would quit buying Chinese anything too but unless they attack Taiwan I guess I'll keep on going to Wal-Mart.


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