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  1. If you don't need sports, Philo is something to take a look at. I use News On to watch local news for free.
  2. We have a low tier ~30Mbps internet connection and have no issues streaming to two devices at once. Philo is the streaming service we went with, I think we have the $20 / 50+ channel plan. Since we don't watch sports, it works great for us using a roku. The only thing lacking is CBS for my wife's murder porn addiction, so we also subscribe to CBS live or whatever it is. We're saving ~$130/month by getting rid of cable.
  3. POE cameras (or wifi, but I prefer poe) connected to a desktop running blue iris. Blue Iris has a built in local web client that you can use to view cameras on anything with a web browser; smart tv, roku, phone, etc.
  4. If you have a comcast router, make sure it isn't broadcasting a public Comcast wifi or she can just connect to that. You have to ask comcast to turn that off if you do. I installed a Swann system at my inlaws, running cable and power to the cameras was a pain and I don't like the interface. At my house I have turret, dome, and box POE cameras. I know you don't want to cobble things together, but I would go POE again every time. There are POE NVRs, I however use a cheap Dell desktop and POE network switches. For recording I use Blue Iris, one time purchase to use with up to 64 cameras. The app isn't great, but notifies you if you set it up that way, unfortunately it is another $10 charge. So the $$$ adds up quickly With BI I can open any computer in my home, or my smart tv, and look at my cameras. While out I use the app. I started with the VPN route, but I changing all the passwords on the cameras, blocking them from the internet directly, and not recording my bathroom is worth the possible risk. Attached is a shot from the BI web browser interface, clicking on a desktop shortcut pops it up. LTS cameras are rebranded Hikvision, Uniview are rebranded Dahua (I think). I like my low hanging dome at my front door, but if you are hanging them high enough I would get turrets since there is less IR bleed. The IR attracts bugs, you will get plenty of false alerts any route you go, circular bullets are worse for this since the lens is surround by the LEDS.
  5. I'm sure you've done some research, but here is an alternative. Cheap dell desktop from dell outlet. Blue Iris recording software, phone app is extra purchase though POE network switch CAT5 ran to turret cameras such as LTS or Dahua from Wrightwood Surveillance I have 3/4 of the outside of my house wired this way with 5 cameras, and I have no complaints. Higher initial cost, but I don't pay an annual cost. ipcamtalk has a lot of info, some guys sniff their own self-important flatulence, but good info. https://ipvm.com/calculator is also a good source for "pretesting" cameras.
  6. Wasn't this why all the political junk was corralled into "the hive" some time ago, a section that you had to actually go to instead of popping up in the feed automatically?
  7. I have 5 or so people blocked, sometimes you just get tired of seeing the same crap from the same person over and over again. I've heard their opinion and they make it known like a broken record, so I don't miss anything by blocking them.
  8. Door jamb info plate is great to use as a guide if everything is stock, other than age of the car's components and passenger weight it should be "good enough".  I do the chalk test for my truck due to loading and non-stock tires to get the ideal pressure for even wear.
  9. Cheesecake factory is already posted right? Maybe he was slyly, and unwisely (obviously) trying to unholster so he could get some overpriced food.
  10. Y'all need to start using an ad blocker like ublobk origin on chrome.
  11. One cause I've heard, not that frequently mind you, is that it's an "normal" issue with the exhaust manifold bend radius iirc. Second, and main one if you here it on the drivers side is the vacuum solenoid valve chattering. Chris on tacoma world did a cheap o ring fix and it works for some people. My tacoma ticks in the winter (and have since I got it 70k miles ago) even with expensive oil and premium or 100% gas, just turn up the radio :-D
  12. Dude is a piece of trash with a camera and deserves a boot up his rear. Hopefully this was staged.
  13. The AR-15s they had on them in the SUV were a DPMS and a M&P according to the chief of police last night. The handguns were a llama and a M&P I think.
  14. Who in their right mind would give out their SSN? You're like a hound on a scent with this, and it is starting to seem a bit creepy / stalker like to me.
  15. http://www.npr.org/2015/10/28/451146230/missed-treatment-soldiers-with-mental-health-issues-dismissed-for-misconduct   This might shed a little light on some issues going on.
  16. My mother was in jail for 3 or 4 years in my teenage life, and my father has been in jail for the last 20 or so.  My mother was in jail for numerous things, but she was in a minimum security facility and our visitations was in a cafeteria setting surrounded by other inmates and their visiting family.  Hell, they even had a family day where we had decent free roam of the place.  If your daughter wants to see her mother, my advice is to let her; nothing bad can come out of seeing her mother in jail as long as she understands the why, but if you try to keep your daughter from her they'll both grow to resent you I fear.   Any twat waffle who thinks they know what is best for you and your family should learn to mind their own business, life isn't black and white and shit happens. 
  17. Well, I see now that I'm never getting my 700ft driveway paved...
  18. http://www.brobible.com/sports/article/ut-fan-caught-on-camera-squeezing-gf/ Best move of the game?
  19. http://news.yahoo.com/u-navy-recruiter-shoots-himself-leg-georgia-215310697.html When I went through bootcamp we shoot less than 5 rounds of 9mm. Extensively trained is one thing, a blanket armed forces thing is another.
  20. I'm not always the biggest fan of the police (good ones vs. bad ones etc) but I do respect how tough their job can be.  So thank you to the good ones who do this job and put your lives out their on a daily basis.  Thanks to body cameras, even though the guy pulled a "replica" these videos show just how quickly things can turn and how the officers didn't have time to decide to use non-lethal because it was a fake.  Same incident, different view points with a synced version linked at the bottom.   https://youtu.be/kSiqfM2GR4E   https://youtu.be/0V9AOsWQzpc   Side-by-side / synced version of both.   https://youtu.be/eXfUBZptZ9Q   http://www.policeone.com/officer-shootings/articles/8637066-Video-Texas-cops-fatally-shoot-man-who-pulled-replica
  21. I think a few of us here could easily be members.   https://youtu.be/bU64GI0Aj3A
  22. Punisher, as in will have the skull logo on it?
  23. Thanks for all the input guys, I live on the side of a hill in the middle of no where and I didn't really think of the window vs skylight thing; the extra security and more usable space sounds nice, I'll have to look into and running electricity to a bit more.  I might be pushing the dimensions already, but I've yet to do a rough layout outside yet.   Another question, pressure treated lumber is needed I take it, but is that and the condition all I need to be concerned about when buying the lumber?  I'm no where near ready to do this, but I'm getting my ducks in a row.
  24. Hey guys and gals, I currently am in the early stages of designing my wood / storage shed I want to build this year and would like to pick your brain about a few things. I am looking for input from people who have or had a shed and wanted things changed. The main purpose of this is for firewood and yard / garden tools. The left side will most likely be 4' off the ground, would 4x4 posts sunk in concrete be ok or should I go with 6x6s? Thoughts, critiques, and recommendations are welcome; below is the crude sketchup drawing of what I've got so far. 2x8 floor base with 3/4" flooring main shed is standard 2x4 16" on-center framed that will have some sort of siding enclosing it open wood storage portion is using 4x4s to support the roof gable 2x4 roof 24" oc, 6/12 pitch with over hangs No power (yet) so one, maybe two windows.

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