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  1. Some of my fondest memories were Bob and Margaret Hice and their deer hunts videos. About as exciting as watching paint dry, andnot quite as action packed. Those stands are super comfortable. My dad has one of the originals.
  2. Sweet! What's with the handle, and the apparent empty screw holes?
  3. Verizon WWAN device here. (Rural Area, Drunken-Sloth-Speed V.2) Here's how we measure our download speeds:
  4. Well...a thought. I sat there and watched all 5:09 of that video. Indeed, I waited for him to cut his finger off, for a naked girl to walk by the screen behind him, or at least for the stove behind him to catch on fire. Instead, I learned the proper six steps in the technique of pull-stroke dicing of onions. Whatever. There better be a nekkit chick next time.
  5. Wait a minute...we need to slow down, and discuss this more in depth over a dutch pot of deer chili. Now...who's up for THAT?
  6. Swhackers are even available at most Walmarts What you need is the... Slow motion at the 3:25 mark. The Turkey Guillotine...
  7. Let's keep this thread on the topic of swhacker broadbeads, Hank Parker's speech impediment, and whether or not WD-40 has any clue what's going on here. Thank you
  8. Not directly with a personal family member, but 75-80% of my patients have moderate to profound dementia. If he's going to an ALF in Franklin, there's a good chance that someone from my practice sees patients there. Please feel free to PM me some contact info and I'll be happy to talk to you at any point.
  9. Or a mouthful of marbles... As for kinetic energy, I'm doing a 32" draw length, 63 lb draw weight, 340 gr arrows and 100gr heads. That should be enough KE.
  10. Wow. Powerful insight, my friend. I'd like to hear more in February. In Atlanta. (inside hint...Mac knows what I mean)
  11. Dude, I'm not sure that you can take a step in your house without tripping over a cool gun of some sort. Are you kidding me? That's cooooool.
  12. I'm very humbled, and happy, to know that I'm within arm's reach here of so many heroes so directly involved in this tragedy. In your posts, I read preparedness, willingness, and resolve. Not once have I read or even perceived regret, apprehension or fear. MacGyver on the ground literally, QuietDan, buck1032 and others directly deployed. You guys are fearless heroes, and a fine representation of what remains still 'so right' about this country and why she is so worth defending. I'm just really humbled by your insight and bravery.


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