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  1. When is this? I would love to have apicture with Darly Dixon! I will put it right next to the one I have of Lee Ermey.
  2. With my Damn bad ears I could not hear the conversation in the woods between Daryl and Merle. But Daryl seemed to put Merel in his place and I think he can controll him. At least for now.
  3. Where did you find the drawings? Can you send me a copy of them or a link to where I can download them please?
  4. It has been way to long since I looked at a tabular firing table for me to remember the velocity of those rounds. I do remember that different rounds travel at different speeds. Some of the heavier rounds may well be subsonic. 1995 was a long time ago.
  5. You can scream RESONSIBILITY to the four cornes all you want Robert but you are still advocating making people pay to exercise their right to self defense! If they have to pay to do it  how can you claim it is not linked to their ability to pay? You are the one wanting them to pay. Talk about missing the point. The antis will set the price not the gun owners.That is their mandate that oy should have the insurance. Please try to stay focused here.They will set the price and they will make it high enough to disenfranchise as many gun owners as possible. You an go along with them if you like. I will stand against them. If you cannot see the logic in opposing this encroachment then there is nothing else I can say to you that will help.
  6. Sorry guys thats not a tank. It is a self propelled howitser. It fires a 155mm shel and can shoot a lot further than a tank. We used them in Mike battery in the gulf.
  7. "Should the government (meaning those of us who pay taxes) be forced to provide a handgun to every "poor" person so their "basic right to self-defense" isn't being denied???"   You are realy drinking the antis kool aid on this one. Absolutism arguments Realy?   You are trying to link a persons god given rights to their financial wherewithall. Not only that but you are wanting the gun grabbers to set the leve of wealth required to exercise those rights.If you think you need insurance then fine buy all you want. But where do you or anyone else get off dictating to the rest of the gun owners what they should do?    There are people who have a gun that haven't got an extra four or five hundred dollars a year to pay the government . there are some deciding on weather or not to pay for their meds or buy groceries this week. We cannot allow the gun banners this foothold to deny those ,who need that level of protection the most, their rights because they can't afford them!
  8.  free men { Who can afford all the mandated  fees and taxes}have a right to go armed is what you are saying Robert. If your poor or elderly or on a fixed income  well I guess you don't think they should have the basic right of self defense.   By the way how much is enough. 1,2 ,25  50 million just how much insurance can a bunch of liberal gun grabbers think is enough? One of the other posters suggested a tax on ammo.Why not a 1000% tax on it that would cover it wouldn't it ? After all there is an epidemic of gun violence these days.   You folks are advocating letting the antis decide how much you should pay to exercise your basic god given right to be safe in your person and you home.
  9. The endorsement thing will never work. Here's why. You get your license renewed. The next day you commit a felony and get caught. You get a suspended sentence but still have a felony conviction but you also still have the endorsement on your DL. As a convicted felon you cant legally purchase but the endorsement allows it. They want an up to date check not something a year or two old. I like the idea of an HCP being your endorsement but this is just to easily shot down. I like the individually accessible check system with a simple Go/No GO reply. They don't know what you bought  and have no way of knowing . A simple hand written receipt would cover the seller legally.
  10.   Yes This is a great idea and I strongly support it. Why not go one step further and eliminate the gun shop owners by making said data base check available to everyone? A toll free number or website and you get a simple Go No Go ruling. That way there are no transfer fees. The NICS fees go away and there are no gun records to be kept.       I had an approval put on hold when I had to leave the gun shop and come back later. He ran the approval again despite my having been approved just an hour before. He said they had to because" you could have committed a crime while you were gone.' So I don't think you will get a blanket approval set up. I personally like the HCP being used as a prior approval but again I don't see it happening. .
  11. As a fan of the venerable .303 Brit , I find this heartening. I have always thought this was a tough little gun.
  12. Oh an apology is definitely in order! This fool should be on bended knee apologizing to David for his idiotic behavior. I would be surprised if he is ever allowed back in this forum.
  13. I got my two to day. Thanks David. One on my shooting box and one on my tool box at work! Loving it.
  14. I love the Hienlein quote. I don't know if he originated it but it did appear in Doublestar  and it has the ring of truth to it.
  15. It may not be effective but you have to admit having the white house reply to this would be funny.
  16. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/eliminate-armed-guards-president-vice-president-and-their-families-and-establish-gun-free-zones/6RDGkxLK     we petition the obama administration to: Eliminate armed guards for the President, Vice-President, and their families, and establish Gun Free Zones around them Gun Free Zones are supposed to protect our children, and some politicians wish to strip us of our right to keep and bear arms. Those same politicians and their families are currently under the protection of armed Secret Service agents. If Gun Free Zones are sufficient protection for our children, then Gun Free Zones should be good enough for politicians. Created: Dec 23, 2012   If nothing else the Irony of it should get their attention.
  17. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jollie have both come out as strong supporters of 2nd Amendment and both claim to be gun owners as well.
  18. Jonnin, Buddy, lighten up. The idea, while entertaining, aint ever going to happen. This is just the musings of the wouldn't it be nice type. No business is going to turn down the chance to make a buck. EVER! Unfortunately that includes gun and ammo makers. My whole point is that it would be nice to see the looney libbies begging for guns and ammo.
  19. Let me preface this by saying I know it would never happen. With several gun makers now boycotting some gun shows. I think that gun manufacturers and ammunition suppliers should boycott those states actively seeking to put them out of business. How long would New York , Illinois, or California last if not one single round of ammunition, not one replacement part, or one replacement gun were to be shipped to them? Not for their National Guards, Their police forces, anyone. If gun are so evil and the cause of so much of the crime and grief they have to put up with then we should enforce a total ban on anything firearm related going into them. I would love to see the likes of Cuomo and Emmanuel facing the possibility of losing their armed protection like they want us to. They would cave within a week. Like I said it will never happen but it would be nice to see them try.  
  20.      You are both right. there is one in each of those places and talk of building more in west TN.
  21. The mountains of Idaho? If I had a house in Idaho and a home in hell . I would sell out and go home!   It snows knee deep to a tall giraffe up there.   You folks can have my share.   I DON'T DO COLD!!!!!
  22. " I got a funny feeling he was not a person I'd wanna poke with a stick though. "   Have you ever met a Marine that was? Semper Fi!
  23. I think the NRA might be a little too busy with the national crazieness going on right now to help us much on a state level.


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