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  1. they all fit. Sent from my C811 4G using Tapatalk
  2. I think my Kimber case that my pistol came is is tsa approved. have to check that. i can fit all 3 in the case but need to see if ammo can just be in the luggage not in the pistol case
  3. driving there is not practical. I will be driving a rental box truck back with my son and she will be driving her car with her son
  4. My 10 yr old son is going with me not sure if I can put any in his baggage
  5. Flying into LAX she lives in Los Alamitos. She lives in a nice part of town. Spent a week there last month with no firearms. I'm not too worried about the time there.
  6. Here is the situation. I am flying to California at the end of June to move my girlfriend here to Tennessee. I don't want to make a cross country trip unarmed. Can I fly with my handguns to CA and then carry them once I am in carry friendly states. I have looked at CA's DOJ site to find out what handguns can be sold there and I am planning on bringing my Kimber 1911, Kel tec P3 and my NAA mini revolver. My Para P12 I assume is not legal there due to the 12 rd mags. So do i check my firearms in my baggage and leave them locked in the case until i get into carry friendly states and is it legal to do so?
  7. Just finished AUD for the second time. Just as good as the first time and I didn't have to wait for updates like the first time. The fan fiction in the forums there also has some phenomenal work. Of Stone and Steel is on par with AUD. Plus Okelly's (felllow Tennesseean) fiction in the AUD universe is awesome.
  8. How does this work when you move from state to state? I worked construction before settling in TN. I lived in PA, SC, NC, AR, and ME. When I moved from state to state I brought all my guns with me. Some were private sale and others were bought retail. How would anyone know what state I bought what gun in. There is no federal requirement to FFL transfer between each state when I move so how would they know if I acquired it in a state other than my residential state? These laws are ridiculous. though I have to admit I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to the gun laws of each state when I moved there. I just knew to decline jobs in anti gun states like NY, MA, CT, NJ CA etc.
  9. It will suck when it is done. Now must find more zombie fiction free on the web!
  10. I am also waiting eagerly on the next entries. Check out their fan fiction in the forum there. Now I have three diaries I am waiting for entries for.
  11. Thanks for the literary "crack" there. I am now hooked. I like the writing style and the way the story is developing.
  12. Nah didn't buy it. Already have a Norinco I never shoot and his price was too much for me at 350$.
  13. Last weekend was the 411 yard sale weekend. My family and I looked at a few yard sales and at one was a SKS for sale with some aftermarket stocks etc on it. It had a 30 rd detachable magazine and I picked it up to handle it. The thought went through my head to not check the action as I figured it being for sale and being handled by prospective customers that it would be unloaded. Imagine my surprise when I pulled the bolt back to see brass gleaming in the chamber. I took the magazine out and it was loaded with Hollow points and proceeded to empty the chamber. I told the man at the table that his weapon had been loiaded and he replied "The magazine was loaded but not the chamber" I replied "It was loaded and here is your magazine and bullet that was in the chamber." What IDIOT leaves a loaded gun on a table for people to handle. The moron was even standing in front of the muzzle of the gun. Any child could have reached the trigger and caused a serious incident.
  14. I have posted about this before. My uncle has a LAR Grizzly in .45 Win Mag and he is having a hard time finding ammo for it. I was thinking about reloading him some but don't have the funds to buy 500 pieces of brass from Starline. Does anyone know where I can get around 100 pieces so it would be a little cheaper. Planning on loading them with HS-6 and either 230 grn FMJ or HP. I am using this powder as it is usable for .45 ACP and the bullets are also compatible. Any thoughts or ideas to help me out???

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