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  1. We are in a society that has far too many members hating guns and glorifying alcohol and drugs. Any good police officer will tell you that drugs and alcohol are the cause or catalyst of the bulk of violent crime, yet so many liberal politicians (and some conservative ones) want freer drug laws and stricter gun laws. There is very little support to be found for the 2A and many other basic freedoms in K-12 schools and universities. Therefore, our high school and college graduates already have a bias toward a reduced freedom society, all in effort to create an environment where no one is offended and people can make all the bad decisions they want without the fear of consequence.
  2. I car carried for a while in college since my room-mate said he would break the lease if I brought a gun into our apartment (our apartment allowed guns btw). This meant I had to walk to campus, since it is illegal for student's to even leave a gun in the car. I also always worried about having my car being broken into. Nevertheless I felt better knowing I had access to a gun in case of a crime spree, and I was frequently on the interstate during the weekend.
  3. Tinted sliding doors do a good job of hiding inconspicuous signs. Ober Gatlinburg had a sign like this, and it took me until I was ~ 4 feet away for me to realize it was posted. Nevertheless, I can usually spot any sort of sign that is actually posted. What gets me is places like Rivergate mall where only the food court entrance is posted, leaving other main entrances out. I think we all do our best to avoid posted locations, but since most of us are concealed carriers there usually aren't any complaints in the event we miss an out of place sign :-)
  4. As many of you are likely aware, Wal*Mart started carrying the Federal 100 rd value packs in 9 mm (~ $19.97) and .40 S&W (~ $25.97) several months ago. Since, I have only been able to buy 1 pack of 9 mm, but the .40 had been pretty well stocked. The last visit I made, the .40 S&W had been taken off the list, meaning that they weren't going to be stocking them any more at that location (possibly others). That is quite unfortunate, since the next best deal is about $6/100 rds more expensive. Does anyone else who buys the 100 rd packs know anything about this? Also for those who buy .45 ACP they have now started stocking 100 rd value packs for $25.97. That is by far the best deal I have ever seen on .45, let alone for brass ammo.
  5. Why would you ever want to go to a place so sick that they want to outlaw guns and poke their noses into how much soda your cup can hold. And of course they are going to write the story about the guy who goes around proposing to women he barely knows, meanwhile the overwhelming majority of sound minded gun owners never seem to make the news.
  6. Temperature controlled ammunition usually lasts longer. Other than that, there really is no other concern as far as the ammunition goes.
  7. I am good with the manufacturer and the caliber. No complaints here.
  8. RP would be the dream candidate for gun owners, but I truly have a distaste for his willingness to allow legalization of drugs. Romney will be OK, I believe he can help stabilize the economy and won't be a disaster when it comes to important social issues such as gun control.
  9. Yeah, I called BS on this one too. Probably someone did something stupid/embarrassing and now the story has to be custom designed to fit the real thing. And since everyone believes that guns just go off when you touch or even get near them, this will be a hot news story until the media can dig up something juicier.
  10. Cheap paper gun buster posted behind glass, partly covered by a bunch of other garbage. Went to sell some old DVD's and turned around when I saw the sign. For anyone that is familiar with this area, it's not the kind of place where you would want to leave your pistol in the car.
  11. Not posted officially at any entrances I saw. The code of conduct has rule 6 prohibitting weapons of any kind, firearms, knifes, etc. It may be that management is trying to send a message to the gangbangers that they won't tolerate unlawful carry but at the same time let HCP holders know they don't mind concealed carry. Either way it's an out if something does happen then they can say in court "Well we posted no weapons." Overall, it was a nice experience, people were friendly and it's a far better environment than that found at Rivergate.
  12. All we can hope for is that Obama does something stupid enough to give Romney the lead, in which case we will get a somewhat less liberal president. How did America become the nation that takes pride in electing an extreme liberal but is scared to give a strong conservative such as Santorum a chance?
  13. I applied for a duplicate in mid March and just got it in the mail today. I don't know if the process would be longer or shorter since I already am an HCP holder. Either way I would expect if very soon.
  14. I like Guns and Leather in Greenbrier or NRange in Madison if you don't mind the drive.

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