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  1. I don't know the guy, but I am sending my thoughts to him and his family and wishing for a speedy recovery.
  2.   While this may be the case, you have to understand that a possible student would feel more comfortable going to a class that had some kind of review somewhere. I'm not doubting that it is a good school with lots of credible instructors and students, I'm just saying that as a prospective student, I personally feel more comfortable attending a class with many reviews from different people like the Suarez class than a class that I can't find a single review for online.    Once again, I'm not saying they are a bad school, I'm just saying that personally I would feel more comfortable spending my money on a class that has numerous reviews than one that ONLY relies on word of mouth. Maybe I'm alone in the way I think, but this is how I shop for products, and so far it's worked out very well. But I will keep an eye out for people with experience with PRI. 
  3. I've seen their website but I tried to find some reviews or aar's of their courses and could not find a single one.... It honestly made me a little suspicious at first.
  4. I've seen a lot of videos and read some reviews on the Front Sight class, looks like another good offering but the only thing is that it's across the country. Due to financial and other constraints I need to keep it as close to Nashville as possible, and a four day vacation wouldn't be optimum. But thank you for the info, I'm sure other may be interested in taking the class and might contact you.
  5.         Thank you for all your input. You made a good point about having some time to soak in what you learned and still come in the second day to work on it. I hadn't considered that having a little more time than just 4 or 8 hours would be more helpful to me as a student. 
  6. So prag, do you believe that a multi day class would be worth the extra time and money involved over these shorter 4 or 8 hour classes that are more local? I'm sure the best answer would be to try them all and find out for myself, but that isn't quite possible with the ammunition shortage on shelves and an accompanying monetary shortage in my wallet. 
  7. Yup! I had to edit the first post because I forgot to mention them. They are on the radar for the future. 
  8. I know some of you may be in similar situations, so maybe we can help each other out.    I am at a point in my firearms career where I am beginning to seek out some formal training. I am still rather new to firearms compared to some people here, but I do not think a 100% all - newbies type of course designed for people who have never held, used, or are not familiar with a handgun would be worth my money.    I was thinking about the Level 2 and Level 3 classes from Guns and Leather after reading some good AAR's on TGO, but that was put on hold due to them relocating to the Hendersonville location temporarily. I see they have started the classes up as of March 1 so they are back on the list.    Also, I picked up some pamphlets from Nashville Armory the day they opened about some classes they would be offering, specifically the following ones:    - Defensive Handgun - Defensive Shooting Level 1 and Level 2 - Personal Protection in the Home - Defensive Shotgun ( due to the fact I just bought my first shotgun. )   The only problem is, I can't find any AAR's from people who have taken the classes at Nashville Armory. Have any of you taken them / know anyone who has taken them and can chime in with how good / bad the experience was?   Would this be a good place to start for me? I know Suarez International is holding a Defensive Pistol Skills class in Chattanooga April 27-28, and I would love to take this class but I will have to save up for a class like that and it is definitely something on my radar for the future. Also, I know that Tactical Response holds classes out in Camden, and that remains an option for the future as well. Would it be better to save up for one of these multi day classes or to take the cheaper, 4 -8 hour classes like at Guns and Leather or Nashville Armory?    Thanks for reading, and thanks for all your help.  
  9. Damn, I just started seriously looking for some more training and this sounds like a great course. Hope there will be more in the future! 
  10. I'll think about this, seems like a pretty good idea just to keep the 6 shells in the holder.    I knew to push forward with my off hand and put the butt to my shoulder, I guess I need to pull into my shoulder a little more. Nothing like getting slapped around to get you to learn something!    The Speedfeed stock seems interesting, but I have a Hogue 12" LOP stock on there because I need a much shorter LOP than the Speedfeed or factory Stock gave me. Thanks for the suggestion though.    The way I thought of it, I put the target as far out as I could to see how it patterned. The closer the target would be I feel safe assuming the pattern would be tighter. Unless some magic happens with shot patterns that I don't know about. Haha.    Interesting....time to see if I have any laying around.    Thanks for all the advice and tips everyone! 
  11.   Yeah, I've been trying to think of a way I could make this side saddle hold the shells tighter, but can't think of any way to do so. And I'm worried that a velcro one might not hold the shells tight enough either. Time do to more research I suppose. 
  12. I could run the shells brass up, but practice with inert rounds has shown that it's much faster for me to load from the side saddle with brass down. That's why I like to run the shells brass down. 
  13. Picture story time! Finally got to break in Mon Amie ( Mona for short ) at the range! Took my new girl: To the range: Patterned some Remington and Winchester 00 Buck at around 15 yards, this was the average pattern of both. Very acceptable for me and my usage of the gun as an HD firearm. Five slugs aimed at the A box at 15 yards: Shoulder felt a little beat up, but it was definitely worth it. I loved shooting her and can't wait to do it again! Shot 25 birdshot, 20 buckshot and 10 slugs. Finished the range session with 100 rounds on my Shield. Only side note, the Tac Star side saddle I kept on there to try out, I've heard some people had problems with it and others havent. All the screws stayed in tight thanks to the loctite I used, but the shells did start to slip down some. I'm going to keep an eye on this to see if I will take it off and just run bare or swap to a velcro type side saddle. Not bad for my first time shooting a shotgun!
  14. Rust is something I don't want to see on a brand new gun, so I'll hit it with some rustoleum. Thanks for the help peejman. 
  15. Thanks for the quick replies guys. It's such a small area I was wondering if it would even be worth bothering with.    What would happen if I didn't do anything to it and left it as is? 


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