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  1. Stopped by the Mt. Juliet Academy yesterday. I probably have more ammo in my couch cushions than they have on their shelves, which could still be said even if it was just one loose round.
  2. I am planning to vacation in Southern Florida next week and would like to take a pistola with me, as I'm planning on spending some time solo fishing in the Everglades. I've flown quite a bit, but have never taken a gun with me. In the times that we live in I don't want to make a mistake, so I wanted to review everything befrore hand. IF it matters I will be flying Spirit Airlines. I've reached out to them because I could not find any specific information pertaininhg to checking a firearm on their website. I plan to print out the TSA policy, along with anything Spirit sends me and carrying
  3. My wife, and most of her co-workers, have gotten it and had no serious issues. Several had slight fevers, headaches, body aches, etc. for a day or so afterwards but we're five within a couple of days. The consensus amongst them is that mild symptoms for a couple of days is better than getting covid. One thing that we noticed talking to others that have been vaccinated is an inconsistency about directions of things to do/not to do before receiving the vaccination. Some people that I know were specifically instructed not to take ibuprofen based pain relievers/fever reducers before, or w
  4. I just posted a link to knifekits.com on my wife's Facebook. She says I'm hard to buy for.
  5. If someone else hasn't already done the work it's just not going to be there. That doesn't mean that the information doesn't exist, it just hasn't been entered into the family search database. Example. On my to do list is to find information about a set of GGG grandparents. My GG grandfather immigrated from England to Nashville when he was 15 years old in 1870. He's pretty well documented, but his parents are not. I don't even know their names. I should be able to get information on them by tracking down his immigration paperwork at the Davidson County archives. Here's something
  6. Amazon gives users the option to select a charity and they make a donation everytime you purchase something. Years ago, I chose the NRA. Although, I'm not a big fan of what they have been doing (or not doing) for the past few years, I never changed it. So as far as I know everytime I make an Amazon purchase, a bit of that purchase goes to the NRA. Just kind of sticking it to the man I guess.
  7. I went to drop off a something that I was mailing to a friend today. There is a post office annex close to my house so I went down there to drop it in the box. Well, that post office doesn't have a drop box, go figure.
  8. I've done a lot of genealogical research, I've even been to the Mormon Genealogical Research Library in Salt Lake City Utah. I too have a grandfather who served in WWII and would love to find more information about his service. I use familysearch.org which is hosted by the Mormon Church and is free. There is a lot of good information on there and oftentimes you can get leads on where to find documents or information that you are looking for. A word of caution: anyone can add anything to these records, so use them as a guide and verify information on your own. Unfortunately, a lot of the W
  9. Comes in synthetic Monte Carlo stock and also comes with original stock. Included are 150 rounds of ball ammo and 6 entire rounds of soft point hunting ammo. This is my last remaining Mosin, so I gathered up everything I could find. FTF in Lebanon, TN. Buyer must be Tennessee resident. $600.
  10. If I have something to sell I'm going to sell at market value, or possibly below if I'm just looking to get something out of the way. I don't recall ever selling any ammo, but if I were to sell ammo today I would price it based on it's market value, just like anything else. What I will not do is find ammo in stock, buy it out and sell it at a profit. Though during the last ammo shortage I was known to buy it up and resell to family, friends, and even some TGOers at the price I paid. Anything to keep it out of the scalper's hands.
  11. I'm about 6 miles from the fairgrounds, not worth my time.
  12. Last visited February 1, 2020. Good luck.
  13. I can't speak for to the particular model, but I have a RIA in 9mm that wouldn't feed HP ammo. I suspect it was because the previous owner attempted to polish the feed ramp and messed it up. I contacted RIA and they told me to send it to them. The turn around was pretty quick and the customer service was great. Most importantly, they actually fixed the issue.
  14. 10-Ring


    You would have to do it to understand
  15. 10-Ring


    I just screen shot the message
  16. I have about half a box of of that I picked up at The Reloaders Bench in Mt. Juliet years ago. Actually don't think I have the box anymore, no idea who it was made by. Friend of mine used some of it to euthanize some cripled horses.
  17. Thing is, Apple and Google can remove the app from their stores. You can still go to Parler.com and download the app there.
  18. Amongst other compressors that I have, I carry a 12 volt that plugs into my cigarette lighter, as well as a plug kit. I'd much rather plug it and air it up than change it. Then I proceed to the Discount Tire and have them put a proper patch plug on it.
  19. I may be posting one soon
  20. Yeah, nothing huge, probably a 2 1/2" blade.


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