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  1. Springfield XD40 in a Safariland ALS. But I'm looking into getting a 1911. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. My friend has one and had bad luck with Federal ammo. He then started buying Blazer and had a flawless ~2000 rounds before cleaning it. He just wanted to see how long it could go without cleaning. Yea, it was nasty, but still ran great.
  3. The show seemed only about half the size as it was a few months ago. I'm guessing Christmas has something to do with that. Also, $25 for a P-mag is about $12 too much.. hah
  4. Those are the dates for the gun show in Southaven.
  5. Well, they are around for the price....but once you add in shipping and FFL fee, it goes up to what you'd normally pay at a gun shop. XD Essentials Package 40 cal 3" BLACK - XD9802HC
  6. Thanks. The Light is much better for me.
  7. Will there be an option for a lighter or "default" style theme for the board? I tried to find an option but it either isn't there or I am blind. The new site looks good but I just prefer all of my forums to be dull and plain and light.
  8. You could always weigh the rounds and see if one looks to be about 5gr low. Depending on how you load the powder, maybe you just forgot. On my Lee Pro 1000, the chain broke on my Auto-Disk and a squib load sneaked in. I weighed about a hundred rounds and luckily didn't find any more.
  9. edc

    M&P AR-15 Opinions

    I bought a MOE edition today and shot a couple mags through it. I like it a lot and appears to be great quality. Sure I could have ordered and built one cheaper, but I am lazy and willing to pay the "I want it now price". Plus the flat dark earth looks awesome Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Damnit Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I recently got a "MaxTuck" from WhiteHatHolsters. It's comfortable and has a few cool features such as removable kydex if you want to swap guns and don't want to buy a whole new holster. White Hat Holsters
  12. +1 My XD40 has had nothing but reloads through it.. hah 250 from TN Cartridge Co. and another 400 of my own reloads.
  13. Luckily I bought a can at the gun show also and the people gave me the can opener AND the crate.. hah I feel bad for the guy that comes along and buys the next can and is put in the same situation as you. Are you located near Memphis? You can borrow mine.. hah
  14. I recently bought this rifle at a gun show. It appears to be in excellent shape and shoots great. I'm very happy that I got one. Now I understand why I see so many threads about these guns.

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