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  1. I’m not the subdivision type. First off, I like to be away from people. Secondly, I don’t want a bunch of a-holes from the HOA telling me what I can & can’t do on my own property. Not for me.
  2. Yes, I’m from a rural area. Grew up outside a town of 4,000 people, but about 20 miles from a town of 40,000 people. When we lived in Maryville, TN from 2011 to 2014, we lived about 8 miles from town out off Highway 129 (not far from The Dragon). I love being out in the country, which is why we’re looking at areas a good ways away from Jackson. We are actually looking into buying a house with at least 20 acres (40 preferably). Likely sometime this summer. We have to sell our house here in Missouri first though. I really want some deer hunting land & a good spot to build me a gun ran
  3. Well yes, I know this. Bad wording on my part. I’m not too worried about meth heads. We got plenty of them where I live now. What I meant is an area where I don’t have to worry about my family while I’m out of town on business trips. I’ve been really looking at Chester County, as well has Henderson County.
  4. Hey everyone! Been a long time since I posted on here. I moved from Maryville, TN back to Southeast Missouri a few years ago to be closer to family. Now, I am looking to make another career change so we can move back to Tennessee. The wife & I have decided to move to western Tennessee this time, so we can stay within 2.5 hours of home. We are looking into the Jackson, TN area. However, I do not want to be in the city of Jackson or within 10 miles of it. I want a rural setting in a peaceful area that has no crime. My wife & kid will be home alone sometimes while I travel, so tha
  5. I bought a Marlin 336CS 35 Remington from someone in East Tennessee a year or two ago that had a beautiful lacquer finish on it. The rifle had a Burris Short Mag scope on it, which was already sighted in. I think I met him in the Kingsport or Bristol area, but I can't quite remember. Anyways, I recently sold the rifle to someone & they like the finish's quality so much that he wants a couple of his other rifles done. But it has to be the same person that I got the 35 Remington from. The guy that bought the rifle from me said it's the best lacquer finish he has ever seen. Does this rifle ri
  6. Seabeejason


    You can get Glock 42's here in SE Missouri for $400.00 all day long.  There's also a ton of them on the used market. I saw one for $375 on a local FB gun group page the other day. To me, it's well worth the cash. I love mine and it's even better with night sights.  It's awesome that we have another solid .380 on the market that will sell at the $400 range.  Heck, I like it more than my $650 Sig P238 and that is saying a lot. I carry my Glock 42 in a Foxx Hybrid IWB holster.  Those holsters are GREAT. They are $39.00 SHIPPED and are every bit as good as the more expensive Cr
  7. This dumb bimbo is a retard from the inner city of STL. Unfortunately, there are a lot of idiots up there who keep feeding her votes. We are lucky enough here in Missouri that the votes in the smaller cities still drown out the libturds. They just had an open carry demonstration up in STL the other day. The new Missouri law just passed overrides all city ordinances against open carry. STL's anti-gun mayor is NOT happy, lol. She said the peaceful law abiding demonstrators were trying to turn her city into the "wild west".
  8. Seabeejason


    I shot my new Glock 42 today, along with my newest Sig P238. I honestly expected to be more accurate with my new P238 simply because I have a lot of experience with them.  Oddly enough, I was a lot more accurate with the Glock 42.  I was planning to sell it in favor of keeping my new P238 Desert, but that's not gonna happen now.  It'll probably become my default primary carry pistol. Especially since it's even a couple ounces lighter than the P238. Only thing it's missing is Trijicon night sights and those will be installed next week.   IMO, you can't go wrong with the Gl
  9. I don't know a single person that would tell a stranger, surveyor or otherwise, that they "own guns". These surveys & polls are likely EXTREMELY flawed. You can't tell be that not a single county in Texas or Tennessee made that list.
  10. Thanks guys. I am pushing my résumé up the chain at a large company right now. I saved the contact info of a recruiter who approached me about a job there a couple years ago. They might be looking for someone that can cover the western half of Tennessee. If that's the case, I'll likely get an interview. My friend just got hired by them to cover all of East Tennessee. The pay is great, the benefits are awesome, & there's lots of upward mobility. If hired, I'll likely move to the Kentucky Lake area, or possibly the Jackson, TN area since it's closer to Nashville. We'll see. I do know tha
  11. My wife & I moved back to Missouri last May thinking we would like being back "home" with our family. I got approached by an employer & it looked to be a great opportunity. Taking into account that things with my employer in Tennessee were going downhill very quickly, we decided to pack it up & head back west. We have been here over 3 months & now we are second guessing our decision. Plus, the employer that hired me seems to have fluffed up the compensation potential during my interview process. It's not as good as they said it would be. We love our family, the wide open spaces
  12. I purchased at the Knoxville location.  Mike was extremely helpful and gave me a great deal.  He even sold my old safe for me.  I did not have them deliver, but Mike loaded it into my truck with the help of a forklift. I can't recommend these guys enough.  I am very satisfied.
  13.   No problem Jason.     I am going to drop the price one final time.  Knocking it down to $450.00 with holster and everything.
  14. Ruger Single Ten is still available.
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