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  1. I'm a big fan of the century M70AB2 under folders. Thicker receiver, lot of aftermarket accessories and good parts in the build.Classic firearms and Atlantic firearms have them for a reasonable price right now
  2. Its all about what you want man. I know thats not much help. I sold my M&P the other day and im having remorse big time. It was my leadt favorite 9 and i miss it, because even though it didnt win the gold medal in my safe it was still a good pistol. The cz is a great pistol. If it was me i wouldnt do it unless i was funding a better replacement. On the other hand, cash is great, it will probably be a quick sell and you could get another one in the future if you missed it that much. Personally i like to only do things once. So if there is this much doubt, i say keep it
  3. Mine is obvious... CZ P-01. PERFECT ergos for me. Good trigger in sa/da. Great accuracy in a comfortable to carry package. Good mag capacity with 14+1. I have spare mags that are full size CZ 75 with a Sp01 floorplate which gives me 16+1 and fits flush to the magwell. But i guess the best quality is the fact that in over 2000 rounds i have had Zero malfunctions. Not even an ammo related malfunction. So yeah, its good enough for me to trust my life to it.
  4. I owned a nickel bersa thunder .380 and loved it. Sold due to financial issues and lack of use, but it shot great and was really pretty I thought. The reason I ask about the 84B is a trade I was offered. I have been offered a Nickel 84B with wood grips, 2 mags and factory equipment for my M&P. MFG date is sometime in 1985. If the pictures do this pistol justice, then it is a 99% pistol. It looks like it has been stored in a glass case for the last 28 years.   Only problem is, blue book value is only about 300 bucks. The prices I have seen for similar pistols have ranged from 400-700
  5. Ive always liked the look of these and i hear they are great in the craftsmanship and reliability depts. Anyone have amy positive/negative experiences? And what is a good price for a used one in good condition?
  6. I tumble in corn media and it plugs the hole when i tumble after depriming. I usually tumble then deprime/resize and then charge and seat. I try to minimize the number of steps. I use the 2 die ar series small base with taper crimp. It seems a universal decapper would just be one more step to add
  7. Never thought it would be so hard to get something like this.... Everywhere is sold out of headed decapping pins for my .223 dies. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could point me in right direction to find some in stock. If anyone happens to have a surplus of them i would gladly reimburse for a few to get my .223 production back up and running
  8. Thing of beauty. If it was all black it would be too scary, but I think that it is tastefully done with the contrasting colors
  9. I've been wanting to pick up some .22 from them for a week now. I don't even really shoot it, but I just want to say I got some. Maybe that was their plan all along...
  10. My first was a Ruger MK II .22LR that my dad bought me for my 14th birthday, 14 years ago. Loved it up until the day one of my sister's dirtbag friends stole it from my house. I got the moneys worth out of him a few months later :bat:
  11. We have a lot of solid dudes at my dept. I love the brotherhood as well. The idea of working a regular job is scary to me after being a firefighter, I don't think i could do it
  12. Mainly 124 gr. Federal FMJ as well as handloaded montana gold 124 gr. Have also shot some 115 through but there is no difference in the frequency between the different weight bullets
  13. Metro is everywhere these days. I love working for the fire side here. Gave up ambulances a while back, haven't regretted that decision. My wife still works as an ambulance medic part time though.
  14. Yeah I'm no stranger to that resource. If I end up keeping the M&P I'll need to know what parts you have installed on yours because I will more than likely modify mine. Only reason I want to sell is to start my AK project fund. :up:


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